Wednesday, February 23, 2011

What I Love About Being O'Natural..I Can Actually Scratch My HEAD!!

Greetings Chicas/Chicos..Ok, so if you have ever worn a weave or seen a woman wear a weave, you can agree with me when I say, 'Her scalp must itch cause she is patting the heck outta her head.' Yes..the infamous weave head infamous, in fact, that Beyonce added a verse mentioning it in her song 'pat yo weaves, ladies..pat, pat, pat your weaves ladies'. This head pat goes for those who relax their hair as well. I mean, remember when you couldn't scratch your head right before you were about to get a realxer in the days coming? Oh my, agony! Well, you could scratch it, but then when you did get the relaxer your head would be on FIYAHHH! Along with a couple of scabby sores to go with it.

Well, take a breather because the lifestyle of a naturalista/naturalisto has saved you from the abusive 'head pat'. And besides, now you no longer have to have a stare off with people of other races who totally don't understand 'why you are patting your head'. Or the silence breaker of the continuous 'tap, tap, tap' that's just loud enough to make people turn around and ask, 'what is that noise'. Now, if your head itches, go ahead and scratch's ok. I mean, don't go 'Planet of the Apes' on your head, but go ahead..indulge.
This is one of the wonderful reasons that I love being O', pat yourself on the back.

What do you love about being O'Natural??

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