Friday, February 11, 2011

So What's the Rave About: ROSE WATER

Greetings Chicas/Chicos... I'm sure that many of you have heard the expression 'A rose is just a rose'. But is it? Absolutely not. Not only is it a flower known for its beauty but it is also a flower known for its wonderful properties that aid us in our beauty world. Since I've been on my journey to O'Natural, I have set aside chemically produced parfumes and adopted natural remedies to keep me smelling O'So Sweet. Vanilla Essential Oil is one fragrance that I love, and Rose Water is the next. The first time that I was ever introduced to Rose Water, my husband and I took a trip to Savannah and we were eating at this Moroccan restaurant and they brought out a bowl with fresh rose water to wash our hands before was
(O) Mazing, and I was hooked. The smell was one of the most intoxicating things and it was love at first, well I guess, sight.

Rose Water has so many wonderful benefits and uses and it smells wonderful. It's not too strong like many commercial perfumes, but instead is light and sweet. You can also mix Rose Water with other Essential Oils like; Jasmine or Lavender for a more intense fragrance. Always be sure that the Rose Water that you buy is 100% pure and natural. The ingredients should read Distilled or Purified Water and Rose Water or Essential Oil of Rose or Aromatic Fragrance of Rose..nothing more..nothing less.

  • Rose water is rich in vitamins and flavanoids, including A, C, D, E and B3. So, used in a therapeutic tea, it helps to enrich our bodies with nutrients and minerals, as well as lower the risk of bladder infections and heart disease, relieve digestive problems and nervous tension, relieve eye irritation and dental pains caused by paradontosis. A cotton swab soaked in rose water can be used for treating and relieving inflamed gums. It is also helpful in removing bad breath. Applying a cold press of Rose Water for approx. 45 minutes helps in relieving headache.

  • Rose Water Lemonade is a refreshing drink that not only cool you off on a hot summer day, but you enjoy the same benefits as above while sipping this delicious treat.

  • Bathing in a tub full of Rose Petals is not only a romantic gesture, it also enhances and nourishes our skin. Rose Water is used to treat skin infections. It has excellent soothing effects, improves the condition of dry and aging skin. It is also a wonderful stress reliever.

  • Rose Water can be used as a cleanser and a toner to purify and tone the skin, diminish acne, reduce swelling and redness, assists in ridding the skin of hyperpigmentation and helps with dermatitis. It can be applied to sensitive skin and used as an aftershave lotion. It also balances the oil content in our skin. It helps in healing wounds and sunburn in all skin types.

  • Rose Water is also beneficial to our hair. It increases blood flow to our scalp, this way nourishing and strengthening hair follicles and preventing hair loss.

There are so many uses for it..For me, I use it as a fragrant finishing spray for my hair and my face. I use it as a room spray for deodorizing. I use it as my personal parfume. I spray it on my 3 month old baby girl's clothes so she, too, can smell O'So lovely and natural. And I love fresh organic rose petals in my steamed la la.
So, I think this proves that 'a rose is NOT just a rose'.

Where to buy: Any local health food store or herb shop

Happy Health


  1. Wow...I'm going to buy some tomorrow!!!

  2. Will be making another spritz, gotta get some essential oils and make some other scents! Thanks Girlie!

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