Friday, February 25, 2011

So Whats The Rave About: BEESWAX

Hola Chicas/Chicos...So whats the rave about Beeswax?? 
Beeswax is a colorless liquid is produced from glands in the abdomen of bees. After the wax is chewed and processed, the bees attach it to the walls of the honeycomb. While Beeswax has no benefits when consumed, this colorless liquid is full of nutrients that is beneficial to improving skin conditions and it is completely nontoxic. Now, I know there are some misconceptions about Beeswax, such that it clogs pores. This is untrue, in fact, when used properly, Beeswax will not promote the formation of acne and pimples. Now, I would take more precaution of hair products with Beeswax because it is thick and can cause buildup on the hair and usually simple water nor co-washing alone does not remove it. So, if you do use products with Beeswax, be sure to follow up with frequent shampooing or a natural clarifying cleanse (I love the Bentonite Clay Treatment)to properly remove it (see my post on Do You Clarify) as it can be difficult to remove. So, lets just see what the rave is about..Beeswax.

The Benefits of Beeswax for the SKIN:
  • Ooo La La Lips: Because Beeswax has natural moisturizers, it makes an excellent additive for lip balms. It locks in moisture and helps to keep the skin firm and plump. I actually use Beeswax and Shea Butter as my main base for my homemade natural lip balm. Not to be biased, but I have tested many natural lip balms and my lip balm is by far the longest lasting and is extremely moisturizing. And more importantly, it doesn't make my lips peel the next morning. As a matter of fact, it is recommended to use a lip balm containing Beeswax especially for winter months to prevent chapped lips.
  • Skin Ailments: Beeswax mixed with carrier oils like Coconut, Olive or Castor Oil and honey to make homemade lotions and balms is beneficial for combating skin ailments such as eczema and psoriasis.
  • Skin Allergies: Beeswax has non-allergenic properties that makes it a useful skin protectant against airborne allergies.
  • Skin Healer: Beeswax offers anti inflammatory, antibacterial and antiviral benefits, making it beneficial for minor skin irritations.
  • Skin Softener: When added to skin care products, Beeswax acts as an emollient and a humectant, drawing moisture to the skin and sealing it in. Because Beeswax contains Vitamin A, it helps to soften and rehydrate dry skin.
  • Antibacterial: When combined with Extra Virgin Olive Oil and honey, Beeswax inhibits the growth of bacteria and fungus, making it beneficial in the treatment of diaper rash and other bacterial skin infections.

Happy Healthy Skin!


  1. Who would have known beeswax has so many beneficial uses. I am amazed how Allah has created everything we need to maintian good healthy bodies. Thanks for all the knowledge soul sista and soul mate.

  2. @ Syeed..thanks hubby for reading and commenting. I'm glad that you see the benefit of all things natural. You are welcome for the knowledge, my soul mate and soul brotha