Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Sexy Morning HAIR..Really??

Greetings Chicas/Chicos..Now that you've journeyed into 'natural-hood' how do you wake up looking in the morning? I mean for me, I'm definitely not not thinking of how sexy I am in the morning. But I must say, there has been some mornings, recently, that my hubby has said that I have 'sexy' hair...hmmm, well, I have been sleeping on nothing but my satin pillow lately minus the satin 'Mama's Family' bonnet. I can say, it's kinda nice to wake to a head full of slightly cascading twist out ringlets that have become fuller as the days have went by since my last co wash. Sooo..what does that mean? My scarf and satin bonnet action weren't sexy?? Hmmm...not even with the shiny lip gloss that I made to doll up my look?? Okk.

So yeah, I used to wear bonnets and scarves to bed, but with the bonnets I would find my twists sticking up every which way..and with the scarf, my twists would lay too flat..soooo, what did I do to protect my hair?? I invested into some satin pillow cases. The results..my twists still stick up every which way, but when I have my hair in my twist out, it's slightly bushy with defined curls and all I have to do is ruffle my fingers through it a bit and I must say, it's (O) mazing! And moisturized. So, that's what I call my 'sexy morning hair'.

What's your sexy morning hair?? Do Tell..

Happy Sexy Hair!!

source of pictures: www.fuckyeahcurlscurlscurls.tumblr.com


  1. This was too funny!!! Well, I sleep in satin bonnets, so I guess I'm not necessarily that sexy. I may have to invest into some satin pillowcases..cute post

  2. Her smile expressing memories of my fingers combing through her hair, caressing her scalp.
    Reminding her of how much sexier she is as an accessible soul and mind.

  3. My sexy morning hair is when my hubby takes my hair and coils it around his finger...sooo cute.

  4. @ Teena..funny!!! I too use my satin bonnets. You know, Sally's carries a great satin pillow case and I believe I paid like $8 something for it.

    @Imagine Nation..woah...I'm feeling that, I'm closing my eyes imagining what you are saying..I like that..keep inspiring

    @ AbsoluteLeeNatural..that is AWESOME! I love when a man appreciates coils..