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I've Got A Story To Tell: Meet the Beautiful KELLI

 Greetings, Chicas/Chicos...I pray all is well with everyone..

Well, we have a wonderful feature from a Beautiful Naturalista, Kelli, who says life as a natural brings interest to her science classroom daily. 
Kelli is a middle school science teacher who has been natural for pretty much her whole life.  She used to get her hair pressed, but finally stopped once graduating from college.  Kelli says, 'I think one of the neatest things about my hair is how much my students pay attention to it.  They look forward to seeing what style I will come up with next.'  Kelli has also recently started blogging about natural hair and you can check out what she has to say at ...So, let's here what story Kelli has to tell...enjoy!!

Meet Kelli
1. What inspired you to go natural?
Several reasons, I guess.  A childhood friend left for Howard University and came back natural.  I really admired how healthy her hair seemed and the versatility of it.  After some stressful undergraduate years, my hair had broken off a lot and I was looking for a way to get it back to its original fullness.  Also, I wanted to save some money.  I was tired of shelling out dollars to my hairdresser every two weeks, only to sweat my hair out within a few days.  Finally, when I finished college, I wanted a way to show that I had grown and become a different person, so I thought that being natural would demonstrate that best.
 2. How long have you been a beautiful natural?
Technically, I’ve always been a natural.  I have never had a relaxer; my hair was always pressed/flat ironed.  I stopped getting it pressed in 2006 and have mostly been wearing it in some form of its curly state ever since.  There was a period in 2008 when I got a new job and was worried about job security, so I was wearing it pressed for the first few months.  However, once I realized that my job was safe and that I was hired because I am a good employee (not because of my hairstyle), I went back to wearing it curly/kinky.
 3. In regards to natural hair, do you feel as though the same stigmas of hair type exist, for example, do you hear people use the term 'good hair' or 'good grade of hair' in regards to certain hair textures?
I think the tables have turned, so to speak.  I’m not really into hair-typing, so the only way I can describe my hair is thick, coarse, and curly/kinky.  I think my natural friends that don’t have this hair type often regard my kind of hair as “good hair” because the texture lets me style it in a variety of ways.   After conversing with large groups of naturals, it seems as though the curliest hair is regarded as the best, and those with wavy or thinner hair is not as good.
I think though, when we start to define types of hair, it defeats the purpose of going natural.  To me, going natural is supposed to be an act of self-love and affirmation.  It means that you love yourself just the way you were created.  So to compare one type of hair to another kind of puts the whole thing in vain.
 4. Do you feel as though most black men are supportive to natural hair? How about other nationalities?
I don’t know...from what I understand, most black men really just want a confident woman.  I do get compliments from black men about my natural hair styles, but they are usually guys who rock locs or have a close female family member that has natural hair.
I would DEFINITELY say that men of other nationalities, especially caucasian, like natural hair.  Those seem to be the biggest admirers of my hair...I think they like it because our hair is an enigma to them that they just can’t figure out.
 5. How do you maintain such beautiful coils?
Cowashing saved my life!  At first I thought it was the dirtiest thing I had ever heard of, but once I tried it for myself, I was hooked.  It has really helped my hair to become stronger.  Also, I am a fan of SheaMoisture’s Coconut & Hibiscus products.  They moisturize my hair perfectly.  I love the products because they are organic and don’t have all those man-made ingredients.
6. Do you have any words of wisdom to pass on to others striving for a natural lifestyle?
DO YOU!  Being natural can be so overwhelming at times with all the blogs, vlogs, etc.  Everyone has the right advice or the right answer...but when it comes down to it, you have to find what’s best for you, embrace it, and stick with it.  Again, being natural is about loving yourself, at all times, at all costs.

Well...I hope you enjoyed Kelli's story as much as I did...Thank you Kelli

Meet The Beautiful Kelli

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Have A Happy Natty Day!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Natural Hair Lingo: Terminology Glossary

Hola Chicas/Chicos..I pray all is well with everyone.
Well, finally, after many many requests, I am presenting the Natural Hair Terminology Glossary..I know this info was extremely helpful to me when I was new on my journey, so hopefully it will be helpful to you as well.

Natural Hair Terminology:

  • 2nd Day Hair:Naturally curly hair that stays curly and looks good the next day and do not turn frizzy.
  • 3a|3b|3c:Classification numbers for naturally loose curly hair. This hair system was created by Andre Walker.
  • 4a|4b|4c: Classification numbers for naturally tight kinky curly hair. This hair system was created by Andre Walker.
  • Accordion Technique: A method, from the book [Curly Girl] by Lorainne Massey, to help define curls by scrunching your hair in the formation of an accordion.
  • ACV :| Apple Cider Vinegar. The acidity is close to that of natural hair, so it is used as a final rinse after shampooing and before conditioning, to promote healthy hair by tightening and sealing the cuticle.
  • Afro: hairstyle that is rounded in shape and naturally curly coiled hair
  • AO: Aubrey Organics..Hair care product line that contains natural and organic ingredients.
  • APL: Arm Pit Length..A guide to the length of your hair growth in reference to when the hair reaches your arm pit.
  • Argan Oil: Oil rich in vitamin E and essential fatty acids produced from the kernels of the argan tree grown organically in Morocco. Can be used as a fast absorbing daily moisturizer or to heal and condition cuticles and split ends. Also known as Moroccan Oil.
  • BAA : Big Ass Afro..A really large Afro which is obtained with long naturally curly and or kinky hair.
  • Baggy: A method to help reduce breakage, split ends, and dryness. After moisturizing your hair and sealing it at night, put a plastic cap or shower cap on overnight to help your hair retain the moisture it needs for maximum growth retention.
  • Bantu Knot: Hairstyle created when the hair is sectioned off in diamond, triangle or square shapes and twisted into knots. Also known as Zulu knots.
  • Bantu Knot Out: Hairstyle created by sectioning the hair into Bantu Knots on damp wet hair and then after it dries, the knots are taking out to achieve defined curly hair.
  • BC: Big Chop..Cutting relaxed or chemically treated hair completely off to leave only natural textured hair.
  • BKT:Brazilian Keratin Treatment..A temporary hair straighten treatment that does not use harsh chemicals, but has been known to be damaging to the hair
  • BNC : Braid n Curl..Hairstyle achieved by plaiting or braiding damp or moist hair and curling the ends with rollers or flexi rods. Air dry overnight or use a hair dryer. Then take out the rods and braids to reveal deep wavy and curly hair.
  • Bradelocz1: Also seen as Braidlocs or Braidlocks. A method of locking the hair with small braids and maintained by either latching or palm-rolling (twisting). This technique does not require a Big Chop (BC). The Bradelocz e-book was written by Cherie King.
  • Braid Out: Hairstyle achieved by braiding damp or moist hair in cornrows or single braids and after it drys the hair is unraveled to reveal a more defined curly hair.
  • BSL: Bra Strap Length..A guide to the length of your hair growth in reference to when the hair reaches where your bra strap is positioned on your back.
  • BSS :Beauty Supply Store
  • Buds :(Budding) First stage of dreadlocks and locking your hair, when a knot is formed as the nucleus of each lock.
  • CBL: Collar Bone Length..A guide to the length of your hair growth in reference to when the hair reaches your collar bone.
  • CG: Curly Girl..A method, [Say no to shampoo, unplug the dryer, and find your inner curl!], designed to achieve your best natural curls based on the book [Curly Girl] written by Lorraine Massey.
  • Co-wash: A method of washing your hair with conditioner only. This type of washing avoids harsh results from frequent washing with shampoos that contain detergents like sodium lauryl sulfate and sodium laureth sulfate, and helps to keep natural black hair soft and manageable.
  • Comb coils: A hairstyle technique achieved by placing the tail of a rattail comb at the root of small sections of the hair and turning it clockwise to create a coil. A great style for shorter length hair.
  • Cones (Silicones)..Ingredients in some hair care products that are and are not water soluble. The non water soluble silicones must  be washed out well using a stronger shampoo or a clarifying shampoo or natural clarifying cleansing method or it will cause a heavy build-up on your hair.
  • Cornrow: Type of braiding style where the hair is braided very closely to the scalp in an underhand, upward motion to create a continuous, raised row. The styles are endless that can be achieved with cornrow designs.
  • Creamy crack: A term created by women who found it hard to stop relaxing their hair while transitioning, used to describe permanent relaxers.
  • Denman: A company that produces a curl defining brush that many natural haired women use.
  • Detangler :Type of hair conditioner that smooths your hair by coating it, so that the hair tightens up and smooths the scales on the outer surface of the hair or cuticle to prevent tangles.
  • Detangling: Process in which you use a Detangler to soften and smooth the hair for manageability.
  • DIY: Do It Yourself
  • DT:  Deep Treatment..Also known as DC (Deep Conditioning). A treatment to help add moisture back into the hair, by leaving a moisturizing conditioner with a penetrating heat source on your hair for an extended period of time.
  • Dusting: Evenly trimming 1/4 in of hair or less in which the name derived from the little hairs that looks like dust on the floor.
  • EO : Essential Oils..Natural oils (Basil, Rosemary, Sage, Peppermint, Lemon, Lavender, etc.) that promotes healthy hair.
  • EVCO :Extra Virgin Coconut Oil..A natural conditioner that promotes hair growth, strong healthy hair, prevents dandruff, and makes the hair shiny and soft.
  • EVOO: Extra Virgin Olive Oil..A natural sealant used to seal and lock in the moisture from your moisturizer, while smoothing the hair cuticle and adding shine. Some use this oil for a Pre-Shampoo Treatment (Pre-Poo).
  • Flat Twist: A two strand twist braiding technique similar to cornrows, by twisting the hair flat to the head
  • Fluff: Finger combing your hair to obtain maximum fullness and volume for your curly hair
  • FSG: Flax Seed Gel..Homemade recipe for a styling gel made with flax seed that doesn’t weigh your hair down, dry it out, or create flakiness.
  • Henna: A natural colorant or hair dye, and strengthener, considered Ayurvedic (use of all natural Indian herbs)
  • HG: Holy Grail..A statement used for products that you have tried and works perfect for your hair.
  • HHJ: Healthy Hair Journey..Expression used to describe the journey a woman takes to achieve healthy hair.
  • HIH: Hand in Hair...Also seen as HIF: Hands in Fro. This a slight bad habit to have to manipulate or play in your hair.
  • JBCO: Jamaican Black Castor Oil..Castor oil that has been manufactured in Jamaica used to strengthen, thicken, increase hair growth.
  • KCCC: Kinky Curly Custard..A styling agent made with natural ingredients used to elongate and define naturally curly hair.
  • Latch Hooking: A method used to maintain dreadlocks by incorporating the new growth into the locks to keep them neat.
  • MBL: Mid Back Length..A guide to the length of your hair growth in reference to when your hair reaches the middle of your back.
  • Nappyversary: Also known as Nattyversary. This is the Anniversary date of when your hair became fully natural.
  • Natty Butter: Short name for Natural Butter that uses 100% all natural ingredients to moisturize and seal moisture into the hair and skin. (
  • No-poo: A hair regimen of which you do not use shampoos to cleanse your hair. Some use conditioners in place of the shampoo also known as Co-washing.
  • Palm rolling: A method used to maintain dreadlocks by helping the knots in the locks tighten and compress. This is done by grabbing a single dreadlock between the base of your palms and rubbing it back and forth vigorously.
  • Pineappleing: A way of preparing your hair and sleeping to preserve your curls to have 2nd Day Hair. This is achieved by placing your hair in a high loose ponytail on top of the head and sleeping on a satin pillowcase. In the morning the curls are intact just by letting the ponytail down and gently shaking the hair.
  • Pixies: Also known as Pixie Braids. For naturals, these braids are small individual braids all over the head without weave. Pixie braids are also braids with hair extensions (weave) that are small box braids, cut in layers and sealed with heat. These braids are usually curled or bent at the ends slightly to give them a shape towards the face.
  • PJ :Product Junky..This is an expression used for a person who buys any and all hair care products they can find to try the next best thing on the market.
  • Plopping: A way of drying your hair quickly and help enhance your waves and curls by wrapping your hair in a t-shirt or cotton cloth material.
  • Pre-Poo: Coating the hair, for about 30 minutes or more, with a mixture of natural oils or a deep conditioner before you shampoo.
  • Poo Bars: Shampoo or Conditioner Bars that uses 100% all natural and many times Ayurvedic Ingredients that are cleanse or condition without stripping the hair of its natural moisture. They can, many times be used for overall body cleansing as well.
  • Protective Style:A hairstyle that tucks the ends of your hair away from being exposed to damaging agents such as sun, heat, and constant manipulation. The purpose and benefits of this hairstyle is to grow healthier, longer hair and reduce split ends and damage. Some examples are Buns, Braids, Sew-in Weaves, Wigs, and Drawstring Ponytails.
  • Regimen:Your day to day or weekly hair care and styling guide.
  • S&Ds: Search and Destroy..Process in which you occasionally search your hair for any split ends, crooked ends, or single strand knots and snipping it with a sharp hair styling scissors.
  • Sealing: (Seal the Ends) To apply product to the ends of the hair to keep them moisturized and limit breakage. The choice of method is to use a water-based moisturizer (conditioner or cream that has water as its first ingredient), and then seal with a butter or oil.
  • Shingling: A styling method, created at Miss Jessie’s salon, used to manually define curls by applying a leave in conditioner or gel with a comb, spreading the product from roots to ends in a downward direction while smoothing and stretching hair. (originally designed to use with Miss Jessie’s CURLY PUDDING™ or Miss Jessie’s Curly Meringue™)
  • SL:Sisterlocks..Tiny uniform deadlocks. These locks are created by a method of a specialized tool that places the hair into its locking formation and does not require waxes or gels. These locks are very versatile and has hairstyle options as relaxed individuals.
  • Slip: Describes how slippery a product is and how effective it will coat the hair for detangling. Usually in reference to a conditioner or a detangler product.
  • SLS: Sodium Lauryl Sulfate..A high volume synthetic chemical, that is drying to the hair, used in many shampoos.
  • TNC: Twist n Curl...Hairstyle achieved by two strand twisting damp or moist hair and curling the ends with rollers or flexi rods. Air dry overnight or use a hair dryer. Then take out the rods and twist to reveal deep wavy and curly hair.
  • Transitioning: Process in which you take steps to stop relaxing the hair to grow out your natural hair texture.
  • TWA: Teeny Weeny Afro...A small Afro about 1/2 - 1 inch of hair in length, typically in reference to the first stage after the Big Chop (BC).
  • Twist Out: A hairstyle achieved by two strand twisting the hair (usually while damp or wet then air drying or use a hair dryer) and then unraveling the twist to reveal a crinkly wavy hair texture.
  • Two Strand Twist: Also known as double strand twists, twists, or twisties. This hairstyle technique can be performed on dry or wet hair. Take a section of hair and divide into two even pieces and twist each section of hair around the other. You continue until all of your hair is twisted like single braids.
  • Virgin Hair: Hair that is natural from the roots and have not been chemically processed or altered.
  • Wet and Go: A hairstyle technique similar to Wash and Go (WNG), but you do not wash your hair. You drench or spray the hair with a leave-in conditioner and water to define the curls and style as desired for a quick hairstyle.
  • WNG: Wash and Go...Also abbreviated as WnG or W&G. Method of co-washing the hair, adding a styling gel or cream and then go start your day. The hair air drys or you can dry it with a diffuser.

Ok, Chicas/ there you have it..A long wonderful list of Natural Hair Lingo..hope this helps

Have A Happy Natty Day

Monday, July 25, 2011

Cocktails and Curl Talk Meetup..The Official Video


Hola Chicas/Chicos...I pray all is well with everyone.

Well, we finally hosted our very 1st meetup 'Cocktails and Curl Talk' and I must say, it was (O)mazing!!!

Let's just recap the list of events:
  • Mix and Mingle and Product Swap
  • Cocktails, Food and Beverages
  • Giveaways
  • Product Demonstration
  • Guest Speakers
  • Makeup Artist
  • Question and Answer Session

We are already receiving so many responses as to when the next will be..What a blessing!!! Hmmm, September is a month that's looking great right now..just putting that in the air, lol.

Thanks so much to everyone that help to create this wonderful event and all of the ladies who allowed us to inspire and be inspired....See you at the next meetup.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Bored with your Twist Out, Braid Out or Puffs..check this out!!


Greetings Chicas/Chicos..I pray all is well with everyone.

Ok, so I'm back at it again..hamming it up with a great style that was inspired by Youtuber Naptural85. This is the Bohemian Chic that is such a great style to rock when you feel you are becoming bored with your routine style..I hope you guys enjoy!!

Products Used:
  • Braided Band (can get these from any hair store: Walmart, Target, Walgreen, etc)
  • Bobby pins
  • Rose Water

The Results:

Happy Healthy Day

Saturday, July 16, 2011

A Man's Perspective on O'Natural: Meet WILLIAM ELSTON

Hola Chicas/Chicos...I pray all is well with everyone.

Well, this feature is a little different, but needed and exciting all the same. So many times we hear a woman's point of view on going O'Natural..the ups, the downs, the frustrations, etc. So, I think it's time to hear a male's perspective on All Things O'Natural.

Meet William Elston, a music producer who currently resides in New York. Not only handsome, but extremely comical, William, who is in fact living a celibate lifestyle, has a dedicated love for producing gospel music and has a love for great music in general. So, I hope you enjoy William's perspective..

1.) When did you decide to grow locks? What influenced your decision to grow locks? 

 I decided to grow them 5years ago after seeing Busta Rhymes with his. I got them to build my character due to the fact I had low self esteem from the childhood I endured from my parents calling me ugly and weird so I wanted some form of attention, but now I love them for the history and its beauty it possess.

2.) It has been said many times that black men, in particular, are not as accepting of natural hair on black you find that true and what are your views of natural hair?  

Very True for a lot of men.  I love women who are natural, at first I didn't like it, but I was more into weave at that time and had no clue it was natural when I saw women with their own hair.

3.) How important is hair in overall attractiveness?  

I think it is very important to the eye of the beholder(men in general). We are wired to see before we hear.

4.) Would you support your significant other's choice to go O'Natural?  

Yes I would support it, I love women who go natural.

5.) How do you view women that wear weaves/wigs?  

I don't view them because I appreciate everything about women.

6.) Now, women with natural hair often wear satin scarves or satin bonnets to bed to protect their tresses and retain moisture, how do you feel about satin sleeping bonnets or any type of hair scarf? 

I sleep with a wrap as well to keep my Natural fresh.

8.) Does it matter to you whether your significant other’s hair is kinky, curly or straight? 

I love when a woman change it up a little.


Hope you enjoyed!!!

If you are a man who would like to be featured on All Things O'Natural, please send an email to and use the header A Man's Perspective.

Happy Natty Day

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SULFATE FREE.. Shampoo List

Hola Chicas/Chicos..I pray all is well with everyone. I thought it may be beneficial to list the shampoos and conditioners that are sulfate and silicone free. If you know me, you know I am a huge advocate of sulfate free, silicone free, paraben free and other harsh synthetic ingredient free, with that being said and I wish to see all of you lovely ladies and gents healthy, I wanted to at least give you the knowledge and scoop, when I get the knowledge and here ya go. Hope this helps


Product is natural, ie. made with whole ingredients, extracts, or is a castile-type soap.

Product has one or more mild cleansers.

Product has non-sulfate cleanser that may be drying.

*No online list of exact ingredients.
# Paraben free.
! Contains silicone.

ABBA True Curls and True Shine #
~NaturallyCurly.comGoddessWithin; health food stores.

African Black Soap #
~NasabbAgbanga Karite.

Alba Botanica
~Life's; health food stores.

Alchemy #
~Adore Beauty (Australia); The Exton (Australia), Purist USA (USA); A'kin (UK).

Aleppo Soap #

Alpenglow Shampoo Bars #
~Alpenglow Skin Care.

~Salons; web beauty suppliers.

Angel Baby Shampoo and Body Wash #
~Kate's Caring GiftsEarth Mama Angel Baby.

Aubrey Organics #
~Vitamin ShoppeVitaminLife, health food stores; There Must Be a Better Way (UK); Organics Australia Online (Australia).

Auromere Ayurvedic #!
~Auromere; Life's Vigor; Organics Australia Online (Australia).

Avalon Organic Botanicals # (not all formulas paraben free)
~Life's Vigor; health food stores; Organics Australia Online (Australia).

Azida Hemp Oil Shampoo #

Back to Basics Blue Lavender Color Protecting Shampoo*
~Beauty Dealssalon stores; Ulta.
~Partial ingredient list in post #104 of this thread.

Beauty Without Cruelty (non-olefin AND olefin sulfonate formulas)
~Kokopelli's Green Market, Life's Vigor; health food stores.

Blended Beauty Soy Cream Shampoo and Curl Cleansing Conditioner #
~NaturallyCurly CurlMart.

Brocato Cloud 9*
~Monster Hair; other beauty suppliers.

Burt's Bees Baby Bee and Rosemary Mint Bars #
~Balm Works; health food stores.

Burt's Bees Herbal Treatment and Grapefruit & Sugar Beet Shampoos #, Balm Works, Walgreens & CVS; health food stores.

California Baby, Life's Vigor; health food stores.

Carina Organics - Canada #
~Carina Organics.

Carol's Daughter #
~Carol's Daughter.

Chagrin Valley Bars # (my favorite)
~Chagrin Valley Soap and Craft.

Chemistry Store Organic Castile Liquid Soap #
~The Chemistry Store.

Cheryl's Herbs #
~Cheryl's Herbs.

Cornrows & Company Coconut Shampoo and Herbal Deep Cleanse #
~Cornrows & Co.

Creme of Nature
~Walgreens; Walmart.

~All Natural Cosmetics.

Desert Essence Daily Replenishing
~House of Nutrition Online, Life's Vigor,; health food stores.

DevaCurl Low-Poo ! and No-Poo
~NaturallyCurly CurlMart.

DGJ Hair Clinic Hair Juice- UK (Not all formulas are sulfate-free)
~Waitrose stores.

Dr. Bronner's Pure Castile Soaps#; health food stores.

Dr. Hauschka #
~Essential Day SpaSkin 1; health food stores.

Dr. Woods # (Castile and no-sulfate formulas).
~Dr. WoodsMy VitaNet.
~Ingredients in post #124 of this thread.

Druide Baby Shampoo #
~Kate's Caring Gifts.

Druide Ecological and Organic #
~Kate's Caring Gifts.

Duchy Originals - UK #
~Duchy Originals; UK supermarkets.
~Ingredients in post #125 of this thread.

Dudu-Osum Herbal Shampoo #
~All Things O'Natural.

Earthly Delight #
~Willner Chemists; Whole Foods.
~Ingredients in post #53 of this thread.

Ebene #
~Ebene Naturals.

Ecco Bella Botanicals
~Life's Vigor, Kokopelli's Green Market; health food stores.

Eco Store - New Zealand #
~Eco Store; Organics Australia Online.

Elucence Moisture Acidifying Shampoo
~NaturallyCurly CurlMart.

Emma Organics Organic Shampoo - Australia #
~Organics Australia Online.

~Salons; web beauty suppliers.

Evan's Garden #
~Evan's Garden.

Ferlow Botanicals - Canada #
~Ferlow Botanicals.

Florestas Organic Botanical #

Freeman Pure Color Fresh Shine Shampoo #; Rite Aid Drugstores.

Gary Null's Heavenly Hair Cleanser #
~Gary Null, Vitamin Shoppe; health food stores.

Ginesis Shampoo #

Giovanni #
~Mountain Rose Herbs, Life's Vigor; health food stores; Organics Australia Online (Australia).

Gourmet Bars and Liquid Black Soap #
~Mia Simone's Boutique.

Graham Webb Daily Strength Strengthening Shampoo
~1st Chair Salon; Ulta.

Green People - UK #

Halo Shampoo #
~Anna Bellina Organic Skin Care.

Hamadi Hair Washes #
~Sephora, NaturallyCurly CurlMart.

Haven Scent - Australia #

Heartland Natural™ Mint #
~Heartland Products.

Heart of Iowa Soapworks Shampoo Bars #
~Heart of Iowa SoapworksPrairieland Herbs.

Herbal Choice #

Herbon - Australia #
~Eco Shop; Organics Australia Online.

Hope's Shampoo- Australia
~Planet Blue; Organics Australia Online.

I Dream Body Wash and Shampoo #
~Kate's Caring Gifts.

J/A/S/O/N (Not all formulas are sulfate-free) #!
~Life's Vigor, Willner Chemists; health food stores.

Jessicurl Cleansers #
~Jessicurl; some stores, mostly in CA.

J. R. Liggett's Old Fashioned Bar Shampoo #
~Life's Vigor; health food stores.

Kenya jordana #

Kettle Care #
~Natural Solutions - Holistic Beauty Body & BathRefreshingly Free (both offer samples).

Keyano Aromatics*
~Salons; web beauty suppliers.

Kiss My Face
~Life's Vigor, Kokopelli's Green Market; health food stores.

Koils by Nature shampoos and conditioners

Kosmea - Australia #
~The Exton; Organics Australia Online.

Lamas Botanicals (non-olefin AND olefin sulfonate formulas) #! (one formula has 'cones)

L'ANZA Anti Aging White Tea Shampoo*
~Oasis PlaceUK Hairdressers (UK).

LaVida Given By Nature Conditioner and Shampoo Bars

Le Savon Populaire Bars - Canada #
~Savon Populaire; stores listed on the website.
~Ingredients in post #84 of this thread.

Living Ecology Royal Organics #
~Living Ecology.
~Ingredients in post #140 of this thread.

Living Nature #
~Natural Solutions - Holistic Beauty Body & Bath; There Must Be a Better Way (UK).

Logona (not all formulas are sulfate-free) #
~Internatural; Natural Solutions - Holistic Beauty Body & Bath.

Logona LavaErde Rhassoul Powder and Pre-Mixed Cleansers #
~Internatural, Natural Solutions - Holistic Beauty Body & Bath, Logona UK; There Must Be A Better Way (UK)

Long Lovely Locks Cleansers #
~LongLovelyLocks (Fragrance-free available on request).
~Ingredients in post #7 of this thread.

Mastey #
~Mastey; beauty supply stores.

Max Green Alchemy Scalp Rescue #
~Max Green Alchemy, Whole Foods; other health food stores.

Melrose - Australia #
~MelroseThe Cruelty Free Shop; Organics Australia Online.

Melvita - France #
~Beauté; Bio shops.

Miessence #
~All Natural Cosmetics (USA), There Must Be a Better Way (UK); Organics Australia Online (Australia).

MOP Modern Organic Products C-System
~GoddessWithin; Salon Collective (UK).

Morrocco Method #
~Morrocco Method, Natural Solutions - Holistic Beauty Body & Bath; some health food stores.

MyHoneyChild Cleansers #

MyUtopia - Australia #
~The Cruelty Free Shop.

Naani # (Castile formulas paraben free) (Castile AND no-sulfate versions of each shampoo)

Natural Shop #
~The Natural Shop.

Nature Clean - Canada & US #

Nature's Baby #
~VitaNetonline; Internatural.

~n-fruizon; Ulta.

NuHair Volume Maximizing Shampoo #

Onesta #
~Onesta Hair Care.

Organic Children Organic Formula - UK #
~Organic Children; UK supermarkets.
~Ingredients in post #86 of this thread.

Organic Excellence #
~OutletNutritionMyVitaNet; Natural Solutions - Holistic Beauty Body & Bath.

Organic Selections - Australia #
~Herbal Serenity; Organics Australia Online.

Organikah #

Organix #!
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Paul Penders #
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PAVES Professional #!
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Prairie Naturals - Canada #; health food stores.
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~Salons; web beauty suppliers.

Pure & Basic

Pure 'Nuff Stuff - UK #
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Pureology !

Qhemet Biologics Egyptian Wheatgrass Cleansing Tea #
~Qhemet Biologics.
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Queen Helene Mint Julep Shampoo With Protein #
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Rainbow Research Organic Herbal, Henna, and Baby ! Shampoos
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Real Purity #
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Savonnerie Gluten Free #

Sensibility Hijiki Seaweed/Soymilk #
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Shaman Earthly Organics #!
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SheaMoisture Shampoos and Conditioners; (both available in store)

ShiKai #! (some formulas)
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Soapnut Washing Powder - UK #

Stephen est. 1985 Healthy Hair Cleansers #
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Sukesha All-Nutrient*
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Terressentials Pure Earth Hair Wash #
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Trader Joe's Pure Castile #
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Ultra Botanicals, MSM #

Uncle Harry's #
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Warm Spirit #
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Young Living AromaSilk #
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Your Crown and Glory #
~Your Crown and Glory.

credit: info found at long hair care forum

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

So What's The Rave About :RAIN WATER

Greetings Chicas/Chicos..I pray all is well with everyone.
Soooo..this may be or may be not new to some of you..using, yes 'Rainwater' to wash your hair..So to combat any reservations about it, although you should always use precaution and take the necessary steps to properly sterilize, I just want to fill you all in on the benefits of using this free natural goody to keep your tresses beautiful and, let's just take a look at the benefits of rain water.


  • Rain water is soft water..
  • Washes better than hard water (ground water found in many of the homes in the center of the US)
  • Rain water doesn't leave soap scum as hard water (ground water)
  • Lathers better than hard water.
  • Rain water still has chemicals in it, but it will not contain the heavier chemicals found in hard water.
  • Leaves hair extremely soft and silky
  • Saves you money and saves water
  • Almost neutral in PH, free of salts and minerals and if collected properly free of natural and man made contaminants.
  • EPA (environmental protection agency) and other tests continue to prove that 100% rainwater is often safer to drink being free of contaminants common to ground water.
  • The best water for your flowers and garden.

  • Tap water is laden with chlorine.
  • Chlorine is a toxic chemical that is used to kill viruses and bacteria found in ground water. Chlorine is harmful to you when you drink it and when it is absorbed into our skin and inhaled into your lungs when you shower. It has been estimated that the “shower steam” in your bathroom can contain up to 100 times the amount of chlorine than the water, because chlorine evaporates out of water at a relatively low temperature. If you bathe or shower in unfiltered tap water you are inhaling and absorbing chlorine into your body.
               Conditions contributed to or aggravated by chlorine exposure:
                · Respiratory Conditions (nose, throat, lungs, sinuses): Asthma, bronchitis
                · Hair: Dry, brittle
                · Skin: Dry, flaking, dandruff, itching, rashes (especially with infants and children)
                · Eye conditions

  • If you are going to drink rainwater, be sure to use the proper equipment first: roof washer (to remove debris from your roof where rain water, ozone treatment, sediment and carbon filters, and UV sterilization.
  • If you live in an area that is susceptible to acid rain, avoid rainwater for your hair.

  •  Filter rainwater with either a strong paper towel, coffee filter or a cloth towel to remove debris
  • In a clean pot, bring collected rain water to a boil and allow to boil for at least 1 to 2 minutes. 
  • Allow water to cool at room temperature (Do not add cool water nor ice to speed up the cooling process)
  • Take your cool boiled water and pour into a filter container (I use a Brita pitcher)
  • Disinfect water once you have run it through the filter with either Iodine or a natural antibacterial antiviral such as Tea Tree Oil (10 drops per a Brita Container). Use of Iodine laced water should be avoided by pregnant women and people who have thyroid conditions.

Areas in the US that are most affected by Acid Rain:
  • New York, especially
  • Northeastern states
  • Eastern States heading northward

My Results after my filtered, boiled, filtered, sterilized collected rainwater

Happy Healthy!!!

Disclaimer: Use of this info is in no way a replacement of medical advice. Please use all information with precaution.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Let's Talk Skin, Hair, Health: O'Natural With DERMATITIS

Greetings Chicas/Chicos..I pray all is well with everyone.
So, this is going to be a bit of important reading. But, I felt this needed to be touched upon because unfortunately so many women, men and children suffer from some form of Dermatitis. And I have received many emails in regards to what to do about it..naturally. I mean, let's be honest, we all love our hair, skin and insides and it bothers us if we are ambushed with issues that affect any of these. So, although I don't struggle with any form of Dermatitis, I feel extremely empathetic and would like to try to shed some light as to how to attempt to manage it and feel happy with ourselves naturally.

So, what exactly is DERMATITIS?

Dermatitis is a basic term for any type of inflammation of the skin. There are a few types of Dermatitis.

  • Atopic Dermatitis
  • Nummular Dermatitis
  • Seborrheic Dermatitis
  • Irritant Contact Dermatits
  • Allergic Dermatitis


The distinction between the use of dermatitis and eczema to describe skin disorders can be confusing. Many people use the term 'eczema' to refer specifically to Atopic Dermatitis.  Eczema is the inflammation of the skin that accompanies dermatitis produces scaling, flaking, thickening, weeping, crusting, color changes and often itching.

So..What Causes DERMATITIS??
  • Allergies/Irritants: Many cases of Dermatitis are simply the result of allergies (Allergic or Contact Dermatitis).
                1. perfumes
                2. cosmetics
                3. rubber
                4. medicated creams/ointments
                5. latex
                6. poison ivy
                7. metals or metal alloys such as gold, silver and nickel in jewelry and zippers
                8. sunlight (many people with dermatitis are sensitive to sunlight)
  • Atopic Dermatitis: (eczema or infantile eczema, found in children)
This type of Dermatitis is a condition known to affect allergy prone individuals. It typically appears on the face, in the bends of elbows and behind the knees and is very itchy. If other family members have histories of hay fever, asthma, or atopic dermatitis, it is more likely that a child will be diagnosed with atopic dermatitis.
                Triggers of this may be:
                  1. cold or hot weather
                  2. dry atmosphere
                  3. allergen exposures
                  4. stress
                  5. Infections, such as colds
  • Nummular Dermatitis:
 This type of Dermatitis is coin shaped. It is a chronic condition in which round, scaling lesions appear on the limbs (arms, legs, etc) or scalp, face and chest (seborrhea).
                 Triggers of this may be:
                   1. Allergy to nickel (often associated with dry skin)
                   2. Intestinal and immune disorders (dermatitis herpetiformis). Very itchy form of dermatitis.
                   3. Dairy and/or Gluten products
  • Seborrhea: Characterized by scaly patches of skin that result from a disorder of the sebaceous (oil producing) glands. Most often occurs on the scalp, face and chest, but can appear on other parts of the body. It may or may not be itchy. Usually yellowish and/or greasy or dry and flaky. This form is most common is infancy (cradle cap) and middle age. The exact cause is not known, but may be linked to nutritional deficiencies (especially a lack of biotin and Vitamin A) or the effects of a yeast organism which normally lives in the hair follicles. Heredity and climate can also play a role. Adult Seborrheic dermatitis is often associated with stress and anxiety. Other factors: infrequent shampooing or cleansing, oily skin, obesity, Parkinson's Disease and psoriasis.

Herbs That Have Been Known To Help DERMATITIS..
  • Blackthorn, blueberry leaf, hawthorne berry and rue (contains flavanoids that are excellent for reducing inflammation.
  • Chamomile (can be taken internally or used to soothe the skin. Reduces inflammation)
  • Dandelion, Yellow Dock Root, Chaparral can be combined and made into a poultice or paste
  • Dandelion, Goldenseal, Myrrh, Pau d' Arco and Red Clover can be combined to make a tea (don't take Goldenseal on a daily basis for more than one week at a not use during pregnancy)
  • Goldenseal Root Powder and Vitamin E and add a little honey until it is the consistency of a loose paste. Apply to affected area to relieve itching and promote healing.
  • Gotu Kola
  • Grapeseed Extract
  • Oregon Grape Root (detoxifies the body and reduces inflammation)
  • Wild Pansy (excellent for psoriasis, acne, eczema and cradle cap in infants)
  • Colloidal Silver is a natural antibiotic that has been known to fight seborrhea
 What to eat..What to avoid eating..What to Use for DERMATITIS..
  • Brown Rice
  • Avoid eggs, peanuts, soy foods, wheat and dairy products
  • Avoid sugar, strawberries, chocolate, white flour, fats, fried foods and processed foods
  • Try a gluten free diet for 6 weeks, then add back into diet one at a time and see if the condition changes..(Gluten free foods will specifically say 'Gluten Free')
  • Try not to eat foods containing raw eggs (which contain avidin, a protein that binds to biotin and prevents it from being absorbed) Biotin is needed for skin and scalp disorders.
  • Keep your house humidified and keep skin hydrated
  • For seborrhic dermatitis: Make a strong concentrated tea of Rosemary, Comfrey, Tea Tree Oil (add this once tea is made), Dried Nettles and Witch Hazel, and apply it to the scalp after shampooing or cowashing with a fragrance free cleanser. Leave it on the scalp for 10 or 15 minutes. Rinse
  • Massage Tea Tree Oil mixed with a carrier oil (Jojoba, Argan, Grapeseed, etc) after contact with water or irritants
  • Keep the colon clean. Use fiber supplements such as flaxseed, psyllium husk or Aerobic Bulk Cleanse
  • Evening Primrose Oil and Vitamin B6 have been known to help.
  • Emu Oil 
  • Try to change to hair products without chemicals: Ayurvedic shampoo bars are excellent, or all natural cleansers
  • Try to avoid over the counter ointments, this can cause an overload on the skin
  • Follow a fasting program once per month ( I love the Master Cleanse )

Whew, I know that was a lot, but again, it is a serious subject and it's better to equip yourselves with as much knowledge as possible.
Let me make clear, I am not a doctor,nor am I in the medical profession so before any treatment recommended, see your homeopath or naturalist for medical advice.

Where to buy herbs, shampoo bars and oils: .. or from your local health food store or herb shop. Check out for info on my new Ayurvedic Natty Butter, which contains Evening Primrose Oil..excellent for dry skin and inflamed skin.

Happy Healthy Day!

credits: some info from 'Prescription For Nutritional Healing' by Phyllus A Balch

Sunday, July 3, 2011

So What's The Rave About: MARSHMALLOW ROOT

Hola Chicas/Chicos..I pray all is well with everyone.
So, let's talk about overall health and the O'So healthy herb, Marshmallow Root. If you are familiar with natural herbs, then you may have heard of Marshmallow Root..No, it is not the same substance made from geletan and sugar that you roast over a fire on a stick; although the sugary marshmallows eaten as the sticky sweet were once made from the Althaea officinalis (Marshmallow Root) plant. This herb has so many wonderful benefits, not only for hair, but for skin and our insides as well. So, let's just take a look and see What's The Rave About Marshmallow Root.

  • Diuretic: Aids the body in expelling excess fluid and mucus.
  • Respiratory Infections: Excellent herbal remedy when used as a tea to aid in eliminating respiratory infections, such as: bronchitis, whooping cough, laryngitis, tonsillitis, dry cough and emphysema. You can also use a Marshmallow tea mixture to reduce hoarseness of the throat and other throat infections.Marshmallow root contains mucilate, a substance that becomes slippery when wet. This trait gives the marshmallow plant the ability to treat irritation in the mouth, throat and stomach. Prep: Boil 25 Grams of Marshmallow root to 1 liter of water steep for 15-20 minutes. Drink 2-3 cups daily, can mix with orange flower water or orange juice and honey for flavor.
  • Stomach Issues: Used to cure Acid Reflux, Peptic Ulcer and Gastritis, Constipation, Irritable Bowel Syndrome and Colitis.
  • Urinary Tract Infections: Marshmallow root has been used for centuries in aiding in curing Urinary Tract Infections, Kidney Problems and Kidney Stones.
  • Weight Loss: Because marshmallow root swells when mixed with fluids, ingesting it as a diet supplement causes the stomach to feel fuller.
  • Teething: A marshmallow root can be peeled and given to infants to chew on. This reduces the pain and irritation associated with teething.

  • Marshmallow Root can be made into a poultice and used to treat skin infections such as; eczema, psoriasis and pinkeye. Because marshmallow root has anti-inflammatory activity on the human tissue it has been proven helpful in treating cuts, scrapes, and other wounds. Prep: Mix enough Marshmallow Root powder to warm water to make a thick paste and apply to skin as needed.

  • As a natural emollient (moisturizer), it works wonders when used as a deep treatment or deep conditioning Ayurvedic mask for hair and scalp.
  • Marshmallow is a medicated, conditioning, mucilaginous herb that
    provides an abundance of ’slip’ which helps to nourish and detangle naturally curly hair.

Marshmallow Root Herbal Spritz: 1/3 Aloe Vera Gel/Juice, 2 TBSP Hibiscus Petal Powder, 2 TBSP Marshmallow Root Powder, 1 1/4 Cups Distilled (Filtered) Water. Prep: Bring distilled water to a boil, then let cool slightly. Add Hibiscus Petal Powder and Marshmallow root to water, and allow to steep for 30 minutes. Strain mixture through cheesecloth, and add Aloe Vera Gel to liquid. Pour mixture in a spray bottle, and store in refrigerator for up to one week, use as often as needed. Marshmallow Root has a strong smell, so I like to add lavender or lemongrass to help with the smell.

Marshmallow Root Deep Conditioning Treatment: 1/4 cup Natty Moist Conditioner (or any natural conditioner you favor), 1/4 cup of Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, 2 TBSP Hibiscus Petal Powder, 2 TBSP Brahmi Powder, 2 TBSP Bhringraj and 1 TBSP Marshmallow Root Powder. Prep: In a medium size bowl, mix all ingredients together and use immediately. Gently section your hair, and use an applicator brush to generously apply the mixture starting at the scalp, and working your way down the hair shaft. Cover with a plastic cap and allow mixture to sit on head for about 45minutes-hour.

Marshmallow Root Clarifying Treatment: 1/2 Cup Bentonite Clay Powder, 2 TBSP Marshmallow Root Powder, 1/4 Cup Aloe Vera Gel/Juice, 1/4 cup Apple Cider Vinegar. Prep: Mix ingredients into a cake batter consistency and apply to damp hair. Leave on for 15-20 minutes and do not allow to dry. Rinse with lukewarm to cool water.

where to purchase:

This info is not intended to replace any medical information. Before use, it is recommended that you seek professional medical advise

Happy Healthy Day!!