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SULFATE FREE.. Shampoo List

Hola Chicas/Chicos..I pray all is well with everyone. I thought it may be beneficial to list the shampoos and conditioners that are sulfate and silicone free. If you know me, you know I am a huge advocate of sulfate free, silicone free, paraben free and other harsh synthetic ingredient free, with that being said and I wish to see all of you lovely ladies and gents healthy, I wanted to at least give you the knowledge and scoop, when I get the knowledge and here ya go. Hope this helps


Product is natural, ie. made with whole ingredients, extracts, or is a castile-type soap.

Product has one or more mild cleansers.

Product has non-sulfate cleanser that may be drying.

*No online list of exact ingredients.
# Paraben free.
! Contains silicone.

ABBA True Curls and True Shine #
~NaturallyCurly.comGoddessWithin; health food stores.

African Black Soap #
~NasabbAgbanga Karite.

Alba Botanica
~Life's; health food stores.

Alchemy #
~Adore Beauty (Australia); The Exton (Australia), Purist USA (USA); A'kin (UK).

Aleppo Soap #

Alpenglow Shampoo Bars #
~Alpenglow Skin Care.

~Salons; web beauty suppliers.

Angel Baby Shampoo and Body Wash #
~Kate's Caring GiftsEarth Mama Angel Baby.

Aubrey Organics #
~Vitamin ShoppeVitaminLife, health food stores; There Must Be a Better Way (UK); Organics Australia Online (Australia).

Auromere Ayurvedic #!
~Auromere; Life's Vigor; Organics Australia Online (Australia).

Avalon Organic Botanicals # (not all formulas paraben free)
~Life's Vigor; health food stores; Organics Australia Online (Australia).

Azida Hemp Oil Shampoo #

Back to Basics Blue Lavender Color Protecting Shampoo*
~Beauty Dealssalon stores; Ulta.
~Partial ingredient list in post #104 of this thread.

Beauty Without Cruelty (non-olefin AND olefin sulfonate formulas)
~Kokopelli's Green Market, Life's Vigor; health food stores.

Blended Beauty Soy Cream Shampoo and Curl Cleansing Conditioner #
~NaturallyCurly CurlMart.

Brocato Cloud 9*
~Monster Hair; other beauty suppliers.

Burt's Bees Baby Bee and Rosemary Mint Bars #
~Balm Works; health food stores.

Burt's Bees Herbal Treatment and Grapefruit & Sugar Beet Shampoos #, Balm Works, Walgreens & CVS; health food stores.

California Baby, Life's Vigor; health food stores.

Carina Organics - Canada #
~Carina Organics.

Carol's Daughter #
~Carol's Daughter.

Chagrin Valley Bars # (my favorite)
~Chagrin Valley Soap and Craft.

Chemistry Store Organic Castile Liquid Soap #
~The Chemistry Store.

Cheryl's Herbs #
~Cheryl's Herbs.

Cornrows & Company Coconut Shampoo and Herbal Deep Cleanse #
~Cornrows & Co.

Creme of Nature
~Walgreens; Walmart.

~All Natural Cosmetics.

Desert Essence Daily Replenishing
~House of Nutrition Online, Life's Vigor,; health food stores.

DevaCurl Low-Poo ! and No-Poo
~NaturallyCurly CurlMart.

DGJ Hair Clinic Hair Juice- UK (Not all formulas are sulfate-free)
~Waitrose stores.

Dr. Bronner's Pure Castile Soaps#; health food stores.

Dr. Hauschka #
~Essential Day SpaSkin 1; health food stores.

Dr. Woods # (Castile and no-sulfate formulas).
~Dr. WoodsMy VitaNet.
~Ingredients in post #124 of this thread.

Druide Baby Shampoo #
~Kate's Caring Gifts.

Druide Ecological and Organic #
~Kate's Caring Gifts.

Duchy Originals - UK #
~Duchy Originals; UK supermarkets.
~Ingredients in post #125 of this thread.

Dudu-Osum Herbal Shampoo #
~All Things O'Natural.

Earthly Delight #
~Willner Chemists; Whole Foods.
~Ingredients in post #53 of this thread.

Ebene #
~Ebene Naturals.

Ecco Bella Botanicals
~Life's Vigor, Kokopelli's Green Market; health food stores.

Eco Store - New Zealand #
~Eco Store; Organics Australia Online.

Elucence Moisture Acidifying Shampoo
~NaturallyCurly CurlMart.

Emma Organics Organic Shampoo - Australia #
~Organics Australia Online.

~Salons; web beauty suppliers.

Evan's Garden #
~Evan's Garden.

Ferlow Botanicals - Canada #
~Ferlow Botanicals.

Florestas Organic Botanical #

Freeman Pure Color Fresh Shine Shampoo #; Rite Aid Drugstores.

Gary Null's Heavenly Hair Cleanser #
~Gary Null, Vitamin Shoppe; health food stores.

Ginesis Shampoo #

Giovanni #
~Mountain Rose Herbs, Life's Vigor; health food stores; Organics Australia Online (Australia).

Gourmet Bars and Liquid Black Soap #
~Mia Simone's Boutique.

Graham Webb Daily Strength Strengthening Shampoo
~1st Chair Salon; Ulta.

Green People - UK #

Halo Shampoo #
~Anna Bellina Organic Skin Care.

Hamadi Hair Washes #
~Sephora, NaturallyCurly CurlMart.

Haven Scent - Australia #

Heartland Natural™ Mint #
~Heartland Products.

Heart of Iowa Soapworks Shampoo Bars #
~Heart of Iowa SoapworksPrairieland Herbs.

Herbal Choice #

Herbon - Australia #
~Eco Shop; Organics Australia Online.

Hope's Shampoo- Australia
~Planet Blue; Organics Australia Online.

I Dream Body Wash and Shampoo #
~Kate's Caring Gifts.

J/A/S/O/N (Not all formulas are sulfate-free) #!
~Life's Vigor, Willner Chemists; health food stores.

Jessicurl Cleansers #
~Jessicurl; some stores, mostly in CA.

J. R. Liggett's Old Fashioned Bar Shampoo #
~Life's Vigor; health food stores.

Kenya jordana #

Kettle Care #
~Natural Solutions - Holistic Beauty Body & BathRefreshingly Free (both offer samples).

Keyano Aromatics*
~Salons; web beauty suppliers.

Kiss My Face
~Life's Vigor, Kokopelli's Green Market; health food stores.

Koils by Nature shampoos and conditioners

Kosmea - Australia #
~The Exton; Organics Australia Online.

Lamas Botanicals (non-olefin AND olefin sulfonate formulas) #! (one formula has 'cones)

L'ANZA Anti Aging White Tea Shampoo*
~Oasis PlaceUK Hairdressers (UK).

LaVida Given By Nature Conditioner and Shampoo Bars

Le Savon Populaire Bars - Canada #
~Savon Populaire; stores listed on the website.
~Ingredients in post #84 of this thread.

Living Ecology Royal Organics #
~Living Ecology.
~Ingredients in post #140 of this thread.

Living Nature #
~Natural Solutions - Holistic Beauty Body & Bath; There Must Be a Better Way (UK).

Logona (not all formulas are sulfate-free) #
~Internatural; Natural Solutions - Holistic Beauty Body & Bath.

Logona LavaErde Rhassoul Powder and Pre-Mixed Cleansers #
~Internatural, Natural Solutions - Holistic Beauty Body & Bath, Logona UK; There Must Be A Better Way (UK)

Long Lovely Locks Cleansers #
~LongLovelyLocks (Fragrance-free available on request).
~Ingredients in post #7 of this thread.

Mastey #
~Mastey; beauty supply stores.

Max Green Alchemy Scalp Rescue #
~Max Green Alchemy, Whole Foods; other health food stores.

Melrose - Australia #
~MelroseThe Cruelty Free Shop; Organics Australia Online.

Melvita - France #
~Beauté; Bio shops.

Miessence #
~All Natural Cosmetics (USA), There Must Be a Better Way (UK); Organics Australia Online (Australia).

MOP Modern Organic Products C-System
~GoddessWithin; Salon Collective (UK).

Morrocco Method #
~Morrocco Method, Natural Solutions - Holistic Beauty Body & Bath; some health food stores.

MyHoneyChild Cleansers #

MyUtopia - Australia #
~The Cruelty Free Shop.

Naani # (Castile formulas paraben free) (Castile AND no-sulfate versions of each shampoo)

Natural Shop #
~The Natural Shop.

Nature Clean - Canada & US #

Nature's Baby #
~VitaNetonline; Internatural.

~n-fruizon; Ulta.

NuHair Volume Maximizing Shampoo #

Onesta #
~Onesta Hair Care.

Organic Children Organic Formula - UK #
~Organic Children; UK supermarkets.
~Ingredients in post #86 of this thread.

Organic Excellence #
~OutletNutritionMyVitaNet; Natural Solutions - Holistic Beauty Body & Bath.

Organic Selections - Australia #
~Herbal Serenity; Organics Australia Online.

Organikah #

Organix #!
~Store list.
~Ingredients for the Coconut Milk Shampoo in post #217 of this thread.

Paul Penders #
~VeganEssentials, Life's Vigor; health food stores(?).

PAVES Professional #!
~HairBoutique; Walgreens & Eckerd drugstores.

Prairie Naturals - Canada #; health food stores.
~Ingredients in post #69 of this thread.

~Salons; web beauty suppliers.

Pure & Basic

Pure 'Nuff Stuff - UK #
~There Must Be a Better Way.

Pureology !

Qhemet Biologics Egyptian Wheatgrass Cleansing Tea #
~Qhemet Biologics.
~Ingredients in post #195 of this thread.

Queen Helene Mint Julep Shampoo With Protein #
~Cosmetic Solutions; Sally Beauty Supply stores.
~Ingredients in post #152 of this thread.

Rainbow Research Organic Herbal, Henna, and Baby ! Shampoos
~Henna by Cynthia(henna shampoo gallons); Life's Vigor.

Real Purity #
~Natural Solutions - Holistic Beauty Body & Bath; Refreshingly Free.

~REN Skincare.

Savonnerie Gluten Free #

Sensibility Hijiki Seaweed/Soymilk #
~Sensibility Soaps.

Shaman Earthly Organics #!
~Life's Vigor; Fresh & Wild (UK)

SheaMoisture Shampoos and Conditioners; (both available in store)

ShiKai #! (some formulas)
~Life's Vigor; Kokopelli's Green Market.

Soapnut Washing Powder - UK #

Stephen est. 1985 Healthy Hair Cleansers #
~FashionplanetHampton Court.

Sukesha All-Nutrient*
~All-Nutrient; Spiral Haircase.

Terressentials Pure Earth Hair Wash #
~Terressentials; some health food stores.

Trader Joe's Pure Castile #
~Trader Joe's Stores.
~Ingredients in post #100 of this thread.

Ultra Botanicals, MSM #

Uncle Harry's #
~Uncle Harry's.

Un Jour En Provence #

Urtekram Pure Balance Shampoos - EU #
~Auravita (UK), Mariposa (UK), Swedish health food stores; Danish stores.
~Ingredients for the Wild Rose Shampoo in post #193 of this thread.

Warm Spirit #
~Warm Spirit.

Young Living AromaSilk #
~Young Living Essential Oils.

Your Crown and Glory #
~Your Crown and Glory.

credit: info found at long hair care forum


  1. THis list is extremely helpful. I stayed away from shampoo because wasn't too sure what was good and not. Thanks

  2. WHOAAAAAAAA-SUGAH!---this list is fantastikal---i use the Trader Joe Castile from time to time to get the "junk out of my hair--then add my oils to make it more beautiful---you are a beautiful Sistah for sharing this info---I LOVE YOUR BLOG!

  3. Thank you ladies...I am soo glad you enjoyed the list..

    @ EssenseVibez..thank you sooo much and please stay tuned

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  5. This list was last updated in 2007 and was cut and paste from here:

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  7. Thank you soo much..Especially because i Live in australia and this really helps..People usually forget about us australians folks but you gave a great selction of sites

  8. I used two pumps of the oil in the palm of my hand and then applied to my 24-week-pregnant belly. I was pleasantly surprised that the oil was not too watery so it didn't run everywhere. I actually used two more pumps of the oil to make sure I got enough on the sides of my stomach towards my back.

  9. I've been on your page 10 min longer than I needed to because I'm enjoying your musical selection.

  10. there is also the Renpure Organics. I don't know if you had put it in there with the Organics. I am just starting to go natural. And I love your posts and joining this site.

  11. Thank you all so much for your comments. @ Anon Feb 3..Thank you soo much for the info and thank you for your support

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