Monday, November 18, 2013

ONE STYLE..Many Ways To Rock It!

Greetings, Everyone!!! I hope all is well and you are doing Fantastic! So, here is the requested video on how one style of side flat twists can be worn different ways. As always, be creative, versatile and have absolute fun with your natural...A Bientot!

Saturday, November 9, 2013


Greetings, Everyone! I hope all is well.
Ok, so let's, and pests. Yeah, not a charming combo we care to think of. Well, did you know that it's not uncommon to find pests such as 'rice weevils' or 'confused flour beetles' and their larvae in your dried goods such as corn meal, rice, flour and other dried goods. I also captured a pic of some freshly opened organic rice that I found a couple, well 2, of these little buggers floating around in. So, I thought it would be awesome to chat about what to do to prevent them from infesting your pantries and cabinets and further invading your other dried goods.


It's not rare to bugs or 'rice weevils' inside of your rice packet(s). They can enter one of two ways: Sometimes they are already in the rice when you buy it, particularly their larvae. This happens when the insects lay their eggs in the crops, and when the crops are harvested, they end up in the packages. They usually go undetected because they are hard to detect with the naked eye. After some time, the eggs hatch and they end up in the dried goods. Another way they enter is by opened packages from your cabinet or pantry.


  • ONE: Check ALL stored open packages in your pantry or cabinet for bugs. They LOVE grains such as rice, quinoa, buckewheat, flour, cornmeal, cereal, crackers, etc. Throw away any or all packages that contain the bugs. Once they have infested one package of dried goods, they can not be safely eliminated and may contaminate other dried goods. 
  • TWO: As soon as you purchase any dried goods, such as rice, quinoa, etc, place them in airtight containers and place in the freezer for at least 1 week, or you can choose to keep them continuously stored in the freezer if you already have an infestation in your cabinet or pantry. Placing them in the freezer helps to kill any larvae. You can also place dried chillis (peppers) in the airtight containers as the bugs hate the chilli.  
  • THREE: Thoroughly wash and cleanse your rice. Usually you can tell if your rice has been infested once you place the rice into water, as the pests will float to the top of the water. Discard if you do find infested rice.  Even if you do not see any, it is a good practice to thoroughly cleanse your rice that you are preparing to cook immediately. Repeat the cleansing two to three times, then proceed to cook. 
  • FOUR: Store ALL dried goods into air tight containers. I have included some pics below of how we store our dried goods as well as herbs and spices in our cabinets and pantry. As always, I hope this helps.


Here is a quick photo of a pot of rice I was preparing and cleansing from an un opened bag of organic brown rice. As you can see, the package was already infested with hatched weevils. This package was not freezer stored as we had just purchased this the same day :-(

 Our dry goods stored in the freezer before preparing.

We store our dry goods, once opened in air tight containers in our pantry.

As well as our herbs and loose leaf teas in glass mason jars once opened.

As well as our spices, we store them in smaller mason jars..those pesky rascals like spices as well.

This has nothing to do with dried goods, but for some reason, mentally, it makes me feel better to have everything completely clean, organized and neat. We reuse paper bags from Trader Joes to hold our potatoes and onions. I simply cut the bags in half and use them like storage bins. Everything has a place.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013


Greetings, Everyone!! Leek & Garlic Vegetable Soup
Hubby made this soup that was awwwwwwwesome!! It's excellent for inflammation, blood cleansing and great for the gut flora. 
Healthy gut=healthy body. 
I will share the ingredients, but hubby told me he didn't measure anything to quote as a recipe, but added enough ingredients for a large pot. So, here goes. 

*Fresh garlic (minced)
*2 Vadalia Onions (roughly cut)
*1 leek
*2 organic carrots
*Handful of baby Bella mushroom
*Organic non GMO wild rice

*sea salt (to taste)
*fresh black pepper (to taste)
*fresh white pepper (to taste)
*garlic powder
*Tikka Marsala Seasoning *braggs liquid aminos
*herb de Provence (tbsp)

Sautéed garlic, onion and leek until onion is translucent in olive oil. Add rice and sautee on low for about 5 min. Add water. Add herbs and spices. Add vegetables. Bring to boil, reduce heat down to lowest setting, then cover and allow to simmer for at least 2-3 hours. Enjoy! 
Note: be sure to enjoy the juice or 'pot liquor' which is where the benefits of the ingredients are.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013


TWIST OUT..My step by step. 
Greetings everyone!! Now I know everyone has their method of how they rock their twist out, but I wanted to share my step by step of how I achieve my twist out. As always, I hope this helps.

STEP 1: I use 2 products: a moisturizer (my Natty Moist) and a sealant to LOCK in the moisture (my Natty Butter).

STEP 2: On slightly damp hair..or on dry hair, place hair in sections to make the process easier. NOTE: if I am twisting on freshly washed hair, I place an old tshirt on my hair to absorb the excess water until my hair is about 75-80% dry. This ensures my twists will be thoroughly dry when I untwist. Using an old tshirt minimizes frizz and friction that comes when using bath towels. 

STEP 3: Take a small, medium or large section of hair (depending on the size you want your twists to be) and apply a generous amount of your moisturizer. Then apply your sealant of choice to lock in the moisture. I prefer natural butters or natural pomades to help the hair not only lock in moisture but also clump the hair together to create a smooth twist and twist out. 

STEP 4: I always make sure my hair is thoroughly moisturized so you may see some of the moisturizer on my twists as I'm twisting, which my hair will nicely absorb ensuring moisturized hair. I twist very tightly to create a sort of memory foam effect so when I untwist the curls are super defined and last for quite awhile.  I make sure to MOISTURIZE my ends and edges especially to ensure they are healthy. I use the same moisture and seal technique on my ends and edges, that I use for my twists. 

STEP 5: Once my twists are completely dry, I apply a little Natty Butter or my pomade to my hands then proceed to unravel my twists. Applying the butter or pomade helps to minimize frizz and give hair a nice sheen. 

STEP 6: Rock it out and Enjoy!

Key notes: I don't use a ton of products for any style. Understanding moisture is the key and making sure to seal/lock in the moisture with a butter, oil or pomade. 

At night, I simply pull my hair into a low bun and cover with a silk or satin scarf. This helps stretch the hair and keeps the hair less frizzy.