Sunday, May 4, 2014


Greetings, Lovelies!! I pray all is well..Ok, so here is another awesome DIY project that requires No Tools!!!
Super simple, all you need are some crates, pillows or accessories of your choice, and that's all. This is now our kids favorite places to do artwork, play on the computer, do school work or simply lounge around. When I say it's super simple, watch this!

Depending on how wide or long will determine the amount of crates needed. I grabbed some additional crates and had a few left over from the Crate Coffee Table I made about a few months ago. To check out that tutorial, click here. Meanwhile, here's a quick pic:

So, as you can see, I'm a fan of crates and because my design style is Rustic Chic, I love incorporating wood and earth elements juxtaposed with interesting fabrics and chic furniture and accessories. Ok, ok, back to the tutorial...I used a total of 6 crates. At Walmart, these will run about $9.97 ea, but you can find them at Michaels and use a coupon code that you can find online. Again, you do not have to use this many, it truly depends on your desired look. Because I love layering pillows, this amount worked perfect for me and it fit perfectly in the window. 

So, I simply paired the crates together handle side to handle side and achieved this look. (Again, I used a total of 6, because I felt 4 was not large enough to incorporate pillows and for the kids to be able to do work, reading, play or computer time). No tools, simply pair them together...Note, should you choose to sit on the crates as an adult or teen, then I would definitely recommend using tools and applying a piece of plywood on the top and bottom of the crates to be able to support the weight. But, if you don't mind creating this faux look of a window seat, then no tools.

Once you have all the crates paired together, add some pillows and enjoy. In this room, we usually enjoy floor seating, so we have many pillows for floor seating. Check out the pics below for the finished look. Hope you enjoyed DIY Sunday!! Until next time, go out, my creative ones and DO-IT-YOURSELF (DIY).


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