Thursday, November 24, 2011

Let's Talk Hat Fashion: NOUNOU'S BOUTIQUE Crocheted Hat

Hola, Beautiful People..I pray all is well with everyone!!!

Ok, so the cooler months are fast approaching and for many of us, we love rocking beautiful crown pieces to not only keep our heads warm, but to keep our hair protected as well. Well, I have honestly been approached by a few vendors to try out their crocheted items and I am here to give you the SCOOP on this piece that I am rocking in this picture. Now, let me first say, I do love beanies, but, many times, the problem is that because my hair is oober thick and has gotten longer, I can't find nice ones that cover my hair to my liking and not slide off, which is ultra annoying, right?? Ok, so without further ado, here's the scoup on NouNou's custom piece.

  • Nounou's Boutique is a Virginia-based company that was founded in July 2011 by the creators of the Natural Nounou blog. 
  • Their mission is to provide easier access to customers looking for high quality natural hair care products. Nounou's Boutique carefully evaluates and selects the products it carries in its store. 
  • And more importantly, she is an artist who has an absolute love and passion for crocheting..well, let's see about that, shall we.


  • First, I love the fact that she offered the choice of customizing her pieces..A huge plus for me
  • When I received the item, I was immediately pleased with the colors and how they contrasted and complimented each other..if you notice, they are my ATON logo colors.
  • Now, let's talk about the quality...I absolutely loved it. My 1 yr old daughter even got a hold of it and was pulling on it..(looking shameful with tale tucked between legs, how did she get that?)
  • Another plus was that my husband observed it and compared it to many of the traditional beanies that he would rock..He absolutely loved the size and hinted around that the colors are neutral enough to where he could rock it as well (uhmmmm, I don't think's mine and I'm hiding it!!! JK)
  • So, all in all, I am thoroughly enjoying the hat..I even chose to rock it once while it wasn't so cool out, and the best part, I didn't get overwhelmingly warm. I have already asked for her to create a new hat using the custom colors for my hubby..(yay, now he can have his own)..And yes, I would definitely recommend!! Visit NouNou's Boutique via facebook: facebook or visit her site at:
  • ** Natty Tip..with all hats that you will choose to wear for the cooler months ahead, be sure to protect your hair before you put on that glorious crown..Want to see how? Check out my video on protecting your tresses before covering with a hat:  see it here