Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Greetings Everyone..I pray all is well.
Ok, so I'm going to begin featuring a segment of posts on good music of all music genres..mostly underground artists..I'll give a small bio on the artist and feature their video..I hope you guys enjoy!

Featuring Syeed: What's Your Revolution


Syeed was born in Los Angeles, California and raised in Louisville, Kentucky. His love of music, inspired by an uncle who had a very diverse collection of records, was just the beginning of his passion of wanting to educate, inspire and influence people into a more positive and conscious way of listening and viewing music.

In his earlier youth, Syeed was involved in gang activity and was a young man consumed by the streets. The beautiful conscious art-form of music was replaced by music with corrupt messages that promoted violence, sexual perversion, greed and lack of respect for life. He mentioned that during that time he created music that promoted those same messages. It was a conversation he had with a young friend who looked up to him and therefore looked up to his music who was selling drugs and on his way to make a drug deal, was listening Syeed's music and the violent content got him so hyped that when the person buying drugs did not want to buy from him, the young man shot him. That disappointing conversation and some patient mentoring re birthed a man who made it a point to strive to  infiltrate the music scene with positivity and education. From that moment, Syeed changed his attitude, his thinking, his motivation and his music. He understood that music can influence a single person and a generation. Just as certain types of drum beats would motivate warriors of certain African tribes into battle..a quote by Syeed, 'the beat of a drum, the rhythm of a note has powerful influence. Some musicians choose to use that influence to promote negative, I'm an artist who choose to instill positive'.

What's Your Revolution is basically about what is it that you are striving to change for the better. Whether it be your mind, your neighborhood, your city, your county or this world..It's about not only complaining about what's wrong with things, but striving to change what's wrong, by first changing yourself. Syeed made a comment stating, 'why do people go natural? I'm sure the answers vary from person to person. But the motivation, hopefully is that they are deciding to choose a healthier lifestyle, not just for vanity purposes, but truly seeking to live a healthy life.'

Wow! Powerful message and thank you Syeed...so, let's give it up for our featured artist, Syeed.

Happy Healthy Listening!