Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Let's Talk Hair..HUMECTANTS and ANTI HUMECTANTS..Which Should I Use??

Hola Chicas/Chicos..I pray all is well with everyone.

Well, it is time that this wonderful subject has hit the big screen and we shed some spotlight on it.. Humectants and Anti Humectants and which is better for our beautiful kinks, coils and waves. Well, they are both actually good for our hair, but....in the right setting.

I am beginning to see so many naturals ponder the question of which products to use in this O'So Warm/Hot weather..whether they are battling fizziness or dryness or BOTH. And they all want to know WHY???

Well, as a naturalista who hates frizz myself, I decided to investigate this issue and share some of the issues that I have learned..hope this helps

HUMECTANTS..What are they?
  •  Substance that absorb or help retain moisture.
  • Often used in food and cosmetic products

NATURAL HUMECTANTS..What ingredients qualify??
  • Glycerin, including Vegetable Glycerin
  • Honey
  • Panthenol (pro Vitamin B5)
  • Lecithin

SYNTHETIC HUMECTANTS..What ingredients qualify??
  • Propylene Glycol -causes irritation and contact dermatitis
  • Ethylene/Diethylene Glycol – causes irritation and contact dermatitis
  • PEG compounds (eg Polyethylene Glycol) –may contain the toxic by-product dioxane

NATURAL ANTI-HUMECTANTS..What ingredients qualify??
  • Shea Butter (raw/unrefined)
  • Organic Beeswax
  • Hydrogenated Castor Oil
  • Mango Butter
  • Coconut Oil
  • Palm Oil
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil

SYNTHETIC ANTI-HUMECTANTS..What ingredients qualify
  • silicones (if you choose products with these ingredients, try to go for the water soluble silicones, such as: Dimethicone Copolyl, PEG Modified Dimethicone
  • esters

  • HUMECTANTS: while these can be great, as stated above, for locking in moisture, in certain temperatures and dew factors, humectants will either steal the moisture from your hair, thereby suffocating the hair and causing dryness and breakage (dry weather), or steal the moisture from the atmosphere and cause the hair to swell and create frizz (humid weather)..It is best to use products based with humectants in temperatures with a dew point of 30-50F.
  • ANTI HUMECTANTS: these puppies are great for use in temperatures with a dew point of 60F

  • If you're struggling with the frizzies or dry hair, check your ingredients and do proper product sweeps

I hope this helps..Have A Happy Frizz Free Day!

      Monday, May 30, 2011

      Let's Talk Hair: The Benefits of TEA RINSES

      Hola Chicas/Chicos..I pray all is well with everyone
      Ok, so let's talk hair..We are always striving and searching for the greatest thing to strengthen, moisturize and keep our tresses looking it's optimum. And the beauty in doing this is that many of the ways to do this are right in our kitchen cupboards. From Apple Cider Vinegar, Baking Soda, Honey and now Tea, there are many ways to strengthen, moisturize and even combat issues of dandruff, dry scalp and hair loss that are inexpensive and safe and definitely O'Natural. So, without further ado..let's get into some Tea talk for hair.

      TEA..The Benefits for hair;
      • Caffeine: Many teas carry caffeine, which can stimulate hair growth when used in tiny amounts. This can be a double edged sword, whereas too much can , caffeine that is, can stunt hair growth (mostly black tea). So please be sure to use the ratio 0.001% to water. Since Black Tea contain the highest amount of caffeine, take extra precaution when using these as tea rinses.
      • Shine: Tea rinses can add shine to your hair
      • Breakage: Decreases hair breakage due to it's strengthening effects and it blocks DHT from causing the hair to break.
      • Hair Loss: Green Tea is wonderful for combating hair loss due to it containing EGCG. The Saitama study reports that green tea inhibits the production of Tumor Necrosis Factor (TNF), a molecule that has been linked to cancer, arthritis and hair loss. In the Seoul study, hair follicles were treated with EGCG in a lab setting. Test cultures showed increased hair growth and hair follicle elongation when compared to control cultures. A green tea tincture containing 10 percent EGCG was also applied to the scalps of human volunteers, yielding the same results.
      • Scalp Issues: Green Tea has been known to soothe and reduce inflammation in issues of dandruff and psoriasis affected scalps.  (When looking for shampoos or conditioners containing Green Tea, be sure that the tea is in the top part of the ingredients and are free of sulfates, parabens and other harsh ingredients that will continue to irritate the scalp). Steeping fresh Rosemary has also been known to stimulate the scalp, prevent hair loss and help to regrow hair. Nettle will also help prevent and treat dandruff and stimulate circulation in the scalp. Excellent for use during winter.

      TEA RINSES..How To Use:
      • Brew a cup of herbal tea.
      • Cool the tea down to lukewarm temperature.
      • Apply the tea using either a color applicator bottle, to the scalp or using a spray bottle and leave on anywhere from 5-30 minutes, each persons results will vary so there is no direct way to tell how long to leave on. Massage scalp.
      • Shampoo or Co-Wash as usual.
      • You can also leave your tea rinse in after you have shampooed or co-washed your hair.

      TEA RINSES..A Word of Caution
      • Those who have light colored hair should take precaution when using dark teas, as they can stain the hair.
      • Black Tea contain the highest amount of caffeine, so take precaution when using.

      TEA RINSES...The Basics
      • 1 Qt of water
      • 4 Teaspoons of whatever herbs you choose to make your tea OR..
      • 1 tea bag per 1 cup of water

      TEA RINSES..Great Hebs For Curly/Kinky Hair Types:
      • bhringraj
      • brahmi
      • burdock root
      • calendula
      • chamomile
      • comfrey leaf & root
      • elder blossoms
      • chamomile
      • nettle
      • rosemary
      • sage
      • marshmallow root
      • lemon blossoms
      • horsetail
      • hibiscus
      • patchouli
      • parsley
      • coltsfoot
      • red clover
      • sandalwood
      • irish moss
      • southernwood
      • geranium
      • lavender
      • blue malva herb
        Happy Herbal Health!

      where to buy: www.mountainroseherbs.com , www.localharvest.com (this site has tea blends premixed in bags) Whole Foods, local herb shop, some Indian Groceries

      credits: some info found at www.maneandchic.com, www.ehow.com and www.curlynikki.com

      Saturday, May 28, 2011

      A Great Summer Look: My Modified Princess Leia Puffs...


      Hola Chicas/Chicos..I pray all is well with everyone!

      Well, the weather is getting pretty HOT!!! Have you thought about your summer styles yet?? Well, I know that I'm going to be going for a lot of updos to keep me nice and cool..lol.how about you??

      Well this look was inspired by none other than Princess Leia of Star Wars which I first saw a natural version of this look on a beautiful naturalista, Nikki of  www.curlynikki.com . However, instead of the buns, I opted for the puffs until my hair reaches the length where I can rock the buns..but for now, here is a cute summer style that is sure to draw some attention..hope you enjoy!

      Products Used:
      • Rose Water
      • Homemade Flaxseed Gel (tutorial available under homemade natural products on Home page)
      • O'Natural Natty Butter (www.livingthenattylifestyle.blogspot.com )
      • Ouchless, metal free bands
      • Bobby pins (optional)
      • Accessories of your choice

      May The Force Be With You!!! Have A Happy Healthy Day

      Thursday, May 26, 2011

      So You Want To Color Your Hair...With HENNA..O'NATURAL

      Hola Chicas/Chicos..I pray all is well with everyone..

      Ok, by extremely popular demand, and I must say, I am so estatic that it is...using natural methods to color our hair. I have received many inbox questions on how to go about coloring natural hair without using harsh chemical dyes that can alter and damage our beautiful tresses.

      Because standard dyes contain chemical ingredients such as amonia and peroxide, which can damage your hair and scalp, many of us are in search of healthier ways to add a spark of color to our kinks, coils and waves. Whether you are looking for an all over color change or perhaps would like to cover some grays, it is fairly easy to color hair using natural methods.

      Henna..What Exactly Is It??
      • Henna is a plant based natural product
      • It is normally sold in powder form which is greenish in color
      • Hair strengthener that prevents breakage and a great product to aid in combating dandruff
      • BAQ (Body Art Quality) is the best grade of henna to use, and should be the only type that you use if you are relaxed.
      • Tends to loosen the natural curl pattern
      • Excellent natural conditioner
      • Yes!!! You can use henna over chemically treated and colored hair. Just be sure to use the BAQ (Body Art Quality)
      • A safe and natural method of dying the hair
      • Many Indians and Arabs use it to dye their beards, strengthen their hair as well as condition their hair.
      • Natural Ayurvedic treatment that combats dry scalp.
      The Colors of Henna
      • Pure 100% henna is a greenish powder color only. If the powder tends to be a different color then there are other ingredients added, some which could be synthetic.
      • To achieve different colors from henna depend on a few things, such as; natural color of your hair, what other natural ingredients you mix with it, and how long the henna is allowed to sit on the hair.
      • Your natural hair color makes a BIG difference in the outcome of the color of the henna on your head.
      • Allowing the henna to sit (covered with plastic wrap or a plastic top)overnight affect the color due to the dye releasing (which can make the color stronger.

      Where to purchase??

      Check This OUT!!!!
      • There are soooo many mixes that you can use to achieve certain color results from henna..I am including this website as a great source for some mixes that other naturals have used to color their hair..check it out www.hennaforhair.com/mixes

        Tuesday, May 24, 2011

        Let's Talk Hair: Glycerin is Glycerin is Glycerin..RIGHT??

        Hola Chicas/Chicos..I pray all is well with everyone..
        Well a lovely natural asked the question in regards to the difference in glycerin vs. vegetable glycerin. And are there difference between the glycerin we buy from, let's say Walmart, or a natural foods store..save price?? Well, this was an excellent question indeed, so why don't we just put on our inspector hats and delve into this difference, if one should exist.

        Types of Glycerin:
        • Vegetable Glycerin: Plant Based/Food Grade
        • Glycerin: Animal Based or Petroleum Based

        Vegetable Glycerin:
        • Does not dry as fast as animal glycerin
        • Does not become rancid (rank, sour or stale) or ferment 
        • Does not dry as fast as animal glycerin
        • Has more uses due to it being food grade

        Non Vegetable Glycerin:
        • Made from petroleum or animal fats such as lard, grease or tallow (fatty hard tissue of the animal)
        • Usually not purified
        • Cheaper to make (hence the price difference of that of veggie glycerin)
        • Has a tendency to clog pores and create dryness

        Glycerin...The Similarities
        • Both act as emollients and humectants (draws moisture from the air to the hair)
        • Both are thick, clear and odorless
        • When diluted, glycerin can be a wonderful moisturizer..but take precaution in humid and dry climates.
        • If the air is hot and humid, glycerin will absorb the moisture from the air and cause the hair to swell, creating coarse frizzy hair. 
        • In weather that is extremely dry, glycerin will seek out the moisture in your hair, therefore dehydrating your hair, which can cause damage and breakage.

        So, what about the Glycerin in Walmart or any other store that is not a health food store??
        • The USP glycerin in the Walmart pharmacy is vegetable glycerin and is more pure than the FCC grade in the grocery section (that’s the only difference)

        Glycerin..Bottom Line
        • Try to aim for glycerin that is plant based and use a small amount when adding it to your homemade spritz or homemade products.
        • Because glycerin is a humectant and we have hot and humid heat here, I steer clear of adding glycerin to my homemade spritz or any other homemade product.
        Where to buy: Glycerin can be found at local grocery stores, natural health food stores and herb shops and numerous cites online

        Have A Happy Healthy Day

        Credits: some info found at www.newlynatural.com

        Monday, May 23, 2011

        I've Got A Story To Tell: Meet The Amazingly Gorgeous SESILY COLEMAN

        Hola Chicas/Chicos...I pray all is well with everyone.

        Well, I've got another beautiful natural with a wonderful story to tell. Meet Sesily Coleman, a beautiful mother of two gorgeous children. Sesily is a woman very much to be inspired from, she's a hard working self employed mother who has an infectious smile and great energy. Did I already mention how beautiful she is..inside and out. I am honored to feature her story on All Things O'Natural, so let's give her some love and I know you will enjoy her story and find it as inspirational as I did...Enjoy

        I've Got A Story: Sesily

        1. What inspired you to go natural?

         I was inspired to go natural again after losing my husband to a senseless murder over three years ago. After being totally depressed and stressed out by the entire situation, I developed an enormous stress spot on the top left corner of my head. It took me a little while to decide on the BC, but it was a huge step in starting over again.

         2. How long have you been a beautiful natural?

        This time around, I've been natural for a year. previously, I was a natural all through my undergraduate college career

         3. In regards to natural hair, do you feel as though the same stigmas of hair type exist, for example, do you hear people use the term 'good hair' or 'good grade of hair' in regards to certain hair textures?

        I do indeed feel that there is still a "stigma" when it comes to natural hair, especially being a native of New Orleans. Some are more concerned with whether one particular texture makes you more "natural" or even "beautiful" while we should focus on how original we are.. my goal is to inspire those who I come across to understand that God created each of us differently, and we have to embrace each and every characteristic that he blessed us with

         4. Do you feel as though most black men are supportive to natural hair? How about other nationalities?

         Living in Atlanta, I'm finding that black men are starting to embrace natural sisters. primarily, the "long hair" stigma was "what was up", but I'm noticing a large abundance of beautiful black women transitioning to what they were originally blessed with, and the men are DEFINITELY noticing. Being a natural should be an overall outlook...not a fad..

         5. How do you maintain such beautiful coils?

        I keep me coils moisturized (especially because my hair is colored) with your O'Natural Natty Butter and SheaMoisture's Raw Restorative line and their African black soap line. I swear by them both!

        6. Do you have any words of wisdom to pass on to others striving for a natural lifestyle?

        A natural lifestyle doesn't stop at your hair. Being completely honest with yourself, a steady walk with God, finding peace within yourself, and maintaining positive health...that's what being "natural" is all about. You have to open your arms wide to embrace all that comes your way, both the good and the bad. Being a "natural" is about overcoming obstacles, telling your story, and being a positive staple to others so you can continue to inspire.

        The Beautiful Sesily Coleman:


        I hope you enjoyed Sesily's feature as much as I did..If you have a story to tell and would like to be featured on All Things O'Natural, please send an email request to allthingsonatural@yahoo.com and use the header, I've Got A Story

        Have A Happy Healthy Day

        Sunday, May 22, 2011

        The Truth About: MINERAL OIL

        Hola Chicas/Chicos..I pray all is well with everyone.

        Ok, so if we have ever used a hair or skin product, we can all say that we are familiar with the ingredient Mineral Oil. We've heard the pros, the cons and the who cares about it. We've heard that it's okay, that it's bad...but did we truly understand why?? Can we say that we truly understand what exactly mineral oil is??
        Well, hang tight and let's find out the truth about mineral oil.

        So..What Exactly Is Mineral Oil

        Mineral oil is a byproduct of the distillation of crude oil to produce gasoline and other products made from petroleum. Also known as white petroleum, mineral oil has been widely used in skin-care products and in heavy machinery applications. Scented, mineral oil is popularly known as baby oil. It's also used to swab and clean ears safely and is recommended to trap insects that might enter the ear canal. Mineral oil is available in three grades and is refined according to its use. It is even used in heavy equipment to prevent parts from sticking together. There are three categories of mineral oil: aromatic hydrocarbons, paraffinic oils and naphthenic oils based on cycloalkanes.Because mineral oil is made in large quantities and is readily available, it is generally cheap and can be purchased at drug stores.

        So..What Exactly Does Mineral Oil Look Like

        Mineral oil is clear, with no visible color and no obvious scent.

        So..How Is Mineral Oil Used
        It is heavy and viscous and is prized for coating objects. Today mineral oil is still used to moisturize the skin, but it can cause breakouts and is not considered necessarily good for sensitive skin. Mineral oil is a paraffinic oil that has been taken internally as a laxative. This is especially true for children as they are becoming toilet trained. Adults can also use this remedy. It's an effective laxative because it prevents the stool from absorbing too much water.

        So...Is Mineral Oil Bad For Hair??

        Well, honestly, it's a double edged sword..
        The Pros: On one hand, mineral oil is a great lubricant and therefore makes a wonderful detangler. It has fantastic smoothing and emollient properties. It decreases wet combing force, therefore slowing the damage of breakage. It coats the hair, therefore preventing moisture from escaping the hair. It doesn't allow water to penetrate the hair follicle, therefore reducing frizz. It minimizes the damage caused by chemical treatments such as relaxers and texturizers, which is why it is included in many of these products. And it does help with curl formation and clumping in hair.

        The Cons: Mineral oil abhors water..the number one moisturizer. On one hand, it prevents water from escaping the hair, but on the other, it doesn't allow any moisture to penetrate the hair, making the hair dry and most times brittle. Dirt and lent are easily attracted to the molecules in mineral oil, hence why you may see a gritty appearance on the hair when products containing mineral oil are used, so the hair can look a bit un-kept.
        It does clog the pores, so people who use products containing mineral oil may experience a breakout. Because it clogs the pores and suffocates the skin, which is a breathing organ, products containing mineral oil may not be the best choice.There is a clear link between using too much mineral oil, or using it during pregnancy, and pneumonia. It is strongly suggested that women who are pregnant or are trying to get pregnant should avoid mineral oil altogether. Water only hair washing and conditioner only washing will not work when using mineral oil.

        Have a happy healthy day!!

        This information is not intended to replace any medical conditions or to be used for medicinal reasons.
        some info found at www.ehow.com/mineraloil

        Friday, May 20, 2011

        So What's The Rave About: DANDELIONS

        Hola Chicas/Chicos..I pray all is well and healthy with everyone..

        Soo, I was inspired to write this blog because as many of you may or may not know, I am growing a garden with herbs and vegetables..Well, I have books and books on veggies and herbs and I began wondering, there are so many things in nature that man call trash, weeds, nuisances, and so on and so forth, but as I was seeing these puppies, I picked up my herb book and just began reading and reading and I came across some interesting facts about these so called weeds and their benefits. You see, it brings us back to the spiritual way of thinking that 'everything has a purpose' and 'nothing is here just as a nuisance or to get in our way', though I still can't understand the purpose of mosquitoes..but that's another story, lol.

        So, in the south, we have yards full of what man would call 'pest weeds' known as Dandelions..but woah Nelly, these 'weeds' have soooo many amazing benefits and I am actually sipping on some dandelion tea as we speak with a blend of honey and cinnamon. And no, I didn't purchase the ready made tea bags, I actually steeped the leaves and roots, which I purchased dried, and made me a cup and it is quite delicious. Now, from what I've read about Dandelion is that it has been used for skin ailments since the beginning of time, and that's just one of the benefits, there are a plethora of others that I will list in this post..so enjoy and bottoms up!

        • Those Bones: Dandelion is rich in calcium, which is essential for growth and strength of bones, and is rich is anti oxidants like vitamin-C and Luteolin, which protect bones from age related damages due to free radicals, such as weakening and loss in density.
        • Liver Detoxification: Dandelion can help liver in many ways. While its anti oxidants such as vitamin-C and Luteolin keeps it functioning in full gear and protect it from aging, other compounds in it help treating hemorrhage in liver, maintaining proper flow of bile etc. It also stimulates liver and promotes digestion. It's one of the few herbs that actually detoxifies the liver.
        • Diabetes: Dandelion juice can help diabetic patients by stimulating production of insulin from pancreas and thus help keeping low the blood sugar level. Since it diuretic in nature, it makes the diabetic patients urinate frequently which too helps remove the extra sugar from the body. Moreover, diabetics are prone to renal problems. The diuretic properties of dandelion can help removing the sugar deposition in the kidneys through urine. Moreover, dandelion juice is slightly bitter to taste, which also effectively lowers sugar level in the blood, as all bitter substances do.
        • Urinary Disorders: Dandelion is highly diuretic in nature. In fact, its French name literally means “urinate in bed”. Thereby it helps clean deposits of toxic substances in the kidneys and the urinary system. Moreover, its disinfectant properties inhibit microbial growth in the urinary system.
        • Weight Loss: Our urine contains up to 4% of fats. So, more we urinate, more water and fats are lost from the body. Dandelion, being diuretic in nature, promotes urinating and thereby helping lose weight without side effects.
        • High Blood Pressure: Urinating is an effective way of lowering blood pressure. In fact, most of the modern drugs for lowering blood pressure are based on this phenomenon. Dandelion juice, being diuretic in nature, increases urinating, both in quantity and frequency and thus helps lower high blood pressure. The fiber in dandelion is also helpful in reducing cholesterol and thereby assists lowering of blood pressure, since cholesterol is one of the factors which make blood pressure high. Then there is potassium, which is in plenty in dandelion juice and is very effective in lowering blood pressure by replacing sodium.
        • Healthy Veggie: Dandelion can also be used as a vegetable and is a good source of fiber. It promotes digestion. In old days it was also used to treat scurvy, due to presence of vitamin-C in it. It also has healing effects on dyspepsia, infections in the stomach, intestines and urinary system.
        • Anemia: Dandelion has pretty good iron, vitamin and protein content. While iron is the integral part of hemoglobin in the blood, vitamins (particularly vitamin-B) and protein are essential for formation of red blood cells and certain other components of the blood. This way dandelion can help anemic people.
        • Jaundice: Jaundice is primarily a disorder of the liver in which it starts over producing bile, which ultimately gets into the blood stream damaging the whole metabolism. The excess of bile is also reflected through color of the skin, eyes etc. The treatment of jaundice includes three main steps. First, checking production of bile; second, removal of excess bile from the body and third, fighting the viral infection. Dandelion is very helpful in all of these. It promotes liver health and regulates bile production. Being diuretic in nature, it promotes urination through which the excess bile is removed. Finally, being anti oxidant and disinfectant in nature due to presence of vitamin-C and Luteolin, it fights viral infection too. It is more beneficial if taken with sugarcane juice, since it replaces the sugar in the body which is very much lowered due to action of bile, causing extreme fatigue and weakness.
        • Cancer: Dandelion is high in anti oxidants such as vitamin-C and Luteolin which reduce the free radicals (very much responsible for causing cancer) in the body, thereby reducing the risk of cancer. It also detoxifies the body, which also helps protect from cancer.
        • Gall Bladder: Dandelion is very beneficial for gall bladder and liver, as it improves their functioning, protects them from ill effects of oxidants and infections and regulates secretions from them.

        • Skin Disorders: Dandelion sap, also known as dandelion milk, is useful in treating skin diseases which are caused due to microbial and fungal infection, as this sap is highly alkaline and have germicidal, insecticidal and fungicidal properties. Care should be taken while using this sap as to avoid its contact with eyes. This sap can be used on itches, ringworm, eczema etc. without risk.
        • Acne: Dandelion juice is a good detoxifier, diuretic, stimulant and anti oxidant. These four properties make it a good treatment for acne. Before we know how it treats acne, we must know what causes it. Acne is caused mainly during teens, when the body undergoes many physiological and hormonal changes. The hormones, which bring about changes in the body, if do not maintain proper ratio among themselves or are not regulated properly, tend to deposit as toxic substances in the body which tend to come out with sweat through the sweat glands or sebaceous glands on the skin. Now, during these changes, these glands secret more oils which, mixed with dead skin, block the pores and the secretion is obstructed. Due to this, these toxic substances cannot escape and result in acne. This is further worsened by the microbial infections on the effected places. Dandelion juice, being a stimulant, diuretic and detoxifier in nature, can help regulate proper secretion of hormones, increases sweating and widens up the pores facilitating removal of toxics through sweat and also through urine, as it is diuretic too. Its sap, if externally applied on acne, can inhibit microbial infection. Incorporating a mixture of 1-2 TSP of Dandelion root or leaves to 1 cup of water and steeped as a tea is a wonderful way of ridding toxins in the body which cause acne.

        • Greasy Hair: Now, if you suffer with greasy hair, dandelion is a wonderful herb to use to remove oil buildup. So, in a sense it works as a clarifyer. So, if you do use it for a hair rinse, where you would steep the leaves or roots or both for about 20 minutes, strain and pour it onto hair as a final rinse, be sure to deep condition afterwards to restore moisture.
        • Overall Hair health: Taking Dandelion suppliments, drinking tea made from Dandelion leaves or roots  or eating a salad that has Dandelion leaves mixed within it,  has an overall benefit for hair health. The leaves of the Dandelion contain loads of beta carotene and iron, which is very important for the overall health of your hair.
        • Dandruff: Because Dandelion contain loads of iron, intaking Dandelion has been known to have effects on ridding the scalp of dandruff.

        Did You Know..
        • Dandelion leaves are more nutritious than anything you can buy.
        • It has more beta-carotene than carrots
        • The iron and calcium content are phenomenal, greater than spinach.

        How to Make Your Own Dandelion Tea:

      • 1 Bring a medium pot of water to boil. Cut the root and leaves from a dandelion.

      • 2 Soak the dandelion root and leaves in a bowl of water to loosen the dirt.

      • 3 Rinse the root and leaves thoroughly and dry them with a towel.

      • 4 Chop the root and leaves on a cutting board and place them in the pot with the boiling water.

      • 5 Cover the pot and allow the dandelion to boil for 10 minutes.

      • 6 Remove the pot from the burner and let it stand for at least one hour.

      • 7 Heat the tea again for a few minutes. Strain the dandelion tea and sweeten it to your taste.

      • Add Cinnamon and Raw Honey to sweeten..It was absolutely YUMMY!!! Bottoms Up

        Have A Happy Healthy Day

        where to buy: any local health food store or herb shop. Or you can purchase from www.mountainroseherbs.com

        This information is not intended to replace any medical advice. Please seek professional medical advice before taking

        Thursday, May 19, 2011

        I've Got A Story To Tell: Meet the Amazingly Stunning DESTINEE GENTRY

        Hola Chicas/Chicos..I pray all is well with everyone

        Well, we have another treat for you and definitely an inspiration for those who are considering going natural. Meet Destinee Gentry, a beautiful mother of a handsome son with a true joyous energy for life. Not only is she beautiful, but Destinee is an extremely humourous woman and many times you will catch her FB laughter of 'bwahahahahaha!!!' I love that about a person..someone who is funny but also serious and handles their business...so, let's hear what Destinee has to say..Enjoy!

        I've Got A Story..Destinee Gentry

        1. What inspired you to go natural?

        ~I’ve always THOUGHT about going natural, but could never really bring myself to do it! LOL!!! Finally one day after watching YouTube and witnessing plenty of beautiful naturals such as you….I just thought “WHY NOT? It shouldn’t be that bad right???? I mean what’s the worst that could happen?” LOL! I then began to transition, which only lasted for two weeks! Ha! I started to cut my hair and it was AWFUL! I had to go to the barbershop immediately, which is what I wanted anyway! LOL! I was READY! I got in that chair like a BIG GIRL! Off my hair went! I was sooooo proud! I felt empowered, beautiful, strong, and BRAVE!

        2. How long have you been a beautiful natural?

        ~I have been completely natural for 7MONTHS this month! Whoooohoooooo! Loving every bit of it! #teamnatural

        3. In regards to natural hair, do you feel as though the same stigmas of hair type exist, for example, do you hear people use the term 'good hair' or 'good grade of hair' in regards to certain hair textures?

        ~ABSOLUTELY!!!! However, I must admit that it’s only from people who aren’t actually natural, or haven’t done research on “Natural Hair” or hair period for that matter. You know many of us have different textures of hair, but I honestly feel that that doesn’t determine whether your hair is “good” or “bad.” Any type of hair whether fine or course is “good” hair…and the only time I would actually classify anyone else’s hair as “bad” is well…..NEVER. Some people’s hair may need a little more TLC to get it on track, but that doesn’t mean it’s bad….All hair is good hair in my eyes!

        4. Do you feel as though most black men are supportive to natural hair? How about other nationalities?

        ~Welllllllllllllllllllllll……..I will say that more black men are coming around. Some black men aren’t quite as accepting to the idea and that’s fine….however, I have met a few black men that are ABSOLUTELY IN LOVE with NATURAL HAIR! That’s refreshing too! Personally, since I’ve been natural, I’ve had a lot of white males compliment me more than blacks, which is cool too! I’ve also had guys of all nationalities ask to just “TOUCH” my hair! LOLOLOL! I find that totally hilarious! MY MAN, (who happens to be black) was kind of skeptical at first and a little jealous (of my waves) hehehehehehe, has been riding with me since the day I BC’d ! He now loves it and asks me on the regular, “How are you going to wear your hair today?” LOL!

        5. How do you maintain such beautiful coils?

        My regimen is pretty SIMPLE! I’m NOT a product junkie whatsoever! Since I’ve been natural, I’ve only had three primary products; Herbal Essence Totally Twisted, Eco Styler Gel Olive-Oil (in which now I’m starting to hear bad things about) and Cantu Leave In Conditioner! I co-wash my hair every 3 days or whenever I feel it’s getting “about that time”, and I normally try not to shampoo my hair at all (every 2-3 months). I loooove to condition my hair and keep WATER on DECK! I do believe that WATER has played a tremendous part in healthiness of my hair. I just recently incorporated ACV (Apple Cider Vinegar) and Shea Moisture Products (love love love) into my regimen. Less to me is more, or at least that’s what works for me. I don’t run out and purchase a product every time someone throws a suggestion in the air. I WOULD BE BROKE! LOL! Basically, keeping it simple and letting my hair do what it wants sometimes is how I keep my coils FLY!

        6. Do you have any words of wisdom to pass on to others striving for a natural lifestyle?

        ~ HEY YOU! YEAH YOU! THE ONE WHO IS THINKING OF GOING NATURAL BUT IS TOO AFRAID! YES YOU! JUST GO FOR IT! MY NAME IS DESTINEE AND IT’S ONE OF THE BEST DECISIONS I HAVE EVER MADE AND TRUST ME…MY HAIR IS VERY IMPORTANT TO ME! LOL! Seriously, don’t be afraid to come on over to this side! You will still be the beautiful, smart, intelligent, FLY, sassy, jazzy woman you’ve always been…you will just be ALLLLLL NATURAL while doing so! HAPPY GROWING #TEAMNATURAL

        It's All About DESTINEE

        Happy Healthy Journy

        If you 'Got A Story To Tell' and would like to be featured on All Things O'Natural, please send an email to allthingsonatural@yahoo.com and use the header 'I've Got A Story'

        Wednesday, May 18, 2011

        Video Tutorial...The GRECIAN UPDO!!!


        Hola Chicas/Chicos...I pray all is well with you beautiful people.

        Ok, so here blows again..a video tutorial of a style that can go from day time at the office to a formal evening with your spouse..and it's a perfect updo for a wedding.

        So, without furthur ado...here it goes

        Products Used:
        • O'Natural Natty Butter (www.livingthenattylifestyle.blogspot.com)
        • Koils By Nature Herbal Soothing Gel w/ Eucalyptus and Lavender (www.koilsbynature.com)
        • Bobby Pins
        • Duck Bill Clips
        • Scrunchie or Goody Band
        • Rose Water (any health food store or grocery)
        • Accessories of your choice

        The Results:

        Hope you guys enjoyed..Have a Happy Grecian Day!!

        Tuesday, May 17, 2011

        Product Review: Henna Sooq COCOVEDA HAIR OIL

         Hola Chicas/Chicos..I pray all is well with everyone.

        Ok, so it's time for another product review...And it's on an Ayurvedic product by Henna Sooq called Cocoveda..I picked up this product while in Atlanta at the World Natural Hair Show and I will fill you in on whether my hair (whose name is Beatrice) thought it was a hit or miss.

        What is Cocoveda?
        • It's an oil similar to Vatika Oil in that it has a coconut oil base and incorporates Indian Ayurvedic (plant based) beneficial herbs.

        How To Use Cocoveda:

        • Deep Conditioning: To do this, just apply onto your hair, in a quantity that is needed for your hair length, and rub thoroughly into your hair and scalp. This promotes further blood circulation. Put a shower cap over your hair, and leave on for about one hour. Rinse out when finished.
        • Post Washing: Apply onto hair after washing. Rub the oil through the hair and massage into scalp to promote blood circulation.

        What It Claims: 
        • Brings forth a natural shine and rejuvenates dry and damaged hair.
        • Adds shine and bounce to your hair
        • Streghten the hair shaft, reduce split ends and hair breakage.

        • Coconut Oil: strengthens the hair shaft, reducing split ends, and hair breakage.
        • Henna: this was added because the henna plant is known for strenghtening the hair,and conditioning it.
        • Shikakai: we added this herb because it is known for promoting hair growth
        • Neem: relives dry, itchy scalp. It is widely used in ayurvedic hair oils. It is used to treat the symptoms of scalp psoriasis. It gives you shiny, silky, stronger hair and encourages growth.
        • Amla: this herb also is known for promoting hair growth, and thickening hair. It is also known to prevent premature greying
        • Methi (fenugreek): known to reduce hair loss, and thinning. Treats dandruff.
        • Bhringraj: we added this herb to improve the condition of the hair, quality of the hair color, and for healthy scalp and hair.
        • Brahmi: used to improve hair growth, and is known to be a memory enhancer.
        • Nagarmotha: it works on the hair root, and stimulates it. It is used to treat scalp disorders.
        • Ginger: is considered one of the most powerful herbs in ayurveda. It has very potent stimulating properties, and increases blood circulation to your scalp will which result in faster growing hair.
        • Hibiscus:a very popular addition to ayurvedic hair care, it contains an abundant amount of astringent properties that are ideal for oily hair. It also soothes eczema, and dry scalp conditions.

        My personal Review:

        Well, first, let me talk about the smell..It's definitely not overwhelming, but it smells very clean. It reminds me of the bubbles that I buy for my children with a hint of coconut oil..I'm not one who's into synthetic fragrances so this is great for me. Now, on to the results..I must say that I absolutely love it!!! I love the texture and consistency. I love the way that it made my hair feel after I used it with my conditioner. I would like to use it as my deep conditioner alone, but it's only 100 ml, which is not much for my thick hair, so I mixed it with my SheaMoisture Deep Treatment Masque. Being that I am a huge fan of Ayurvedic herbs, this is definitely a huge plus for me. I love love love the ingredients and the fact that it is 100% all natural, I'm like a kid in the candy store..I would highly recommend to incorporate this into your hair care regimen, which I have just begin doing. Because coconut oil works best on wet or damp hair, I have been using the oil for my scalp massages once I co wash or dampen my hair.

        My Results:

        Have a Happy Henna Sooq Day!

        where to buy: www.hennasooq.com

        Monday, May 16, 2011

        Part 1 Stretching Natural Hair using The Banding Method


        Hola Chicas/Chicos..I pray all is well with everyone.. (part 2 is at ths link.. www.youtube.com/nique1076 )

        Ok..dun dun dun..here it is, the METHOD!! Stretching our natural hair using no heat, but with bands..huh??
        No, really, with bands..and it works. So, as promised, I created a video tutorial on the banding method that I used from which I saw a youtuber that I adore and had the pleasure of meeting at the Natural Hair Show in Atlanta, BlackOnyx77 (be sure to check her out)..I had never thought about stretching my hair before that, but boy oh boy is it my staple now..

        So guys, sit back and relax and enjoy

        Products used:
        • Ouchless Bands, metal free (any grocery or drugstore)
        • SheaMoisture Deep Treatment Masque (Walgreens or Target, Walgreen.com and Target.com)
        • O'Natural Natty Butter (www.livingthenattylifestyle.blogspot.com )
        • Tangle Teezer (Sally's or Sallys.com)
        • Moisturizing Spritz of water and peppermint oil (any herb shop, health food grocery)
        So, I hope you guys enjoy

        Happy Banded Day!

        Friday, May 13, 2011

        Let's Talk Hair..Protecting Your Natural Tresses While SWIMMING

        Hola Chicas/Chicos..I pray all is well with everyone.

        Well, today we are discussing a great topic on the importance of protecting our tresses while swimming. The weather is getting hot and summer is right around the corner and we would love to indulge in that cool crisp chlorine-filled goodness. But as much as we will enjoy that dip in the pool, we have to protect our natural tresses...want to hear how?? Here it goes.

        Protecting Your O'Natural While Swimming:
        • Rinse: Rinse your hair in tap water before and after getting in the swimming pool. Hair that is already wet cannot absorb the chemical laden water so this will lessen the effect of the chlorine on your hair. Rinse your hair again immediately after getting out of the pool to remove any chemicals that may be in your hair.
        • Just say no to shampoo: Don't shampoo your tresses before you enter! While water helps you out, shampoo can strip your hair of the natural oils and other grime that can act as a barrier between hair and chemicals.
        • NeemOil: If you swim often, use neem oil on hair before swimming to protect and hydrate.
        • Protective Styles: Braid or twist and pull back your hair before getting in the pool. This allow less of your hair to be exposed to the water.
        • Swimming Cap: Consider wearing a swimming cap in the pool. Many people think they are unattractive, but being unattractive for just a little while is worth the trade-off of protecting your hair. Even after taking these previous steps, if you swim on a daily basis, your hair will need even more protection. A swimming cap may be uncomfortable and may not keep your hair completely dry and chlorine free, but it will present a reliable barrier most of the time.
        • Condition: Coating hair with a natural oil such as Coconut oil the night before and again in the morning before swimming provides an extra protective barrier as well as preventing hair from swelling while wet.
        • Clarify: Use a special treatment like the Bentonite Clay or a natural earth wash such as Terressentials earth wash shampoo after swimming in chlorine filled pools.
        Ok, Lovely Naturals..I hope this helps. Now that we've been equipped with some know how of how to protect our tresses..let's go have some fun and swim swim swim...

        Have A Happy Healthy Swimming Day!

        credits: some of info www.e-how.com

        Wednesday, May 11, 2011

        8 Household Uses For Vinegar..O'Natural

        Hola Chicas/Chicos..I pray all is well with everyone..

        Well, once again we are discussing the wonderful O'Natural goody..Vinegar and its wonderful uses..
        I have listed 8 uses for vinegar that safe and O'So Natural..enjoy!

        8 Household Uses For Vinegar:
        • Cleaner and Disinfectant: From countertops and windows to bathtubs to hardwood floors, countless household surfaces can be cleaned with vinegar. You can clean and disinfect just about anything with vinegar and water. You can use pure vinegar or a diluted solution, depending on the severity of the dirty situation: Use vinegar full-strength for tough cleaning jobs and to remove lime or hard water stains, or mix the vinegar with warm water for a milder green cleaner.
        • Fabric Softner: I use vinegar in the rinse cycle to remove residue from detergent and to soften clothes. I use 1 to 2 oz depending on load size. And when clothes are dry there is no vinegar scent. As a natural fabric softener, vinegar is an especially smart choice when a family member has sensitive skin or allergies to dyes and perfumes.
        • Odor Remover: Is a strong scent lingering in your home? Vinegar is a natural odor remover. You can  boil vinegar to remove odor evidence of her wood-burning stove, or you can simply set out a small bowl of vinegar: Remove lingering tobacco odors by filling a small bowl or saucer with apple cider vinegar and placing it in the room where the odor is…. within a few days your room will smell fresh and clean.
        • Stain Remover: Whether you’re cleaning carpets or cloth diapers, vinegar is a powerful stain remover.  Put a good amount of baking soda on the stain, then spray/sprinkle some white vinegar over the baking soda. It will go really bubbly and smell very strongly of vinegar. Put in wash and ta-da! Stain gone! 
        • Blemish Treatment: Vinegar is also a simple remedy for curing pimples. To banish blemishes fast combine 1 tsp. salt and 3 Tbs. vinegar in a bowl and dab on pimples using a cotton ball. Let sit 30 minutes, then rinse with lukewarm water.
        • Drain Cleaner: Many Natural moms, swear by baking soda and vinegar for freshening up kitchen drains: To keep sink drains clean and odor free I periodically pour baking soda into the drain, then white distilled vinegar. The foaming actions cleans the pipes.
        • Pots and Pan Cleaners: Why spend 20 minutes scouring off burnt food when vinegar and baking soda can do the work for you? You can use vinegar & baking soda for stainless steel pots…Sprinkle the bottoms (inside bottoms) of the pans with baking soda, put on over the heat (stove) pour on vinegar after a minute. This will lift any baked-on crud.
        • Weed Killer: Vinegar is a helpful tool outside too. Vinegar in a spray bottle kills grass and weeds in sidewalk cracks too...many natural moms' new fav...

        So, now that we see the wonderful benefits of vinegar...let's get out and get some, if you haven't already..
        And what better way to clean and not have to worry about your kids poisoning themselves with the harsh and harmful commercial cleaners that grace the shelves.

        Have A Happy Healthy Day!

        credits: info found at www.circleofmoms.com

        I've Got A Story To Tell: Meet the Beautiful NASHANDA CLARKE

        Hola Chicas/Chicos..I pray all is well with everyone..

        Today, we are chatting with a beautiful natural, Nashanda Clarke of aunaturelhairaffair.tumblr.com . Like me, Nashanda loves all things natural and also incorporates Ayurvedic treatments into her hair regimen.. Nashanda was moved to write this feature in hopes to inspire another to venture on a natural journey..Nashanda says that she is really excited about the many women who are embracing their natural hair and love the support from the natural community...Yaaay, go Nashanda!! So, let's get to know Nashanda and hear her story that she has to tell.


        1. What inspired you to go natural?
        I decided to go natural because I was tired of getting relaxers. My hair was dry and damaged and I was just sick and tired of the same routine month after month. It had been a few months since I last got a relaxer and I was washing my hair one day and I noticed how pretty and curly my hair was at the roots (my hair was now curly at the top with relaxed ends). I decided to just go to the barber and do the BC. So I did! 

        2. How long have you been a beautiful natural?
        LOL well I got my first relaxer in 2001 (I was a natural chica until then). Then I decided I had had enough and did my first BC in 2005. At that time I did not do a lot of research I just went and did the BC and a few months later when I didn't know how to manage my short curly hair I gave into the "creamy crack" and relaxed it again. I have been natural on and off between 2005-2008. But in 2008 I had my very LAST relaxer and I've been 100% natural since then :)  and loving it!

        3. In regards to natural hair, do you feel as though the same stigmas of hair type exist, for example, do you hear people use the term 'good hair' or 'good grade of hair' in regards to certain hair textures?
        Yes, I hear that all the time and to be honest I would use the term "good hair" in the past too when referring to ladies with nice long, pretty, shiny, hair. I realized very quickly that the same way women grow up thinking that in order to have nice hair it must be long and straight some women also think that natural hair isn't "good hair" unless it is long curly kinky hair. I don't believe in "good hair" "bad hair" I believe in "healthy" and "unhealthy" hair now. I believe that making sure that we take care of our hair and that it's healthy is "good hair." And it's so much more than just hair. It's about making sure we take care of our bodies and our health and everything else will fall into place including our hair.
        4. Do you feel as though most black men are supportive to natural hair?
        hmmmm lol I believe most men like what they see on TV and in magazines which is women with long flowing hair or women with cute chic haircuts. But I think a lot of men now are accepting of women with natural hair. I know for me when I had relaxed hair there were a lot of things I would not do (like drive with the windows down or go swimming, a lot of stuff like that) because I did not want to mess up my hair and I think men like women that take care of their hair, but not make it "all about their hair" so much so that they can't have fun/enjoy themselves. So yes I do think some black men are becoming more supportive of natural hair.
        How about other nationalities?
        I think there are other nationalities that are more accepting and supportive because their women have been wearing their hair natural most of their lives and for some it's a part of their culture.
        5. How do you maintain such beautiful coils?
        I usually do wash and go's now that my hair is so short (I recently cut it again). I wash my hair once a week with Shea Moisture Retention Shampoo. I use Aztec Secret Bentonite Clay to shampoo once a month to remove impurities (it's really good I also use it as a facial). I deep condition every two weeks with Giovanni Smooth as Silk Deeper Moisture conditioner and add some essential oils and honey (I tried your deep conditioning recipe this weekend and it was really good). I wet my hair everyday when I'm in the shower with water (water is my BFF) and spray some of my Jane Carter Solution Revitalizing leave-in conditioner when I get out. I add some Fantasia IC Polisher gel to my edges and that's it! I realize when my hair was longer I had more style options but now that it's shorter I do more accessorizing or sometimes twist outs or flat twist in the front. I find that with my hair short now I don't spend too much time on my hair so my daily routine is very simple.
        6. Do you have any words of wisdom to pass on to others striving for a natural lifestyle?
        Yes. If you're considering going natural I encourage you to do some research. Visit YouTube or read some of the natural hair blogs. Talk to your hairstylist/find a hairstylist that specializes in natural hair. There is so much information out there now to help women that are thinking about going natural. Natural hair is so versatile, fun, and healthy. It's really the best gift you can give your hair. Just do it I promise you will not regret it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        Wow!! Awesome story and thank you for sharing..

        Nashanda Clarke:

        please visit Nashanda's page at aunaturelhairaffair.tumblr.com and her FB page at facebook.com/aunaturelhairaffair1 

        I hope you guys enjoyed Nashanda's story as much as I did...Have A Happy Healthy Day!

        Tuesday, May 10, 2011

        Let's Talk Hair: Shedding vs Breakage..What's The Difference??

        Hola Chicas/Chicos..I pray all is well with everyone..

        So, this is a great topic mainly because I have had a plethora of natural lovelies inquire about their hair shedding and the assumption that natural hair does not shed..WRONG..I can attest by personal experience because I shed like a St. Bernard whenever I wash my hair..and that's no lye :-)))

        Understanding the difference between hair breakage and shedding is an important part of any healthy hair regimen. Many people use these terms interchangeably to refer to any hair that falls from the head; however, this misinformed language can be a recipe for hair disaster. You must be able to properly differentiate between these two very specific forms of hair "loss" in order to effectively address even the smallest of your hair needs. This post will educate us on the difference between hair shedding and hair breakage, and offer strategies to help you combat both hair problems.

        Just What Is Shedding??

        • In its truest sense, shed hair is hair that has reached the end of its growing cycle and naturally falls from the scalp along with its tiny, white "root" attached. 
        • This is not the actual hair root that is secured deeply within your scalp, but it is the bulb root or base of the hair strand found on the scalp-originating end. 
        • It appears white because the hair stops producing melanin (color) at the point in its growth cycle right before it gets ready to fall. 
        • If your actual hair root came out along with the hair, you would no longer be able to produce hair from that same place on the scalp ever again! 
        • If a hair does not possess this white root bulb, then it is not a naturally shed hair, rather, a broken one. Shed hair tends to be longer in length than broken hairs which are generally short pieces of varying lengths.
        • In general, shedding should not be a major concern for you and should be seen as a sign of a healthy, normal, functioning scalp. There is no need to fear shedding unless it is tied to a medical issue. If you notice rapid hair loss from shedding or hair loss accompanied by a host of other problems, please consult a medical professional. Most shedding, however, is simply nature taking its course.

        Shedding..Did You Know
        • It's important to understand that because shedding is a natural, internal process, it may not respond to topical, external treatments. Some have praised garlic shampoos or "garlic scalp rubs" for reducing shedding, but there has been no clear consensus on the effectiveness of garlic as a remedy for shedding. Shedding is also not easily solved by protein or moisture treatments because it has nothing to do with the hair shaft itself, but is a response to hormonal influences on the hair follicle and is dependent on growth cycles. When a hair completes its life cycle, which generally last s 4-6 years, its final act is the shedding we experience. This cannot be prevented.

        • Also, our hair naturally cycles in and out of seasonal shedding phases which may last days or weeks at a time in some individuals. Research suggests that peak shedding rates occur during the fall season. A healthy head of hair may shed as many as 50- 100 hairs per day, though I personally believe this amount to be a grand stretch. You should be concerned if your shedding suddenly increases to a rate that was uncommon to you before, or if the shedding seems to be prolonged over the course of several weeks or months.

        • Do keep in mind that there are special periods in the human life cycle where shedding is naturally increased. For example, women who are undergoing a bout of postpartum shedding after having a baby may have to deal with increased shedding for several months until their normal hormone levels return. Other conditions which may increase your shedding rate are: (I also go into more detail about shedding in this article here )

        • styling methods that place stress on the follicles
        • birth control/menstrual cycles/menopause
        • pregnancy
        • heredity (runs in the family)
        • crash dieting/ low protein diets, poor diet
        • illnesses with high fever as a prevailing symptom

        Please consult with a medical professional to diagnose any prolonged, abnormal shedding or other unusual scalp conditions.

         Sooo..What is Breakage??

        • Breakage on the other hand is not natural, and is an indication of an imbalance of important forces within the hair strand. 
        • Broken hairs do not fall naturally from the head, but are typically a sign of mishandling or abuse. In the stages before a hair ultimately breaks, the hair first becomes discolored and experiences cuticle loss. Eventually, the fibers begin to split and ultimately there is breakage. 

        Breakage..Did You Know??
        • So what causes breakage? Hair can be weakened and damaged by anything from rough handing and sun exposure to coloring and straightening chemicals. 
        • Breakage is also more common with a hair's age; older hairs, usually the hairs nearest the ends, have the greatest tendency to break due to normal wear and tear. 
        • When breakage isn't a response to physical manipulation and abuse, it is most often triggered by the lack of moisture in the hair strand. 
        • Other types of breakage may be caused by the over- structuring of the hair strand with protein treatments done in excess. 
        • A prompt, and proper response to breakage will help you stop breakage in its tracks. 

        Breakage..Ways To Minimize It
        • Moisture: Hair needs water to maintain its elasticity, or ability to stretch. Since water is the ultimate moisturizer, water-based products are best for really getting the greatest moisture benefit. Moisturizers are simply products that are water-based and nourish your hair deep within the strand. Products with moisturizing properties tend to be your conditioners and other specific moisturizer sprays or creams. Good moisturizers will not contain cheap, filler ingredients like petrolatum, mineral oil, propylene glycol or lanolin. If possible, try to avoid products that claim moisturizing benefits and contain these ingredients. There is nothing moisturizing about them! Petrolatum and mineral oil are sealants that seal out the precious moisture our hair needs. 

        • Seal In The Moisture: Our hair naturally contains moisture, but because our hair is also naturally porous, keeping the moisture inside is a difficult task. Providing additional sources of outside moisture, or external moisture supplementation, is a must for black hair care. Water molecules and moisture from these supplemental moisturizing products easily pass into the hair shaft, but they pass out just as easily. The moisture you apply needs to held in by something. Oil. Natural butters such as shea, mango, cupuacu or avocado butters seem to love my hair best. A light coating of oil or butter after your daily moisturizer will help seal the moisture inside. Oils are made of large molecules. These molecules are too large to absorbed by the hair strand. Applying oils to the hair and scalp will coat them and trap the moisture that is inside on the inside and the moisture that is outside on the outside. The key is to use the oil to "lock in the moisture." If you use oils without a moisturizer or before one, the oil will seal the moisture out of the hair strand and lead to a coated feel and eventual dryness.  

        • REMEMBER! Oils DO NOT Moisturize: Perhaps a words like "nourish" would be better than moisturize. Oil alone will not and cannot moisturize within the hair shaft. An oil (grease) can only coat the outside of the strand, and give it shine- the illusion of moisture. Oil molecules are hydrophobic which means they repel and do not readily mix with water. Remember, if you apply an oil product to your hair before you have added a moisturizing product, you have created a seal on your hair strand that water and moisture cannot penetrate. This is why I always recommend using my Natty Butter on damp hair..or you can use it in conjunction with a water based moisturizer like distilled or filtered water, our Natty ACV Hair & Scalp Mist, your Natty Moist leave in or your own moisturizer of choice.

        • Handle Hair with Care: Be sure to be gentle when brushing combing and even finger detangling the hair. It's best to detangle on hair that is damp, while under the shower or with at least some natural oil applied to the hands, such as coconut, to help loosen tangles. 

        Naughty Hair..When Nothing Seems To Work

        You handle your hair gently, you've tried the moisture, you've tried the protein . . . but nothing is working! What gives?
        Well, bottom line, there is no way to prevent absolutely no breakage..but minimizing breakage is the key. So, if you are experiencing excessive amounts of 'breakage', be sure to take a step back and access what you may be doing or not doing that causes it.

        Sooo...What To Do??
        • Clarify: Time to clarify to remove an over abundance of product..Try the O'Natural clarifyer..the Bentonite Clay Treatment w/ ACV and Aloe Vera Gel. This wonderful natural goody does wonders with removing all things gone buildup in the hair..remember, always follow up with a deep conditioner afterwards, as clarifyers remove natural oils and moisture, so you must replenish.

        • Protein: Treat yourself to a protein treatment as well..you can do an all natural protein treatment. Protein can help to strengthen the hair, especially if you have highly porous hair (check out my post on porosity here ). There are many on the market, however, I normally opt for a DIY protein treatment or henna. For a simple DIY protein treatment, check out my post here )

        • Deep Condition with a moisture based conditioner and add honey and extra virgin olive oil for an extra burst of moisture. A great quality deep conditioner should work its magic within 20-30 minutes. After that time, there is normally no more enhancement or penetration a deep conditioner can do, so leaving it on for longer periods of time is simply for comfort or habit. For me, I simply use our Natty Cupuacu & Rhassoul Deep Conditioner each time I cleanse, which is ever 2-3 weeks. Place a plastic cap over your head, sit under your steamer or  sit under a heat cap for 30-40 min.

        • Whew: At this point, your hair should be cleaned and conditioned and you should be able to determine whether or not your next product step needs to include more moisture or more protein.

        Happy Healthy Strong Hair

        credits: some info found at www.associatedcontent.com/article/278612/the_fine_art_of_protein_and_moisture.html?cat=69