Monday, March 31, 2014


Greetings, Everyone!! Ok, so it's Day 2 and I wanted to stop in and note how I kept my hair in tact while sleeping and even working out. Again, I try to take note of the questions asked so I can be mindful of how I care for my hair in its straightened state and make mention. Keep in mind, everyone may experience different results and may use different methods, this is what is working for me and because of that, I'm excited to share. So, let's get to it!!


MOISTURIZING: To give my hair a dab of moisture, I separated my hair into two sections then I applied a little of my Natty Creme to each section. This was perfect because it had a nice blend of water, butters and oils. You can use a moisturizing cream of your choice

Once I moisturized my hair, on one section at a time, I single twisted my hair and coiled into a bantu/bun. Then secured with a small goody band. I ended up with two Princess Laia buns.

I made sure to moisturize my edges

And my nape and voila!

Once my hair was moisturized and buns in place, I tied a 100% silk scarf around to secure everything. ( I purchased this from Marshalls a few years back. Be sure you use a good fabric, such as silk or satin.

I then placed my Charmeuse Satin Bonnet from EboniCurls and headed to bed. I must say, this bonnet is amazing for helping to keep moisture into the hair.

Working Out...So, because my hair is straightened, I still wanted to get my workout in and figured since my hair was nicely secured, I could simply remove the Ebonnet bonnet and workout with my hair still secure from the satin scarf. What I have found is when the hair is bonded together, it holds on to moisture better and it also helps to keep my hair in place after a workout. Spin Bike here I come!!

Voila!! After my workout and showering, I took my hair down once it was dry from the workout and steam from the shower and this is what I got. My hair was extremely soft, bouncy and had a hint of a body wave from being in the buns.I really didn't have to do much to it, but shake and go. If your hair is shorter, simply wrap the hair around your head and secure with a silk or satin scarf. What I found is that the tight bantu buns helped to keep my hair stretched as well. Hope this helps..Have a Happy Natty Day!


Sunday, March 30, 2014


Greetings, Everyone!!! I pray all is well with you and your wonderful household. 
Ahhh, the versatility of natural hair...Ok, so I decided to do a light blow out and flat iron on my tresses. Now, I've only used heat in my 4th month post BC and a little on my bang in 2012 as a demonstration on how to use heat properly on natural hair. For my complete post on the 'Do's and Don't s on Using Heat', click here . So, it's been quite awhile since the ole gal has had fire to the flame. 

I truly wanted to experiment with straight hair this week because as a page operator, I receive questions in regards to caring for natural hair while flat ironed or straightened. And, honestly, I love to speak by experience. So, this week, I want to document how I cared for my tresses while flat ironed: through workout, protecting at night, moisturizing, detangling, you know, the good stuff that helps keep our hair healthy. Now, I will say, I don't think excessive use of heat is a great go, simply because the more heat applied over and over gradually breaks down the protein bond in the hair and overtime, could potentially prevent the hair from reverting back to its normal curly, kinky or coily texture. Excessive heat use can also aid in dryness. So, with everything, I definitely encourage moderation. 


  • Twist: Once my hair was 70-80% dry, I placed in twists to prep for blow drying and flat ironing the next day.  I had 16 total twists. 


On Hair that was completely dry, working one twist at a time, I untwist, dampen just a little using my Natty ACV Hair & Scalp Mist then applied my Natty Butter to lock in the moisture. This helped with retaining more moisture into my hair to avoid dryness. Using a paddle brush, I detangled and Blow dried on medium heat, low setting. Taking smaller sections, I applied a little Natty Butter as my heat protectant then I proceeded to flat iron on temp setting of 325. Hair will burn at a temp of 450 degrees and above, so please be mindful. And because I did not want to risk burning or damaging my hair, I kept the heat setting low for a light flat iron. This allowed my hair to maintain the fullness that I achieved. I repeated until my entire head was done. Took about 3.5 - 4 hours for the entire process (this included resting for 3 minutes..hey, I'm not used to taking this much time on my hair unless I'm mini twisting my hair, which takes a loooonnnngggg time). I also trimmed about 2.5 inches off of my hair to rid my hair of dead ends. I didn't shape my hair or anything, for some reason, my hair grows out in a shaped mode all on its own. 


Tuesday, March 25, 2014


Greetings, Everyone!! I pray all is well..Now, here is one question I receive lots lots lots of times over..'How do I care for my kiddies' tresses?' Now, I'm a firm believer in using natural healthy products with the understanding that ingredients can seep into our pores and into our blood system creating toxin buildup in our bodies that can create adverse effects sooner or later. With that being said, the use of healthy products are not all that's detailed in how I care for my kids' hair..oh, yea, we have 4 of the wittle waskally wascals. And with a busy life, I try not to spend loads of time on hair. With helping to retain length, I find that simplicity is best. Keep the scalp clean, no tight ponytails, no tension on the edges, keep the edges and ends moisturized and sealed, easy with the styling tools ( I mostly finger detangle). And, I keep a simple consistent regimen that is very similar to my own: Cleanse, Condition, Moisturize, Seal. Same exact products that I use are the exact same products used on all 4 of our kids and my hubby as well. Yea, they're gentle enough yet beast enough to do what they need to do from the youngest coily coil to the most mature mass of locs. So, with that said, here is how I maintain my little ones' hair.



Place hair into 3, 4 or more sections to minimize the hair re-tangling and to lessen wash time. Working one section at a time, I apply a dime sized amount of the Dudu Osum shampoo and massage in focusing on her scalp to aid in removing product buildup, dirt and debris. The shampoo softens her hair allowing me to gently finger detangle. Rinse and repeat on the next section


Soak up the excess water with an old T-shirt which minimizes frizz and friction and apply our Natty Cupuacu (pronounced coo-poo-wah-soo)and Rhassoul Deep Conditioner. I work through and lightly finger comb through, working one section at a time. Repeat on each section and allow to sit for 5-10 minutes while enjoying bath time. Rinse and soak up excess water with old t-shirt.


 I spray our Natty ACV Hair & Scalp Mist onto her hair and scalp helping to close her cuticle and keep her scalp protected from bacteria, fungi and other contaminants. Shampoos are formulated at higher pH levels in order to effectively cleanse the hair properly by lifting the cuticles. After cleansing, it is important to close the cuticle on the hair which help protect the hair follicle as well as minimize frizz and impart shine, this is where the Scalp Mist and Natty Moist come into play. I then add our Natty Moist leave in conditioner to her hair. and throughly finger it through.


 I Seal/Lock in the moisture by applying Natty Butter to my hand, rubbing it down and applying to her moisturized hair and style as desired. I normally place her hair in buns or simple twists or plaits as low manipulation styles.


 Add accessories of your choice and kiss, kiss, kiss your little one and enjoy!

** For the scoop on how I refresh our little ones' hair, please click HERE

As always, I hope this helps..Have a Happy Natty Day!!

Monday, March 24, 2014


Greetings everyone!! Now I know everyone has their method of how they rock their twist out, but I wanted to share my step by step of how I achieve my twist out.



STEP 1: I use 2 products: a moisturizer (my Natty Moist or my Natty ACV Hair & Scalp Mist) and a sealant to LOCK in the moisture (my Natty Butter). Key note: In order to achieve a properly moisturized style, a water based product, such as a leave in conditioner, moisturizing styling cream, a moisturizing mist or plain water should be applied FIRST. Then in order to prevent the water from escaping, a butter or oil should be applied to seal/lock in the moisture.





NOTE: if I am twisting on freshly washed hair, I place an old tshirt on my hair to absorb the excess water until my hair is about 75-80% dry. This ensures my twists will be thoroughly dry when I untwist. Using an old tshirt minimizes frizz and friction that comes when using bath towels. 


Place hair into sections to make the process easier. Take a small, medium or large section of hair (depending on the size you want your twists to be) and apply a generous amount of your moisturizer. Then apply your sealant of choice to lock in the moisture. I prefer natural butters or natural pomades to help the hair not only lock in moisture but also clump the hair together to create a smooth twist and twist out. To achieve more defined roots, I will begin by braiding the top portion of the section then half way down begin twisting the remaining section.


 I always make sure my hair is thoroughly moisturized so you may see some of the moisturizer on my twists as I'm twisting, which my hair will nicely absorb ensuring moisturized hair. I twist very tightly to create a sort of memory foam effect so when I untwist the curls are super defined and last for quite awhile. I make sure to MOISTURIZE my ends and edges especially to ensure they are healthy. I use the same moisture and seal technique on my ends and edges, that I use for my twists.


Once my twists are completely dry, I apply a little Natty Butter or my pomade to my hands then proceed to unravel my twists. Applying the butter or pomade helps to minimize frizz and give hair a nice sheen.

STEP 6: Rock it out and Enjoy!

Key notes: I don't use a ton of products for any style. Understanding moisture is the key and making sure to seal/lock in the moisture with a butter oil or pomade. When the hair is properly moisturized, you may not have to remoisturize for a few days. For me, I do not have to moisturize my hair for 3-4 days. When I need to remoisturize, I will simply moisturize using the products mentioned above, seal in the moisture and retwist if needed. I never retwist each night and only do so when I need to remoisturize. If you feel you are still struggling with dry hair, check out my post on 'Dry Hair' to see what may be the cause. Remember, products alone do not help resolve dry hair, it takes a team of : healthy eating, good water intake, thoroughly clean hair and scalp, regular trimming, understanding your hair's porosity and other things combined to help combat dry hair issues.

At night, I simply pull my hair into a low bun and cover with a silk or satin scarf, pineapple (by placing all of my hair on top of my head into a very loose puff, or simply sleep on my satin scarf. Bunning my hair helps stretch the hair and keeps the hair less frizzy. 

As always, I hope this helps

Sunday, March 9, 2014



Greetings, Everyone!! I pray all is well with you and your diy home!! 
Ok, so I must say a few lines before we delve into this project. First, I can't tell you the sense of pride and accomplishment I felt when crafting this project. Second, what I have learned and am learning is that the more intricate DIY projects, along with marriage and 4 kiddies, are teaching me the art of patience, completion and 'slowing down'. I've learned that rushing things can lead to frustrating and disappointing results. Ok, now that I've spilled my little heart, let's get to it!!

  • 4 Unfinished Crates or Wine Crates ( I found some at Walmart) (Dimensions: 9-5/8 x 18 x 12-1/2)
  • Plenty of screws and bolts ( I bought a pack of 50 from Lowes that include both the screws and bolts)
  • 1 Paint Brush for staining and polyurethane
  • Sand paper
  • Stain of your choice
  • Polyurethane ( I used both satin and gloss)
  • 1 sheet of plywood (this will be used for base support and to install the casters)
  • 4 Casters (got mine from Lowes)
  • Drill or Screw Driver (using the drill is better, trust me..especially when you have to make holes in the wood)
  • Patience!!



I arranged the crates to get an idea of how I wanted the set up to be. This gave me an idea of the size it would be in the space of choice. This also gave me a chance to look for any imperfections that needed to be sanded before staining the pieces. 

In our garage, I sanded all areas needed. Once sanded to my satisfaction, I began staining the wood. Please keep in mind, the stain will appear very dark, almost black (depending on the color choice), but it will absorb into the wood and lighten up. I applied 2 coats of stain, allowing 2-3 hours of drying time between. A couple of sites actually put the table together before staining, I found it much easier to stain before putting the table together. 

Once the 2 coats of stain were applied, I applied 3 coats of polyurethane (the first two were in satin..I don't know what I was thinking as I decided I wanted high gloss instead). Be sure to read the products directions of use for drying times. Be sure to do this in a well ventilated area.

Once the polyurethane was completely dry. I began setting up the pieces to begin attaching the table together. This also allowed me to get direct measurements for the base. 

I put a little thought into where I wanted the screws to be, striving to get them as close to the edges as possible. To make the hole for the screws, I first used my drill and a drill bit that's used for making holes. To find the correct bit, I used one that matched the dimensions of the screws so the hole would be a great fit. Once all the screws were installed, I painted over them with some of my stain to lessen the bright stainless shine. 

Once the entire table was attached, I got the exact dimensions (27-1/2" x 27-1/2") so I could head to Lowes to grab my plywood and have them cut to the direct dimensions...Success (you will have some left overs from the plywood in case you want to build another awesome creation later, like side tables or something)..or, you can measure the inside of the small square in the table and have the Lowe's guy cut a piece of wood down so you can place it inside of the square. I left my hole open and deep.

I stained the base and once dry, propped on top of my table (be mindful of the side you wish to use) and placed the casters and began drilling holes then installing the screws and bolts. I used a total of 16 screws and bolts.  Again, once all the screws and bolts were installed into the castors, I gave a quick once over with some stain to tone down the shininess of the screws

Once I gave the table another coat of polyurethane gloss and allowed to completely dry, I brought the table inside and placed and began accessorizing. You can have soooo much fun with this, add books, bright colored bowls, flowers, and any other accessory of your choice. The piece itself is soooo beautiful that the addition of anything else only enhances it. I loved the dark color because colors truly pop off of it. This project took me a weekend to do simply because I had to stop and start, stop and start..and again, I didn't want to rush it. The overall finished dimensions: 27-1/2 " W x 27-1/2" L x 15-1/4" H. So, take a look at the finished look. I hope you enjoy..Be sure to share your finished DIY projects and let me know your thoughts on it. Have a happy Natty Day!