Thursday, May 5, 2011

Let's Talk Hair: The Benefits of COOL WATER RINSING For Shiny Hair!!

Hola Chicas/Chicos...I pray all is well with everyone.
So what's the benefit of cool water rinsing?? I'm sure ,at some point during your natural journey you have heard the term, 'cool water rinse'..Well, this post is to educate all of us on what exactly the benefits of cool water rinsing are..

Cool Water Rinsing..The Reputation:

Cool water has a reputation for producing smooth, shiny hair. It does not work well to use cool water to wash the hair, however. Instead, it works well to wash the hair in warm water, and rinse it in cool water. Not only does cool water make the hair look shiny, but it also decreases the amount of fading that occurs in hair that has been colored.

The Method:

  • Use warm water when shampooing hair, to open the hair cuticle.
  • After conditioning, rinse the hair in cool water, to encourage the cuticle to close. Closing the cuticle prevents moisture from escaping the hair.

Cool Water Rinsing: Why It Works

Each hair has three layers: the innermost layer, the cuticle; the middle layer, the cortex; and the outer layer, which is comprised of scales arranged like the shingles on a roof. Warm water opens up the cuticle, causing the scales on the outer layer to stick out. This makes it possible for shampoos and conditioners to penetrate the hair shaft more easily. But if the cuticle is left open, the scales continue to stick out, and they make the hair look frizzy, rough and damaged. Rinsing the hair with cool water causes the cuticle to close again. When the cuticle is closed, the scales on the surface of the hair shaft lie flat, and the hair looks smooth and shiny.

Did You Know: Talk About O'Natural
  • Natural rain water makes a great rinse for your hair. When you use rain water it makes your hair soft and silky. Rain water is easy to get and very inexpensive yet it does a great job as a final rinse on your hair.

  •  Rain water has no harsh chemicals in it like chlorine or minerals that can make hair dull. Rain water used as a final rinse on your hair leaves your hair fresh and shiny.
  • Rain water is very easy to get. You have to wait for a rain of course and then you put out a container to catch the rain water. Place the container in a spot that can catch a lot of rain water like under a spout from gutter. 
  • After you collect the rain water you can put it into a container so it is easy to pour onto your hair. A large juice container works well for this. Make sure you don't get any tiny particles in the bottle when you pour in the rain water. It's nice to know that there is a natural conditioner that contains no harsh chemicals and that's so easy and inexpensive to come by.
  • Adding Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) to your tap water helps to remove mineral and fungus buildup. It protects the scalp, helps to cure dandruff and it imparts shine and softness to our don't forget to grab a jug of that natural goodness and add 2 TSP to 2 cups of water..even your rainwater. Be sure to use raw unfiltered ACV so you can get all of the benefits of the wonderful goodness.

I heart cool water rinsing!

Happy Hair = Healthy Hair

Have a happy healthy day

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  1. Yes it does make a difference. Wish my apartment had a sprayer for the sink so I can really see the benefits. I have to cool water rinse while in the shower and do alittle shimmy so not to get cold water on my back! LOL!

  2. great result, beautiful hair

  3. See, I always heard people saying to cool rinse your hair but nobody ever clarified why. Thanks for clearing that up!

  4. Hey Dominique. You said "Be sure to use raw unfiltered ACV." Where cane I get this? The aisle in the grocery store, or do I have to go to Trader Joe's or something? Thanks.

  5. Thank you ladies for all of your comments..
    @ Vette..girl, you are super hilarious..I've done the cool water shake in the's like I have to have a mental conversation with myself to syke myself up for what's to come with the cold water.

    @ Leigh..I'm so glad that this helps clarify..

    @ Candra K. You can get Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar in the health food section of your grocery store, at any health food store or any herb shop..let me know if this helps

  6. @ Nique...LOL! I feel ya D!

  7. hi,

    every since i have read this post, i have been on a mission to collecting rain water. I have tried it a couple of times. My hair comes out so soft and shiny. I dont necessarily use it alot for rising b/c its hard to come by in large quantities. but i do put the rain water in a water bottle, then put shea moisture products in my hair and it works wonders!!

  8. Thanks Ladies..

    @ Jalinda..OMGeeee, I was just letting my mother feel my hair and she was saying how soft it is..rain water is the business

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