Thursday, May 26, 2011

So You Want To Color Your Hair...With HENNA..O'NATURAL

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Ok, by extremely popular demand, and I must say, I am so estatic that it is...using natural methods to color our hair. I have received many inbox questions on how to go about coloring natural hair without using harsh chemical dyes that can alter and damage our beautiful tresses.

Because standard dyes contain chemical ingredients such as amonia and peroxide, which can damage your hair and scalp, many of us are in search of healthier ways to add a spark of color to our kinks, coils and waves. Whether you are looking for an all over color change or perhaps would like to cover some grays, it is fairly easy to color hair using natural methods.

Henna..What Exactly Is It??
  • Henna is a plant based natural product
  • It is normally sold in powder form which is greenish in color
  • Hair strengthener that prevents breakage and a great product to aid in combating dandruff
  • BAQ (Body Art Quality) is the best grade of henna to use, and should be the only type that you use if you are relaxed.
  • Tends to loosen the natural curl pattern
  • Excellent natural conditioner
  • Yes!!! You can use henna over chemically treated and colored hair. Just be sure to use the BAQ (Body Art Quality)
  • A safe and natural method of dying the hair
  • Many Indians and Arabs use it to dye their beards, strengthen their hair as well as condition their hair.
  • Natural Ayurvedic treatment that combats dry scalp.
The Colors of Henna
  • Pure 100% henna is a greenish powder color only. If the powder tends to be a different color then there are other ingredients added, some which could be synthetic.
  • To achieve different colors from henna depend on a few things, such as; natural color of your hair, what other natural ingredients you mix with it, and how long the henna is allowed to sit on the hair.
  • Your natural hair color makes a BIG difference in the outcome of the color of the henna on your head.
  • Allowing the henna to sit (covered with plastic wrap or a plastic top)overnight affect the color due to the dye releasing (which can make the color stronger.

Where to purchase??

Check This OUT!!!!
  • There are soooo many mixes that you can use to achieve certain color results from henna..I am including this website as a great source for some mixes that other naturals have used to color their hair..check it out


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