Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Let's Talk Hair: Sleeking Those Edges..No GEL

Greetings, beautiful O' you struggle with laying down your edges and do not wish to use heavy gels? I know, I know, gels can be heavy and they can sometimes flake..but here are some suggestions when wearing a style and you want to lay down your natural edges. I say, 'natural edges' because I know sometimes you want to include your hair that is not part of you edges and revert back to looking like Janet Jackson in the late 80s early 90s with her long un natural baby hair..come on! I know you've seen people who do that...yea, we see you people! Well, you don't have to, ok...

Sleek Edges:
  • Shea Butter: Unrefined, natural Shea Butter is (o)mazing for laying down those natural edges. It's a heavy butter so it can HOLD those edges down. All you have to do is wet hair, take some shea butter and rub it into your hand so that it melts a little, or you can place it directly onto your edges in its unmelted form. When you have sleeked your edges, take a satin scarf or a silk scarf and tie your hair down, focusing on your edges. This is great to do overnight, but if not, wait at least an hour before taking your scarf down..and voila, sleek edges and no harsh gels. Do not use a brush for this technique, because edges are fragile, brushes can be harsh and pull hair out from edges.
  • Conditioner: Moisturizing conditioners are another suggestion to sleeking those edges. Just follow the same method with the shea butter and you will have beautiful smooth gel included!
  • Aloe Vera..Gel that is: Aloe vera gel is not really a gel in the sense that you would think of. It is all natural and the gel of the aloe vera plant.This is a wonderful item to use for sleeking down those edges.
Hope these suggestions help..remember, use your natural hair that is around your edges and sleek, sleek, sleek.

Happy Hair Journey


  1. Thank you so much for this..I tried this method with the Shea Butter this morning and I am pleasantly surprised. My edges are sleek and most importantly, NOT HARD or STIFF..thanks again

  2. I couldn't believe that just using Shea butter would work..but wow, it worked thank you so much for this information

  3. @ EboniMsNatural...I'm glad that you enjoyed the post and thank you for commenting..and you are very welcome

    @ Amy C...I know, right..who knew, Shea Butter..glad you worked it and enjoyed it..thanks for commenting

  4. I like this method alot, especially since I'm transitioning