Monday, February 7, 2011

Natural Hair and Fashion..What Has It Done For You??

Hola Chicas/Chicos..when it comes to your natural hair, how does it affect your fashion sense overall? Does it make you feel more daring? Are your accessories bolder? Are you finally rocking that fire red lipstick that you've been dying ti try, but before, it never quite worked with your look? Are you more laid back and sport monochromatic colors? are you bohemian chic? Coffee house cool? How has your natural mane affected your fashion game?


Are Your Accessories BOLDER?

Are Your Colors BRIGHTER?

Are you Bohemian CHIC?

Do you experiment with bolder hair colors (henna..that is) MORE?

Are you PUNK ROCK?

Are you finally rocking that fire red LIPSTICK?

Are You Skater GRUNGE?

Is your makeup BRIGHTER?

Is your fashion SEXIER?

Are you more CAMERA READY?

Are you COOLER??

Do you feel MORE FREE??

Is your style just plain ole' PRETTY??

Are you more VIBRANT and ALIVE??

Are you more TRENDY??

Are you more HIP??

Are you JAZZIER??

Are you more of a STATEMENT??

Are you more CHIC??


Are you CLASSIER??

Are you more CAREFREE?

Are you FLY-ER??

Are you more HIPPIE??

Are you more into the MUSIC SCENE??


Are you rocking more ROCKER styles??

Are you more SERIOUS??

Are you just absolutely ADORABLE??

Are you more PREPPY??

Are you more YOUTHFUL??

Are you more MOD??

Do you feel more INTERNATIONAL??

What has Natural hair and Fashion done for you?? Whatever it has has done it well. Keep inspiring beautiful O'Naturals.

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  1. Love, love love the pics that you have for this post. This was a creative way to incorporate natural hair and fashion. It was thought provoking because going natural can enhance your fashion sense in a lot of ways.

  2. Interesting and fun post! Love Traci Ellis Ross..I soooo want her hair and I can't wait until my grows out long enough. Actually, my style has become more bold since I went natural. I have been natural for only 4 months, but I feel freer and not under as much pressure to look like everyone else and society's standard of beauty..natural hair ROCKS

  3. Thanks for this wonderful post show casing the many personalities of natural hair. The photos at Adorable, Chic and Sexy are what I hope to personify.

    I am enjoying reading your blog as I transition to my natural state. I love your hair recipes too.

  4. This is a fun post! I believe my journey has made my accessories bolder and my style more the pics!

  5. @ K.J..I am glad that you enjoyed the post! I did get a chance to check out your blog and I loved the article on natural blond blacks..great article..I am so happy that you are enjoying reading the blog and congrats on your transition..I am currently in the process of getting my O'Natural Natty Butter in bottles as I've had many requests for it since I have been giving out samples..thanks for reading, again.

    @ Neomi..thank you for your comment and I'm glad that you enjoyed the post