Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Is Natural Hair Universal??

When we think of natural hair or when topics of going natural come about, we initially tend to think of women or men who are African American. But is natural hair universal? Is there a natural hair explosion happening in other cultures and ethnicities as well? Absolutely! So if this is the case, why are so many blog sites geared towards naturals who are African American? Could it possibly be that in the black culture, our hair is the least celebrated so we want to encourage a love affair with our natural hair? Hmm, could be. Never the less, I have had a few people who were non black to ask me for advice on their naturally curly hair: what products to use..how to retain moisture..how to prevent split ends and shedding..how to prevent frizz. They, too, wanted to journey into naturalhood and embrace their natural curls and waves. I would send the ones who requested information to my blog..'oh, yea, check out my blog at http://www.blah,blah,blah'/ but when I would speak to them again I could tell that they were a bit discouraged due to the feeling of exclusivity from my blog. Although my blog incorporates healthy hair methods that can benefit any natural of any ethnicity, the energy that came across was a bit exclusive. So, I had to reconsider my statement when I said that I want this blog to be inclusive to ALL things O'Natural. I am definitely humbled when I say, this blog welcomes all who wish to journey to O'Natural, and to those who simply wish to be educated on all things O'Natural. I am joyously finding so many beautiful naturals of so many different ethnicities that have kinky, curly or coily hair and are on the same journey of seeking ways to care for their tresses.

So, I ask, when you think of the term, 'going natural' what comes to mind in regards to the type of people who this phrase is geared towards? Is natural hair universal to you?

Happy Healthy Hair Journey


  1. Thank you so much for this post! I am actually Chinese and I have naturally curly hair and I have been waiting for a blog that speaks about natural hair being universal..I'm also glad to see that many of your posts uses techniques that are multi cultural..Great Post

  2. I must say, I really enjoyed this post. I am South African and though I am not black, I do wear my hair in its natural state. I agree with Whitney, a lot of your info crosses the ethnic line and are extremely helpful. My naturally curly hair sometimes get extremely dry and a lot of your suggestions make sense and help. Thank you..O'Natural