Monday, February 14, 2011

Let's Talk Hair: Individual Triple Band Fro Ponytail

Hola Chicas/Chicos..if you're like me, you get bored with styling your hair in the SAME ole' styles day after day..well, the fun and wonderful benefit of being an O'Natural is that your hair has the potential to be extremely versatile. I mean, you got twist outs, braid outs, fro hawks, mo hawks, twa, twist n curls, flat twists, afros, dreadlocs, cornrows, etc. etc. etc. I could go on. I have seen some of the most amazing styles on those who are rocking their hair natural. It's so much fun to experiment and find new and refreshing styles.. and let's not forget accessorizing! Just the icing on the cake, right?

So with this style, I was on my way out with my hubby and wanted a refreshing style that was pinned up..but not neccessarily 'pinned up'. Well, my husband loves when I wear my hair up, it's his favorite style. He says he loves to see my face..soo sweet! So I was thinking, hmmm, how can I rock an updo that's new and fresh and something he and I will both love...I remembered that I saw a banded do on an absolutely beautiful woman who was wearing her hair natural, and I said, when my hair gets some length from my BC, I am going to rock that for sure. So, here is my picture tutorial on what I call the Individual Triple Band Fro Ponytail.

The Individual Triple Band Fro Ponytail:
I started out with a freshly clarifyed, deep conditioned, detangled, moisturized and allowed to dry, head of hair (you can also do this on wet hair). Using the balls of my fingers, I massaged my scalp to create fullness in my hair.
I used a nickle size amount of Castor Oil for extra moisture and it sleeks those edges naturally and softens the hair.
I take a Goody band (any color you wish) and begin my first part of the Fro Ponytail.
I begin by pushing my hair back using the first Goody band until it forms a thick fro ponytail (see pic below)

I begin a 2nd row using another Goody band

Using another and final Goody band, repeat the same step and now you have a third row. Using the balls of your fingers, fluff your loose fro that's inside of the ponytail and Voila! You can add additional oil if you like..the castor oil that I had previously added was enough for me. I used a mixture of KCCC (Kinky Curly Curling Custard) and my O'Natural Natty Butter for my edges.

By the way, my husband LOVED IT and we had a great night! Hope you enjoyed this as much as I enjoyed making this tutorial for you..keep inspiring, beautiful naturals.


  1. Very cute!

    Can't wait until my hair is long enough to rock three of these. Right now I'm barely able to wear one.

  2. Thank you,, you will get there soon enough..I remember when I could barely get glad you enjoyed

  3. This is beautiful and so helpful...I gotta try this style, I saw your pic on SheaMoisture page on facebook and I loved it!!! I love your blog and all of the information. I will be trying your Natty Butter as well, so look out for the email

  4. Thank you for this tutorial...I tried this over the weekend and my fiance LOVED it!!! Thank goodness for beautiful natural hair

  5. I absolutely love this. The style looks gorgeous on you. I will definitely be trying this.

  6. Thank you, ladies
    @ Amy...go head girl!! I bet you will look fierce!!

    @ are so welcome..I'm glad your man loved it!!

    @ Eva..Thank you!!!If you try it, I would LOVE to see pics. I bet you will look Awesome!