Saturday, February 19, 2011

Fro Fashion Week: Cupcake and Cocktails at the Livingston..FUN!!

Hola Chicas/Chicos..ok, I must say my little daughter and I had a smashing good time at the Natural Hair Meet and Greet at the Livingston Bar and Restaurant hosted by Nikki of can also view a picture of me and my little mini me on Nikki's website. She's so beautiful, by the way, and she had little G-Baby (her baby girl, Gia) with her. This was excellent because she made it clear that we could bring little who did I bring, little, N-baby, my little Naomi..and I must say, she was an absolute HIT! We heard so many ooo's and ahhhh's that the positive energy just really started the night off right. I also must say that my 4 day old twist out was a huge HIT! It felt great to answer questions about what products do I use, my hair care regimen, how I got my hair this was AWESOME! There were free products given away and chances to meet and talk with the owners of the popular hair care lines. I met some of the most beautiful and positive people..and to think, I had to be convinced by my hubby to go. I really wanted him there, but our 2 year old caught the same tummy virus that we had two days before..soooo, no go for daddy. But he was extremely supportive and offered to stay home at watch our little man.

So needless to say, again, I met some amazing women: Mae with, Cassidie with, Heather from Youtube ItsMsHeatherNicole, Lauren Daniels with, the owner of Jessicurl, Shea Moisture and Organic Root Stimulator, Inga with and so many was over 250 people in a beautiful restaurant in the historic Georgian Terrace Hotel downtown Atlanta enjoying fabulous cupcakes and cocktails..

The Pics:

Me and My beautiful little Naomi

The beautiful Cassadie of

Mae of, me and little Naomi

Jess and Michelle of Jessicurl

The infamous host, Nikki and beautiful little Gia (G-baby)

Happy Healthy Hair

some photos courteousy of Nikki from

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