Sunday, March 6, 2011

Let's Talk Hair: Nique's Bushy Twist Out Fro

Hola Chicas/Chicos..I am blessed to say that I, like so many other naturals, receive great compliments on my natural hairstyles. I receive so many when I especially do my two strand twist out and even more when the twist out is 3-5 days old. Keep in mind that an old twist out does not mean that I did not retwist my hair daily or when needed.  The question of, 'How do you get your hair like that??' Or having numerous non ethnic beauties say, 'O how I wish my hair could do that'. Soooo, let me tell ya my method..

I, like many other naturals, have a style that we just absolutely love and will rock it until it can't be rocked no more. This is my favorite. Now, every one has their method of how they preserve protective styles like their twist outs or braid outs, and every one's method works for them. Once you find your niche and what works for you, ROCK IT!.Again, this is my method and what works for me.

My Ole' Twist Out Method..The Preservation:
  • I two strand twist my hair and leave the two strand twists in overnight (see my post on My Two Strand Twist Out).
  • I take my twists down using my O'Natural Natty Butter. Since my hair is a bit shorter and I have pretty thick hair,  I do not untwist more than once because it can cause unnecessary frizz, unless I want my hair to actually appear bushier, then I will untwist more than once. 
  • At night, I moisturize my hair with plain ole distilled water, a moisturizing spray, a moisturizing cream , then apply my Natty Butter and sleep on my satin pillow case. Again, since my hair is a bit shorter, I find I have to retwist more often than those who have longer hair, so my twist outs will maintain definition. The key is to make sure to moisturize the hair properly and seal in the moisture with a butter. I have found that using natural ingredients lessens the effect of product buildup and you will find that you truly do not need a lot. A side note: If using a moisturizing cream or leave in as a moisturizer creates buildup, opt for a moisturizing spray or simple water to hydrate the hair, then lock in the moisture with a butter.
  • The next morning, I just fluff my twists and re moisturize with my O'Natural Natty Butter and spray with Rose Water.
  • For the next night or two, I do not re twist and just let my hair do what it do...that's when I achieve the best bushiest twist out, when I LEAVE IT ALONE. I just fluff, fluff, fluff and strive to achieve a bushy twist out but with a few defined curls. I always, always, always moisturize with either a carrier oil, my homemade Natty Butter or with Rose Water (my finishing spray).
  • Sometimes when I want a little curl definition around my edges, I will re twist just around my edges and leave them twisted for about an hour or two, then untwist and voila, defined curls mixed with bushy curls..I love it!
  • When you are twisting, don't forget to twist your hair in the way that you want it to lay once it is dry and you untwist. For me, I twist towards the front and to the side to create a slight bang.
  • Bottom line...Twist out done on 'damp moisturized hair' gives you more defined curls. Twist out done on 'dry hair' gives you less defined bushier fuller curls and hair. You decide what look you like best for you.

Happy Twisty Hair


  1. Beautiful Hair GirlFriend...:)

  2. OMG...Love your hair!! And I find your blog mentioned a natty butter, what exactly is that and where can I find that?


  3. Thank you for this pictorial..My hair wants to be like yours when it grows up!!! Great post

  4. I love those earrings! Where did you get them?

  5. Lovely!! I can't wait until I'm able to purchase the O'Natty Butter. I'm recovering from product junkie mode and trying to use up all of the stuff I have before I buy anything new. Your sight is very informative by the way. Thanks so much for taking the time to do what you do.

  6. Thank you so much, Kimberly..I got them from Forever21 in Atlanta

  7. Thank you, Virtuous...I absolutely agree that you should use the products that you have and when you find one that works, be faithful to it or them.. Thank you again for taking the time to stop by my blog

  8. This is really cute. I tried this 2 strand twist out method twice, came out ok around edges in the back, on the side, and the front part of hair; now i have been have difficulties with the center/back portion of my hair. It is very course, thick, and the twist out looks extremely nappy compared to the smooth twist outs around it. Do you have suggestions on what products i should use to help get the same texture as the rest of hair?


  9. Thanks, I enjoyed this information. Can't wait to do another twist out. Learned wet twists will give definition and dry twist will be bushy and fuller, twist in the direction you want the hair to go. In the beginning of going natural I became a product junkie too. I have so much stuff I am trying to use up before I try your products.

  10. do u let your hair air dry or do u sit under the dryer?

  11. @ Anon..I always allow my hair to air dry...hope this helps

    Thank you all for your comments. @ Toni, lol..I definitely recommend using your products that you have before indulging into the Natty Lifestyle..Thanks for your comment, Chica

    @ could try flaxseed gel combined with castor oil, or use pure castor oil..It's great for imparting shine and smoothing the hair..and so is shea butter

  12. Hello,

    I was looking on youtube and saw your videos. I absolutely LOVE your hair!!! I will be purchasing your products to see how they do in my hair.. I am currently using As I Am Naturally Products and Shea Moisture (curling smoothing only)