Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Let's Talk Spiritual Health: OBSTACLES

Obstacles..we all have them at some point in our lives. Many times we view obstacles as a negative, but if we look at obstacles as gifts that help us discover our strengths, live up to our potential and learn compassion for all humanity, then we have gained wisdom. Obstacles, once we have victory over them, can lead us to become true testimonies to others who cannot find the strength to deal with adversities. My personal feeling is that I always learn from those who have had obstacles and became victorious over those obstacles, or ‘beat the odds’. They are my testimonies and my inspirations.

In facing our obstacles, we have many choices to consider. Sometimes the pain is so great that many people simply give up. We mask our pain and use drugs and alcohol to help us pretend that nothing is wrong. We keep up appearances and even sometimes claim to have made progress in life that will make others think more highly of us. These can only prolong the suffering. We also have a choice as to whether or not we allow those obstacles to influence our characters in that we become negative thinking and speaking or extremely critical or cynical. These choices can create control dramas within our lives because we have not grown from those obstacles and been set free. The greatest choice is to acknowledge that there is an obstacle but remember that it is temporary. Pray, Seek help if needed, of course from those who are qualified to help, and gain wisdom from the situation. Sometimes when I have been faced with an obstacle I don’t always see the positive or the purpose until later. When I finally realize the positive gained from my obstacle, with God’s help, I have a quiet laugh, and then I say, ‘Ok, God, I get it. I hear you and thank you.’ I realize that these obstacles help me grow spiritually. Sometimes people come into our lives as obstacles themselves. This is where patience and compassion need to kick in because it is easy to show compassion to a person who is always positive and easy to deal with. The challenge is showing that compassion to those who are our antagonists. It is so easy for us to want to ‘tell them how it is’ and even if we are right about ‘telling them how it is’ are we effective? My mom used to always say to me, ‘Do you want to be right or do you want to be effective?’ Immaturity caused me to want to be right, spiritual growth prompts me to want to be effective. Wanting to be right prompts us to remain in our own comfort zone and become stagnant. Becoming effective helps us not only grow spiritually but also become a light to others.

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  1. Dominique, I was so relunctant to come to this section of your blog because when it comes to spirituality, there are so many different ideas floating out there. I did not want to get disappointed and see you talking about something crazy (for the sake of others, I won't name specific religions and beliefs that I deem to be crazy). But to see you use "God" in your post is uplifting and inspiring. People are so afraid to use the word "God" because they don't want to offend others, but we have to speak on what we believe and not not be ashamed. I am grateful you did that.

    Now moving on to what you actually posted...girl I know a little something about obstacles. I'm sure we all do. When they come your way, you do tend to feel discouraged and lose faith. But I have learned, just like you said, that they make me stronger and produce greatness in me. I know that God is trying to perfect me and I try to focus on His will and don't lean on my own understanding!