Friday, March 11, 2011

A Round of Applause For Talented Fingers..BRAID It Up

Hola Chicas/Chicos..One of a natural's favorite protective styles is Braids.There are just so many versatile ways to rock braids, it'll make your head spin. Let's see, there's micro braids, box braids, dookie braids, braided updos, braided fro hawks, fro with a braided front, princess laia bun and braid, braids with beads, cornrows, braided bangs, braided rope bangs, french braids...whew, did I leave any out??

At some point, I think everyone on this planet has rocked some sort of braided style..even if it was when your momma plaited your hair. I know I've worn my share of braids. Braids are wonderful and beautiful, just be sure not to braid too tight and damage your edges or your beautiful tresses. Should you decide to leave your braids in for a longer while, be sure to take care of your hair (wash, condition/deep condition, moisturize, seal, protect at night) just as you would with un-braided hair.

So, what's your favorite braided style??

Happy Healthy Hair

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