Monday, March 21, 2011

Let's Talk Mental Health: What Do You Do To Relax YOU??

Greetings Ladies/Gents..I pray all is well with you. Now, let's talk mental health. Things that make you just feel so good. Things that while you're doing them, you get a tingly feeling in your stomach, or things that just give you a burst of positive energy..that's what I'm talking about today. Not only is it important to look good on our outsides, but it is even more important for our mind and spirit to be at peace..for our qi (pronounced chee) to be aligned and balanced so that our internal insides can flourish. I know, I know, sometimes with all of the things that we have going on in our daily lives, it's hard to take a break and just sit back and enjoy what positive things we enjoy. But like it's important to feed our bodies with healthy nutrients, it's equally important to feed treat our minds to something O'So Good. For some, it may be photography, for some it's yoga, for others it may be complete stillness and the list goes on. Because life offers so many ways to unwind that are FREE..why not take advantage of some quality enjoyment and relaxation. With that being said, what do you love to do that causes your qi to be aligned? What relaxes you? How much time have you taken to do what relaxes you?

Well, here is my list of things that I absolutely love to do and gives me relaxing pleasure:

Spending time with my 3 children: 5 yr old, 2 yr old and 4 month old

Spending time with my husband..he can be quite silly

Lounging on my chocolate sofa by the fireplace

Studying and collecting natural herbs

Reading to my kids..This is my 5 yr old's favorite

Receiving flowers from my husband. He's great about bringing flowers home about every two weeks..I love flowers, they add so much life to a room.

Listening to good music on my Detrola...I love Asa, Fela Kuti, Esperanza Spalding, Miles Davis, Stevie Wonder, Curtis Mayfield, Sam Cooke, Corin Bailey Rae, my husband's music, India Arie, Astud Gilberto, Nina Simone...and the list goes on and on and on and on

Candles, A glass of Cabernet Sauvignon and my two favorite magazines

Curling up in our sitting area, feet up with a good book, or my laptop

Absolute silence with only a silhouette light

Sleeping..Pure undisturbed sound SLEEP..Adios

Happy Mental Health


  1. I love to burn my oil burner with a mixture of essential oils...that really helps me to relax my mind and meditate..great post, thanks for sharing

  2. Your pics of your home are beautiful!! I love this post..I love to set outside on my balcony with music to relax my mind..

  3. These are really nice photos. Mental relaxation is really necessary.

  4. I like all this picture. Thanks for sharing such wonderful photos here in this site. I really liked these Photos.

  5. This is a brilliant post. I will start analysing my life more and certainly incorporate my ways of unwinding into my daily routine to help improve my health.