Monday, March 28, 2011

KINKY...It's Just Something BEAUTIFUL About That Word!!

Hola Chicas/Chicos..I pray all is wonderful with everyone.
KINKY..It's just something AWESOME about that word. So strong. So Powerful. So Confident. With so many women and men, American and International embracing their natural selves, this word, which was once, and sometimes still is, used as a negative term, is flowing from the rhythmically flowing from the lips of people with a new found pride and absolute adoration for their God given natural mane.

Now, you have to really think about who referred to this term, in regards to the natural texture of hair, as something despised. The same society that tells you how to talk, walk, act, dress, wear your makeup, what to like, dislike, who to like, who to dislike, what to eat, not to eat..and so on and so fourth...So, of course when we have been made to believe that those of us who have natural 'KINKY' hair that we should do whatever it takes to alter, manipulate, cover or FIX it, in order to fit in with this society. Oh, but the days have drawn near to where we are re-learning to not only appreciate, but absolutely LOVE our natural KINKY hair.
Marcus Garvey had a wonderful phrase that he used 'Remove the kinks from your brain and not your hair'. So today, we are embracing our Kinkiness and singing an ode to our O'Natural selves. KINKY-Licious!

The Beauty of KINKY Hair..So Amazing

Embrace Your Kinky-ness

Happy Kinky Healthy Hair

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