Saturday, May 7, 2011

Let's Talk Hair..My CURRENT Regimen

Hola Chicas/Chicsos..I pray all is well with everyone

Well, guys you asked for here it is..(drumroll please)..My Current Hair Care Regimen
I am going to bullet this rascal so that it will be easy to follow, as I can get wordy here goes, I hope you guys enjoy!

Dominique's Weekly Regimen:
  • Co Wash: Once per week or every 8-10 days..It just depends on how often I have worked out that week..gotta keep the scalp clean. I use my Natty Moist Conditioner Creme to co-wash ( click here ).. I co-wash my hair in sections so I can really focus on my scalp...check out my co-washing video here: (Co-Washing ). I use the balls of my fingers to really massage around and cleanse my scalp. My hair is usually loaded with conditioner so that I can finger detangle easily.
  • Rinse: I rinse, at first with warm water to open my pores. I do a final rinse using cool water and ACV (Apple Cider Vinegar). My ratio is 1 TSP of ACV to 1 cup of water. (I'm going to try the rainwater the next time..will let you guys know how it goes...soo excited)
  • Air dry: I only use an old t-shirt or a microfiber towel to dry my hair since regular towels create friction, frizz and aids in dryness.
  • Moisture: I leave some of the conditioner or add some of the conditioner that I co-washed with in my hair to provide needed moisture, avoiding my scalp area as to not clog my pores.
  • Seal: I seal in my moisture using, my Natty Butter since it's packed with oils that I love.
  • Style: I usually rock a protective style such as the two strands throughout the week. When I go out, I will rock a twist out or my natural fro. Because this style is so versatile, it is one of my favorite go to styles. I add a dime sized amount of my Natty Butter to each twist, that is damp (you can do the dry method as well, but be sure to apply water or a water based product first), and twist it up.
  • Lessen Frizz: Whenever I take my twists down, I use a butter or oil to unravel my twists..My choice butter of choice is, of course, my Natty Butter.
Other Methods I Use:
  • Scalp Massage: I incorporate a scalp massage almost daily. Scalp massages stimulate circulation, therefore promoting healthy hair growth. I take about a dime sized amount of Sesame Oil or Henna Sooq's Cocoveda oil to do my scalp massage...Lighter oils such as coconut, sesame or jojoba are best to use when applying to the scalp for massages.
  • Terressentials or Bentonite Clay Treament: I use this as my all natural clarifying treatment if I have product buildup. The ingredients are Bentonite Clay (as much needed as you think will cover your head), Aloe Vera Gel, and Apple Cider Vinegar. Mix these ingredients until the consistency of cake batter. I do this treatment once per month. There is no need to shampoo, as this treatment serves as your cleanse. Always follow up with a deep conditioner. Or..If I do want to shampoo cleanse, I use Terressential's Pure Earth Wash  or Dudu Osum's Black Soap Shampoo . 
  • Deep Condition: I use this method once per month. I apply my Natty Moist Conditioner Creme ,  I sit under my heat cap or now, my huetiful steamer for at least 20-30 minutes, or lately, I opt for no heat at all and just place a simple plastic cap over my head. If you have itchy scalp  you can  add peppermint and tea tree oil (only a few drops) to your mixture. If you have scalp issues, such as dandruff, dry scalp or psoriasis, adding oils like tea tree and neem are excellent.
  • Hot Oil Treatment: I like these treatments about once per month. You can blend any oil mixture that you like. My current mixture is Grapeseed Oil, Argan Oil, Jojoba Oil, Tea Tree Oil, Peppermint Oil and Lemongrass Oil. I apply my mixture and sit under my heat cap for 20 minutes. Shampoo, then condition.I choose to make my own, this way I can gage what goes into many commercial hot oil treatments contain petroleum or mineral oil or other harsh additives.
  • Trim: I trim my ends using shears that have only been used for trimming hair to trim my ends when needed. I put my hair in two strand twists and trim the dead ends away...snip, snip, snip.
Hope this helps guys..but please, find a regimen that works best for YOU..even if you choose to follow my regimen, tweek it to fit your needs..A bientot (see ya soon)!


Happy Healthy Hair!


  1. Thanks I cant wait to try the Bentonite Clay Treament. Also I did my Peppermint Oil and EVOO Scalp Massage this morning.

  2. Hey sis! Very informative...I'm getting there. Love your blog sis! xoxo

  3. Well, your regimen is definitely working for you. Your hair is absolutely gorgeous and you can see how healthy it is too. I've been fine-tuning my regimen and exploring the right plans for the right seasons. I've used henna once and loved it, but I'd love to try the bentonite clay treatment too. Thanks for this post!

  4. @ Hairsoftlikesatin..Awesome!! Peppermint Oil is one of my favorite works great for headaches as well. Glad you enjoyed the post.

    @SunShine..Thank you for your comment and for loving my blog...stay tuned, I strive to keep it updated with great info

    @Libby..Thank you so much! I love the Ayurvedic treatments (henna, bentonite clay, acv rinses)..Love, love, love them

  5. Dominique - I keep telling you how much I love your hair. Thank you for sharing your routine in such specific detail - some of us need this level of precision :-). One question, I always wonder how much leave-in conditioner to use. I am still transitioning and I hate when my hair feels weighed down and producty. Knowing you're adding stylers and sealants to your hair afterwards, what's your rule of thumb for how much leave-in so as to avoid the heavy product build-up? I have very fine hair by the way. And thanks for the Natty butter - i love it!!!

  6. Hey lady! You already know I LOVE your hair from our FB group (GrowingitLike....). So where do you purchase the SheaMoisture Restorative Conditioner, SheaMoisture Deep Treatment Masque, and SheaMoisture Raw Restorative Shampoo?

  7. OK I found it on Amazon and Target website when I googled it. Does it come in a deep tan colored container? Also, what is "co-washing"?

  8. @ Candra K..thank you so much for checking out my blog and can get the SheaMoisture products at Target and Walgreen and and has a tan colored label..
    Co-washing is when you use conditioner to wash your hair versus shampoo (which strips hair of moisture)..check out my post on cowashing..just type it in the search at the top..thanks Chica

  9. @ Joy...thank you for taking the time to comment, chica..I believe too much is when it takes a while to actually rub it into your hair..ya know, when you see the whiteness of the product and it takes a lot of rubbing to make it disappear..I have thick coarse hair so I use about a tbsp amount..if you have fine hair, I would use a tsp to less than that to be sure not to have product buildup..I hope this helps, Joy...and thank you for your support

  10. Dominique first I want to tell you that your hair is Beautiful!! I love it! My daughter and I both have decided to go natural. My daughter's last perm was in january and mine's was in march. So we still have a ways to go. Thank you so much for your blog and telling your hair regimen. Everything is so informative!! One question I do have is I work out atleast 4 times a week. I sweat in my head alot. Do you think shampooing my hair once a month will be enough if I am doing the co-washing through out the week? I know you mentioned shampooing too much will take the natural oils out of your hair.

  11. I'm currently trying to up my deep condtion with heat(so I had to get a hooded dryer), Deva Curl No-Poo(shampoo to "cowash"), Hair Rules Curly Whip (to twist), Jane Carter's Natural Hold Locking Spray(spray twist while wet to protect while drying under a hooded dryer), Natty Butter and J.C's Nourish n Shine (for moisture/untwist). What do you think of these products?!

  12. Thank you so much, Angela!!! Congrats on your decision to go natural to both you and your daughter!!! Just to answer your question about shampooing..should you choose to shampoo more often, which you can by the way, try to opt for shampoos that are sulfate, silicone and bad alcohol free (I have a post that lists the bad alcohols titled 'fighting frizz'). Also, be sure to deep conditioning to replace moisture that shampoo will remove, at least weekly..Co washing,especially if you add oils like tea tree, peppermint, rosemary and/or lavender work to clean the hair without robbing the hair of moisture. Also, be sure to do a final rinse with cool water and Apple Cider Vinegar. This removes sweat, product buildup, protects the scalp, imparts shine to the hair..let me know if this helps

  13. i just bought the conditioner you just the shampoo also.....they are wonderful scalp feels 10 times better than what it much of the oils do you put on your scalp at any given time?

  14. Hi Nique,i just went 100% natural June 7th,and my hair eats oil up..but from oil my face tends to break out.Can you point me in the right direction on a good product that's not heavy? Also i have an idea of what co-washing here it goes,just rinse your hair well and apply the steps that you have mention. Am i right?t wanted TO BE CLEAR ON THAT. NO SHAMPOOING!

  15. Greetings Nisha..I usually use my Natty Butter as my oils or I will use the henna sooq cocoveda oil.. simply because they have all of the carrier and essential oils that I love and my hair loves..and it's usually about a dime to nickel sized amount..too much and you get a grease fest!!

    @ Nails 4 You..congrats on your journey, sis
    I love SheaMoisture products because of the lightness but also the moisturizing properties.. Have you tried products that are Shea or Mango butter based instead of straight oils? Also, Cupuacu butter is great and not heavy (it's a Brazilian Amazon butter) and pura body's sells a hair cream made of it.. If you get a chance, check out my post on co-washing..and what you do is use conditioner in the same way that you would use shampoo..The only difference is that conditioner doesn't strip the moisture from your hair and doesn't contain the harsh drying ingredients that shampoos contain..let me know if this helps

  16. Very informative tips, thank you very much. Following your advice will see me to where i wanna get to with my natural hair. I am a beginner on this journey and so far my hair is loving all the good advice you give.

  17. Thank you Hannah and congrats on your sure to will be amazed at your results and growth

  18. Michelle Smith-BrownAugust 4, 2011 at 12:24 AM

    Very Informative.... I'm letting it all sink in right now but i will be back to ask Thanks and by the way your HAIR IS BEAUTIFUL...

  19. I want to try trimming my weathered ends for the first time. How often do you trim? Do you have a rule of thumb or does it just depend on how your ends are doing?

  20. Thank you so much, Michelle..ask away!!

    @ Anon Sept 29: I do trim my ends, but not that often. I trim only when I see the need. So, since I have been natural, I have trimmed 3 times within a year..I hope this helps

  21. Thank you! That is helpful and I appreciate the quick response. I love your blog. Its awesome and I've learned so much. I had locs for 11 years and was extremely low maintenance. I BC'd two years ago, but only recently discovered the online natural hair community and am learning how to care for my hair. You are such an inspiration on all levels as I am a new Interior Design student, Mom and lover of all things natural.

  22. Wow! I found your site yesterday and am absolutely amazed with the breadth of information you provide. Your hair is fabulous! I have been on this site nonstop for 2 days soaking up info like a sponge. I BC'd 2 days ago so suffice it to say I'm experimenting with different techniques & products (no product junkie here. lol). I also work out several times per week and thought I had to shampoo to get rid of the salt from sweating. I'm going to try co-washing more often and see how that works out. Thank you!