Tuesday, November 5, 2013


TWIST OUT..My step by step. 
Greetings everyone!! Now I know everyone has their method of how they rock their twist out, but I wanted to share my step by step of how I achieve my twist out. As always, I hope this helps.

STEP 1: I use 2 products: a moisturizer (my Natty Moist) and a sealant to LOCK in the moisture (my Natty Butter).

STEP 2: On slightly damp hair..or on dry hair, place hair in sections to make the process easier. NOTE: if I am twisting on freshly washed hair, I place an old tshirt on my hair to absorb the excess water until my hair is about 75-80% dry. This ensures my twists will be thoroughly dry when I untwist. Using an old tshirt minimizes frizz and friction that comes when using bath towels. 

STEP 3: Take a small, medium or large section of hair (depending on the size you want your twists to be) and apply a generous amount of your moisturizer. Then apply your sealant of choice to lock in the moisture. I prefer natural butters or natural pomades to help the hair not only lock in moisture but also clump the hair together to create a smooth twist and twist out. 

STEP 4: I always make sure my hair is thoroughly moisturized so you may see some of the moisturizer on my twists as I'm twisting, which my hair will nicely absorb ensuring moisturized hair. I twist very tightly to create a sort of memory foam effect so when I untwist the curls are super defined and last for quite awhile.  I make sure to MOISTURIZE my ends and edges especially to ensure they are healthy. I use the same moisture and seal technique on my ends and edges, that I use for my twists. 

STEP 5: Once my twists are completely dry, I apply a little Natty Butter or my pomade to my hands then proceed to unravel my twists. Applying the butter or pomade helps to minimize frizz and give hair a nice sheen. 

STEP 6: Rock it out and Enjoy!

Key notes: I don't use a ton of products for any style. Understanding moisture is the key and making sure to seal/lock in the moisture with a butter, oil or pomade. 

At night, I simply pull my hair into a low bun and cover with a silk or satin scarf. This helps stretch the hair and keeps the hair less frizzy. 


  1. I have to literally re twist my hair every night!! I've tried a fresh twist out and just tie it up at night or pineapple and the next morning I will have zero definition.
    I haven't done in a while though so hmm since my texture is somewhat shifting perhaps I'll try, I don't put products on every night sometimes a little butter on the ends.