Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Why I Chose A Natural Lifestyle..O'Natural

Hola Chicas/ Chicos...I pray all is well with everyone

Well, the question has been here ya go, my response to why I choose a natural lifestyle.. I hope you guys enjoy

Happy Natural Health


  1. hey, nice video "Gods natural earth is so much better than man's chemicals"

  2. I soooo remember all the research you did. Funny how things happen.... Keep up the good work.

  3. You should talk to Daphne(from middle school) she is in school for homeopathic medicine; she is on the same page as you with the natural products, immunizations etc - she even takes her kids to the chiropractor for adjustments when they are sick- and it works! :). I think you might be her Facebook page. This is a GREAT video. You're a great mom and a lovely inspiration babe! (I watch you hair and get ideas and're the bomb!)Thanks for enlightening us. (I did get color but now I feel more chemicals) Love & Light!

  4. Great video and very educational! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Nique keep doing your thang girl, and passing on your blessings!! I love your spirit! I'm natural, but I feel I get looked down on cause I choose to wear it straight and not curly...I just feel like as long as its healthy, its MY choice how I choose to style it! So, I'm thankful that you mentioned in a nice way to stop the hatin!!!

  6. Thank you everyone for taking the time to view my video and leave a comment..It is soooo appreciated.

    @ Christi..I really would love to speak with Daphne..thank you so much for the information, and thank you for the comment..Wow!!!!

    @MsLadyelo1..I think it is crazy that people have like issues with who wears their hair straight or curly...this entire journey should be about encouraging and not tearing each other down..I think, sometimes, we can lose focus on the bigger picture and the ultimate goal.