Saturday, April 2, 2011

Let's Talk Hair...POINT BLANK!!!

Hola Chicas/Chicos..I pray all is well with everyone.

Let me just get straight to the point of this post. I have seen and still see so many posts, articles, videos that promise people that if they do this or that, use this or that...your hair will automatically grow within a certain length of time..and usually this length of time is a short time. Now, let's be realistic, there is no one product that will make hair grow like some infomercial of a chi-a-pet!! Bottom line, it takes TIME for hair to grow and sometimes a long time to reach its full potential. But, like with anything else, to reach full potential, maintenance and patience are key ingredients. I mean, in order to achieve a nice garden, you must till the earth, plant the seeds, water, maintain it and exercise PATIENCE. Now, in order to achieve a stellar garden, you must research the best elements to add to the earth or water so that your garden will reach its maximum potential. Well, that's the same with our hair..sure, it will grow and with proper maintenance, minimal manipulation (using excessive heat, too tight braids or weaves) and giving it the proper moisture, it will grow nicely. Now, when you subtract the use of harsh chemicals, add protective styles and add elements that promote even more hair growth (certain essential oils), add even more moisture and exercise patience, then you can see your hair reach its full potential. And that potential being extremely healthy hair..POINT BLANK!!

Achieving long length can be a good goal..HEALTHY hair and scalp should be the # 1 goal. And let me say this, everyone's hair journey is different. Some of us have always had thick heads of hair, long flowing locks or easy to maintain tresses. And some of us have had hair that was short, with a very tight coil, extremely dry and more challenging to maintain. And with both scenarios, I have seen hair that has flourished. But it's not fair to you or anyone else if you compare your hair to someone whose texture and curl pattern are not the same...STOP DOING THAT..STOP IT!!! You're only going to leave yourself frustrated and discouraged. I mean, Tracie Ellis Ross has absolutely beautiful hair, but for me to expect my hair to look just like hers, I am setting myself up for FAILURE!! I mean, sure, my hair will be as thick and full, but our textures are different. Our curl pattern is different. We both have beautiful hair, just beautifully different, and I accept and appreciate that...POINT BLANK!!

I'm a realist..I searched for inspirational results from naturals with a similar texture as mine..My hair is not wavy, it's thick and kinky. I can appreciate a cute hair do that a wavy chica has rocked and apply it to my hair, but I never expect it to look just like hers..I just love it for looking like mine...POINT BLANK!!

And ladies, we are not the 'natural hair mafia'...let's stop making those who have not embraced their natural hair and still rock chemically treated hair like they are unaware or confused or ignorant or 'in denial...STOP THAT!! .That should never be your intention and you won't attract any bees to your honey with that attitude. And please stop being natural hair snobs..It's just HAIR. And don't forget, at one point we were relaxed or mis-managing our hair. i mean, just because you proclaim natural hair doesn't mean you are living a total natural lifestyle ie, processed foods, pharmaceuticals vs. natural herbs, etc...etc..I don't know all there is to know about natural hair and am learning more and more info daily..I just know what has worked for me and my family. So, whether relaxed or natural, chemically colored or henna'd, let's just high five each other and embrace our differences...POINT BLANK!!

Like Andre from Outkast quoted ' everybody with dreads ain't for the cause and everyone with perms ain't for the fall' Let's straighten up and fly right...POINT BLANK!!

Happy Health!!

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