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Let's Talk Health: The 10 Laziest States in America

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Ok, now we must address physical health. Just as hair and skin are important, so are our physical bodies. And I ran across this article as I was checking my yahoo, that caught my eye titled 'The Laziest States In America'. And as I was skimming through the states, I anxiously awaited the revelation of which state would be deemed the absolute laziest state...I couldn't believe it, but here goes..

The 10 Laziest States In America

10. OKLAHOMA: With 62.6% physically active adults.This means that fewer than 2/3 of adults in Oklahoma claim to get the 2 1/2 per week moderate exercise required.

9. NEVADA: with 62.5%physically active adults. Navadans lack of interest in physical exercise could be linked to the plethora of casinos that hook and sink so many gracing it's presence...hmm.

8. WEST VIRGINIA: with 62.2% physically active adults. With its rolling hills and beautiful outdoor scenery, West Virginia offers much for a person to want to venture out and get some PE and bond with nature, but no can do. Now the teen age group bring better hope with an average of 26.3% with the same level of physical activity..the national average for teens is 17.1%

7. ARKANSAS: with 62.1% physically active adults. hey..isn't this the home of our former president, Bill Clinton, whose love of junk food eventually led to his triple bypass surgery..hmm..but thankfully, he turned it around

6. NORTH CAROLINA: with 60.9% physically active adults.

5. ALABAMA: with 59% physically active adults. Alabama is also in the top 10 states for obesity, with 31% of the population defined as obese..woah Nelly! Did you know that Alabama does not require elementary schools to provide recces, its child care centers don't specify moderate or vigorous physical activity, and the state doesn't support urban design, land use and transportation policies that promote physical activity?

4. KENTUCKY: with 57.9% physically active adults. Home of the Col..Sanders, that is 'Kentucky Fried Chicken'. While fried foods can be delicious, it should be served with a side of sweat drenching physical activity. Check this out, the CDC reports that 10.1% of census blocks have a park, half the national average of 20.3%.

3. MISSISSIPPI: with 57.2% physically active adults. It ranks numero uno (#1) for the prevalence of obesity, the CDC reported, as of 2009, 34.4% were registered as obese, the highest of any state.

2. LOUISIANA: with 56% physically active adults. Only 35.5% of the state have youth parks, community centers and sidewalks in the neighborhoods, far below the national average of 50%.

1. TENNESSEE: with 51.8% physically active adults. I COULD NOT BELIEVE IT!! Well, actually I could, but I didn't want to believe it..this is the state that I have returned to live in, that I grew up in,..and although I love rigorous sweat drenching workouts, apparently my fellow Tennesseans haven't followed suit. The home of such outdoor beauty..the home of Elvis, who's over indulgence of food, drugs and alcohol, and lack of physical activity, led to his early demise...come on Tennessee, let's get PHYSICAL!

Happy Sweating!!

credits: article by Greg Bocquet

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