Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Let's Talk Hair: The Benefits of DEEP CONDITIONING

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So, let's talk hair health with DEEP CONDITIONING. Deep Conditioning offers the hair loads of benefits.Along with that, Deep Conditioning your hair will provide the much needed nutrients to the hair follicle and allow the hair to shine and appear as healthy as possible as it has been hydrated and conditioned through the treatments which have been used in the hair.If your hair is damaged or feeling extremely dry, you can deep condition more often until it gets back to a healthier condition. Now, there is no need to run out and buy an expensive hair conditioner. Generally speaking, any conditioner can be used as a deep conditioner although there many conditioners marketed for the purpose of deep conditioning the hair. You can use any conditioner that it rich, thick, and emollient that you enjoy using as a rinse-out, or you can create your own homemade Deep Conditioner. The great thing about using a deep hair conditioner is that it gets the chance to be as effective as possible by being left on the hair longer and hopefully allowing heat to help it penetrate better.

Before I get into the wonderful benefits of Deep Conditioning, let me first cover who benefits most from Deep Conditioning.

Who Should Consider Deep Conditioning On A Regular Basis: (Weekly)

  • Those who use styling products often. Styling products can cause buildup. Buildup prevents hair from looking it's best and can feel dull and lifeless. Due to product buildup, a clarifying cleanse is needed. This can strip the moisture from the hair. Deep Conditioning replenishes the hair with moisture. Products that contain harsh ingredients, such as harmful alcohols (not plant based), sulfates, synthetic fragrance robs the hair of its moisture, thereby causing the hair to feel dry.
  • Individuals who use heat on a regular basis.
  • Individuals who use chemical dyes, relaxers or other harsh treatments. Because these elements break down the molecular structure of the hair by first stripping the hair of all of its moisture, Deep Conditioning is of extreme importance.
  • Those who apply micro braids and hair weaves. Deep Conditioning should be administered before the application of any of these styles, because these styles can leave the hair brittle and dry.
  • Individuals who use shampoos that contain sulfates. Sulfates rob the hair of moisture..PERIOD. By applying a deep conditioning treatment, moisture is restored to the hair.


  • Deep Conditioning the hair provides a preventative measure to ensure that there is as little damage to the hair as possible through the style.
  • Deep conditioning for 15-30 and using heat will definitely help with the healthiness of your hair.
  • Using a deep conditioner on a regular basis can help your hair bounce back from dryness and damage.
  • You hair's elasticity will improve because of the emollients and other moisturizing ingredients in the conditioner. 
  • Other ingredients in the conditioner will help fill holes of damage that lead to poor porosity.

How To Deep Condition:
  • Make sure you detangle your hair with a wide tooth comb before deep conditioning. 
  • Pin your hair up or let it hang if short and add a plastic cap to keep your hair in place. 
  • Sit under a warm hooded dryer for 30 minutes is one option.
  • You can also just leave the conditioner on for about 30 minutes with the plastic cap and let your own body heat work its magic on your conditioner.
  • Wet a face cloth and heat it up in the microwave for about 15-30 seconds, then apply to the top of your hair. Put on your plastic cap and leave on for 15 minutes.
  • A quick and effective way of deep conditioning quickly is to put your plastic cap on while in the shower, then turn up the shower to the hottest you can stand to cause steam. Then bathe, scrub or whatever while the steam helps the conditioner penetrate your hair. In the time you finish, your hair will have deep conditioned nicely. I used to do this ALL the time!!

Have I convinced you yet that using a deep hair conditioner is vital to your hair's health? I hope that I have.

Have A Happy Healthy Day!

photo credit: www.heyfranhey.tumblr.com


  1. Thanks for the tip about the facecloth. I never thought of that one.

  2. Thank you, Rhonda for taking the time to comment..I am so happy that you enjoyed the post..stay tuned

  3. This blog is really becoming a good resource for information about living natural. You've added so much great stuff! Thanks for all the good information. I'm definately going to be using a few of these treatments.

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