Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Let's Talk Hair: My Two Strand Twist Out Bushy Fro VIDEO!!

Hi Everyone..I pray asll is well

I'm so excited to have completed my video tutorial that people have been asking me for months about now.. ok, is it safe for me to say that I am officially a youtuber?? Or do I need more practice..lol. So anywho..here it goes and I hope you enjoy!!!

Happy Fro-Licious

youtube channel: www.youtube.com/nique1076


  1. thanks for sharing, good video I do have to go out and get some peppermint oil((-: You hair is fabulous my hair growths with no problem its just not thick like i want it, so hopefully the peppermint oil will stimulate my scalp and start my hair to thickening up.

  2. @ Sabrina..thank you!!! Girl, I loooove me some peppermint oil,especially for relaxation, headaches and to add to my homemade products..Thank you again for taking the time to comment, Sabrina

  3. OMG. OMG. Look at how gaw-juss your hair is! I'm an official fan, and cant wait to try the flaxseed gel. I think my world was crushed when I read your note about EcoStyler gel, especially since I just purchased a huge tub of it..