Friday, January 28, 2011

My Natural Hair Journey Video

Ok, here is my video that documents my journey to O'Natural...I will begin adding more tutorial videos and my O'Natural hair updates..if any of you have your own blog or video's please leave your blog info in the comments section. As for your videos, I welcome anyone who would like their video featured on this blog, just send me an email so that I can create a post just for you. This journey is about sharing and I encourage you all to share your info and natural health and beauty tips...

Just a little info about me. I began my transition in January 2010, so I've been on a journey to O'Natural for a year now. I BC'd (Big Chopped) and became 100% O'Natural in August 2010. What inspired me to go completely natural were a couple of things. First, the Chris Rock movie 'Good Hair' gave me a boost. Second, wanting my children to have an appreciation for natural hair and beauty and not to just accept what society has deemed as the standard of beauty. Even if they become adults and choose to alter their hair, I want them to be equipped with the knowledge of natural health and beauty. I want them to have an appreciation and respect for each person's standard of beauty; women who rock natural or relaxed, short or long, men who rock short or long, dreads, afro or closely cropped hair. I don't want them plagued with the stereotypical thinking of having certain hair textures as 'bad' or 'good', but that all hair that is healthy and maintained is 'good'. That nappy, kinky or coily hair should not be viewed as negative, because everything that The Most High creates is 'good'. And lastly, I am truly blessed and thankful that I have a husband who is 100% educated and supportive on natural hair...thanks, Babe

Happy Health..Keep Inspiring


  1. Excellent your journey..thanks for sharing, I'm sure it's inspiring many naturals to keep pushing forward and enjoy their journey.


  2. Beautiful must do a tutorial on your two strand twist, love, love

  3. Not only do I thank you for that wonderful video, I thank you for that soundtrack! Brought back so many memories, freshman year of college (sigh) Downloading on Itunes as we speak!