Saturday, January 15, 2011

Let's Talk Hair: Cheap Must Have Goodies for your O'Natural

Greetings Chicas/ are some wonderful goodies for your O'Natural that will not break the bank. These goodies have received excellent reviews from other naturals, myself included. Since it can become quite easy to succumb to product junky-ism, I thought this list would help some to fight those urges and on a budget. Enjoy!

Must Haves For O'Naturals: Choose a few or choose them all...
  • ACV (Apple Cider Vinegar). This will be your staple for clarifying and final rinses due to its awesome properties. $2-$4 at local grocery and health food stores
  • Hydracap Processing Cap. $4.00. This is great if you don't have the moolah for the more expensive heating cap or hard hat dryers. All you need is your favorite DC (Deep Conditioner) and this processing cap. Sally's Beauty Supply stores.
  • Jilbere Shower Comb. $2.00. This is a great cheap comb that does the detangling job. Relaxed, Transitioning or Natural, your tresses will thank you. Any local beauty store.
  • Herbal Essence Hello Hydration Conditioner. $3.00. This is perfect for co-washing and deep conditioning. It is an excellent aid for detangling. An local walmart, target, walgreen, rite aid.
  • Accessories. $1.00 and up. These are absolutely fantastic for TWAs (teeny weeny afros), Transitioners, and O'Naturals..doll up your look with flowers, headbands, bows, beanies.
  • Essential Oils: $3 and up. These are great for cleaning the scalp, promoting hair growth, fighting infections, adding fragrance, etc. (some great oils are: Tea Tree, Peppermint, Rosemary, Lavender, Lemon Grass, Sweet Orange Oil, etc.) These can be found at herb shops, health food stores.
  • Carrier Oils: Carrier Oils are your new best friend for sealing in moisture, adding softness and shine, promoting hair growth, protecting your tresses. Some great carrier oils are: Castor Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Almond Oil. These can be found at your health food stores, gourmet groceries, farmer's market.
  • Henna: $.99-$7.99 Henna is a staple for excellent deep conditions. They are also natural hair colorants that are great for hiding greys. They promote hair growth and strengthens the hair. If you are relaxed, please be sure to use Body Art Quality (BAQ) Henna. This is found at any local Indian Grocery or
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil: $3-$10. EVOO is excellent for sealing the moisture in the hair or adding it to a deep conditioner for added moisture. This can be found at any local grocery store.
  • Extra Virgin Coconut Oil: $5-$10. EVCO is excellent for adding moisture and shine, strengthening hair, and sealing moisture into the hair. This can be found at any health food store and farmer's market.
  • Vatika Oil: $4- $5.This is an excellent, excellent, excellent oil for moisture, strengthening hair and promoting hair growth. It is an extra virgin coconut oil infused with wonderful essential oils. This can be found at any local Indian Grocery Store. (please be sure to read the label to make sure that it is coconut oil and not mineral oil.)
  • Silk or Satin bonnet or Satin Pillow Case. $3 and up. Ok, this is a must for protecting your tresses at night. It ensures that your hair will maintain its moisture and protect it from shedding and breakage. There are a number of beauty stores that carry these items.
  • Bobby Pins and Duckbill Clips: $1 and up. Of course these are a natural's life saver in so many situations. Excellent for twist n curls (duckbill clips), frohawks (bobby pins), etc
Well, I hope this list helps you on your journey remember, once you find what works for you, stick with it to combat product junky-ism..

Happy Kinky Coily


  1. Just made my checklist for these items...Great post!

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