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Growing Up Toxic: Baby Products Are Safe..But Are They?

Ok, so I know that we've all heard that baby products are safe for, well you know, babies...but have you really checked the ingredients that are in commercial baby products?

Did you know that children’s small body size & undeveloped immune systems result in 100% greater toxic damage? A baby's skin is 30% more sensitive than an adult's skin. Also, the barrier that prevent harmful chemicals from seeping into the brain are not fully developed until a baby reaches six months.

Advertisements about baby products and health care products traditionally highlight the 'soft' 'pure' and 'safe' qualities of these products so it is only logical that consumers put blind trust on what they're buying for their children.
Two of the top brand of baby washes and shampoos were among those evaluated by the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics and were two of the 17 products that were found to contain both formaldehyde and dioxane .

Harmful Ingredients that you may find in 'pure and safe' baby products:



Sodium Lauryl Sulfate

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate bubbly surfactant cleanser allows 40% MORE toxins to enter the LAURETH SULFATE (SLS/SLES) body through the skin! Harsh irritant, contributes to yeast infections. May cause hair thinning; Builds up in the heart, liver, lungs, brain. Contributes to cataracts & improper eye development in children under 6.

*Laureth's and ceteareths and Pegs

May be contaminated with the volatile carcinogens ethylene oxide and dioxane; estrogen mimic & endocrine disruptor contributes to cancer, prostate, fertility and reproductive problems. Affects fetus & sex organs

*DEA/ TEA (Triethanolamine)

Interacts with nitrites in the formula to form the potent carcinogen nitrosamine. Caused liver & kidney cancer in animal studies.

Propylene glycol

Shown to cause dermatitis, kidney & liver abnormalities In animal studies. May inhibit skin cell growth and be irritating to the skin
*Caution: There are 100’s of synonyms & trademarked names used in store products to hide these & other toxic ingredients. Note: Hormone/estrogen mimics/disruptors increase female problems, cancer, and reproductive problems in fetus.


Hormone mimic; teratogen (causes fetal damage); Fragrance fixative; ingredient plasticizer, used to make plastics soft; Dibutyl phthalate is one of several different common phthalates that are routinely NOT listed on labels because they are part of proprietary fragrances. Neways products are certified phthalate-free.

Talc (talcum powder)

Acute or chronic lung disease (Talcosis), contributes to ovarian cancers.

Mineral Oil / Petrolatum

Dissolves skin’s own natural oils & causes dehydration & dry skin. Blocks pores & holds-in toxins. Made from crude oil known to contain carcinogens and reproductive disruptors.


Unless air humidity is over 65%, glycerin pulls moisture from deeper skin layers to the surface, drying basal layers so cells don’t mature properly & age faster.

Fragrance (undefined mixtures)

Usually contain allergens & hormone disrupting phthalates; excito-toxins and neuro-toxins causing brain damage and behavioral issues. Neways products are essentially fragrance-free except for some natural, aromas and flavors used to mask certain herbal odors. Neways scents comply with new stringent E.U. 7th Directive standards: approved as non-allergenic

Benzoic Acid or Benzyl

Contains benzene rings & toluene, potential cancer causing agents, endocrine disrupters, and may also cause birth defects. Neways is guaranteed benzene-free.

FD&C Red 40

Questionable carcinogen & excito-toxin. (FD&C’s are all synthetic)

Sodium Fluoride

Potent carcinogen, cause teeth mottling, bone problems, irritates tissues

Parabens (preservative)

Powerful in tiny amounts; new concerns they are hormone mimics (see Laureth’s, PEG’s) unless vacuum stripped. Neways, for 20 years, is one of few companies in the world to vacuum strip away impurities- which can also occur in organic products-- without adding harmful solvents. Never should be in 1st half of formula

These common
alternatives to parabens
carcinogenic Formaldehyde:

  • quaternium 15

  • diazolidinyl urea

  • imidazolidinyl urea
  • dmdmhydantoin

  • sodium hydroxy methyl glycinate
  • benzyl alcohol

  • 2-bromo-2-nitropane-1, 3-diol

Should the government get involved?

Currently, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is the most logical governmental body that should oversee the manufacturing of personal care products. At present, however, it does not exercise this type of authority. Neither does it impose safety tests.

Helpful websites: (at this website, you can type in any skin care or hair care product to see the rating of hazordous chemicals and to see how those chemicals affect internal and external health. It will also give you an excellent library of non toxic products and where to buy them)

O' So Safe products for your baby:
  • Shea Moisture Baby Products (Target, Walgreen, Walmart): Love the body wash
  • All Things O'Natural Natty products :
  • California Baby products (Target) of my personal favorites
  • Dr. Bronner's Castille Soaps and Body Washes (health food store, local groceries)..another favorite. It can be used as a body wash, shampoo, laundry detergent, baby wash, etc...excellent stuff!
  • Belly buttons and Baby Body Wash ( )
  • Earth Tribe Kids (
  • Carol's Daughter Unscented Body Jelly ( Macy's)
  • Mixing 100% urefined shea butter with calendula for an all natural diaper cream (shea butter can be found at local health food store, African grocery..Calendula can be found at health food store)
Aren't your babies worth it?
Happy Health


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