Friday, January 7, 2011

A King's Crown: Meet Syeed

Do you think there is currently a 'Natural hair Movement'? Why or why not?

No, I don't. I believe that there is not enough of a mass awareness to move something. I mean, there are a few people in the public eye that are rocking naturals, there are a few websites that are informative about natural hair, but to me, mass consciousness being raised, past a few blogs, websites, and a few in the public eye is what would deem it as a 'movement'. Now what's available currently, with the blogs, websites and few in the public eye, is how a movement starts, but as of right now, there is no movement. I view it more as more people are becoming aware and embracing their natural beauty..and that's a beautiful thing!

How do you feel about women who wear their hair natural?

I love it, however, I really don't judge a person by the way that they wear their hair. But I am all about women appreciating what they were born with, unaltered, and passing that confidence and appreciation on to their kids.

Do you think there is a miseducation of 'natural hair'?

I feel like there is no education on natural hair. From my experience of growing up, you see relaxers, curls, weaves, there were no hair products or images geared toward natural hair..there was no education on how to appreciate or care for our natural hair. Which has led blacks, more often than not, to have issues and become miseducated on our own natural hair.. Sadly, I mainly hear blacks make derogatory comments in regards to natural hair and hair texture types.

Natural hair is often associated with being revolutionary, do you feel that is a misconception? Why or why not?

No it's not a misconception, it is definitely a rebellion against what's society's standard of beauty is. Anytime there is an act that goes against the norm of things, it is deemed rebellious or revolutionary.

Many in Corporate America view natural hair on blacks as unprofessional, what's your take on that?

I disagree, what I have seen is that many blacks in corporate America have more of the issues towards other blacks in regards to natural hair. I have seen where black women have approached other black women in a derogatory manner in regards to needing to straighten their hair and not look so 'nappy'. Or question why another black wouldn't want to relax or straighten their hair. I have seen black men with dreads and suits in corporate America. I have also seen black women rocking their natural coils and power suits in corporate America. I believe that if you go into the job with that 'belief' that your hair is going to hinder you from geting the job, then it will.

Does the texture of a person's hair affect your opinion on whether they should be natural or not?

No. Texture should have no bearing on if a person should rock their natural hair or not. I mean, honestly, who deems what should and should not be acceptable for a person to embrace what was naturally blessed to them from birth.

What is your overall feeling of relaxers, texturizers, hair dyes?

I'm not too fond of them. In my opinion, it is mental cancer..cancer of the mind that you feel you have to alter yourself to fit a certain standard of beauty, even at the risk of harming your temple.

When you hear other's use the term 'good hair' in referring to someone with a certain type of hair texture, what does that say to you?

Ignorance. And ignorance is not an overwhelmingly negative word, it's just that the person may be ignorant or have a lack of knowledge of what they are truly saying when they use that term to refer only to a certain type of hair texture. To me, 'good hair' is any hair that is healthy.


  1. It's nice to see a man's point of view on natural hair and natural living...loved the comments, very thought provoking, especially since many men do not support their women in their journey to go natural...We need more black men like you..and its a bonus that you are very handsome. No disrespect if you are taken..

  2. @ Sasha Fierce..thank you for enjoying the article..his perspective is AWESOME, right!! Thank you for the compliment and yeah, he's been hitched up..he's my hubby, but thank you, I have passed the compliment on to him

  3. That last answer did it for me. I couldn't have answered that better. Way to go ATON Husband :)