Sunday, June 26, 2011

I've Got A Story To Tell: Meet the Beautiful Naturalista KT

Hola Chicas/Chicos..I pray all is well with everyone.
Ok, so brace yourself, because this is definitely going to be a treat. I was contacted by a beautiful natural, Allison, who follows my blog and really wanted to inspire our future Naturalistas by telling her absolutely beautiful 10 year old daughter's story. I must admit, I became slightly emotional reading the story and just by the meer fact that this could be the future for our youth; embracing their beauty..Naturally. From the words of her mother, ' She is a great role model, and we've got a wonderful STORY TO TELL.' So, I know you all will enjoy KT and Allison's story.

I've Got a Story To Tell...KT

1. What inspired your daughter to do a BC in a world that is inspired by a certain standard of beauty of having long straight hair?  

Well, my daughter was going into the the 4Th grade and against my better judgement I allowed her to get a relaxer. It was awful!!! Within 2 weeks her hair broke off and was dry and brittle. So in doing some research about relaxers I came across a lot of information about natural hair. When I figured out that the only way to get the relaxer out of your hair was to cut it. I began preparing myself and KT for the transition. We watched a ton of YouTube videos and when she saw all the different styles you can do with natural hair she began to get excited!

2.Do you feel the same stigma of 'good hair' in terms of a certain texture still plague our youth today?  

That an interesting question. I think things are slowly changing with my daughter's generation. She has friends with all types of hair and I've never heard her or her 10 year old friends say "Girl You've got GOOD HAIR"  Unfortunately I thinks its the uneducated adults who keep the stigma going. 

3. What are some of the things that your daughter love about her gorgeous BC? 

She loves her beautiful curls and the fact that it only takes around 10-15 minutes to style her hair in the morning.

4. Has she experienced any negative comments from family or friends at school?  

For the most part everyone has been extremely supportive but there were a couple of people who didn't respond to the email I sent out with photos of her BC. But its ok. I know in my heart I did the best thing for my daughter! Since its the summer and she's in camp, almost everyday I pick her up she always has this glowing smile on her face and tells me how "ANOTHER person said she reminded them of Willow Smith"   So far she hasn't directly received any negative comments. 
5. How do you maintain her beautiful tresses?  
 We are still pretty new to the natural process. We do a lot of wash-n-go styles. I use Eco-Styler, Aubrey Organics shampoo/ conditioner, and also olive oil to style KT's hair. I'm not a product junkie yet but I'm itching to buy new products. 

6.How do think the wave of Natural hair beauties are affecting the overall image of our young girls today?  

I think it's wonderful all the great websites and information that's out there about natural hair for ladies. But if there was a tween magazine or someone on TV with natural hair, the image of young black girls with natural hair would take off. It was so hard to finding anyone on the internet that was close to KT's age that she could look up too.  I did finds photos of Raven Symone and her natural hair cut. My daughter feel in love with her photos!!! And I truly think that was a changing point during her transition. 
7.What advice would you give mothers/fathers of tween girls who are considering returning to and maintaining their natural hair?  

I read on a website " Would you rather have long hair that's in terrible condition or would you rather have a head full of healthy beautiful curls" That sentence right there tells it all. I also would advice parents  to check out videos on YouTube WITH their child. When KT and I found someone with the same hair type it was really cool to watch this ladies videos and get a glimpse into the future of what her hair would look like a year from now, etc..YouTube has been a lifesaver! Also I think I've learned something about myself during this whole process. My hair is at totally different texture than my daughters. Her hair is mostly 4B and my hair is 3C. I've always flat ironed my hair straight but because of  KT I might just start wearing it curly so I can look like her! :)

What an awesome awesome story Allison and KT and thank you so much for sharing. KT will definitely be an inspiration for other young beauties in embracing their natural hair. Congratulations, are definitely heading in the right direction.

MEET Beautiful KT

KT and her beautiful coils before her relaxer

Hair broken off after relaxer

Braided hair during transition

Beautiful curls after her BC

Embracing her beautiful natural curls

Again, thank you Allison for sharing KT's story with us.

If you have a story to tell, please email me at and use the header 'I've Got A Story' . We would love to hear your story.

Happy Inspiring Journey!


  1. This is a wonderful story and she is absolutely beautiful!

  2. That was very nice I love it and it is so exciting to see young girls embracing their natural beauty

  3. KT is really cute. It takes a lot to start over, especially for a young girl. I am glad she shared her story & that she is happy.

  4. She is already beautiful and now she can learn to love her WHOLE self at a young age. Something we adults still struggle with. I just did a BC myself this past friday and I wish I had done it sooner. You go KT for have such confidence at such a young age!! =)

  5. just found your blog...your hair is gorgeous!

  6. This was a beautiful story, and almost had me tearing up as well. Such an inspiration for young girls! God Bless KT and her Mother for having the courage to do what was best for her beautiful daughter.

  7. Your curls are beautiful KT and so are you. You go girl!!!!!

  8. Great story!!! my 13 year old daughter is in transition now. April 2011 she decided she just didnt want any more relaxer. She actually hasn't had any relaxer since August 28, 2010 becuase I was taking a break from doing her hair. She has been wearing braids since Nov 2010. We did a trim in April when she made the decision to go natural. We're going to take them out next week and do a clay and deep treatment and a twist out.

    Santasha Goston

  9. great story, so inspiring, now KT can be a picture of inspiration we show our young tweens to look at and get excited. What a beautiful girl, go KT.


  10. this is a great story and sounds like me and my daughter. i had relaxers on her and just broke her edges off something terrible, always frizzy, and i could never keep those sides and edges laying down. so i explained to her what i wanted to do with her hair and she as little scared because she wants long hair so bad. i explained well with this process it will make her grow adn healthy. when i showed her different pictures she got excited and believe it or not she told me that she DOES NOT want anymore relaxers. so that just got me excited even more. thanks for sharing the story and glad im not alone in this.

  11. I love her natural hair before the relaxer! So long and thick and curly! Just beautiful! And to see what those chemicals did to her sad. You can see that her hair after the BC is going back to its thick, healthy, natural state. Gorgeous!

    I've been natural for about 3 1/2 years now and I transitioned slowly. I've been considering chopping it off (for simplicity's sake...and because it's hot outside!)...but I've been a little nervous about it. If a ten-year-old can do it...

  12. What a beautiful mother and daughter team!Love this story and happy to say that out of the four women in my household three of us are natural and loving it. Thanks for all the inspiring and detailed hair information. Pam P.S. it really helps!!!

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