Sunday, February 2, 2014

DIY SUNDAY..Let's Go To The Sea with SEA URCHINS

Greetings, Everyone!! I pray all is well with you! 
So, of course, I am presenting our DIY Sunday project for this week. Being a mom who homeschool, it's always fun to find projects that go with our 'theme of the week'...and this week, it's about the sea!! Now, I have always LOVED these sea urchins, however, they are pretty costly in the stores such as West Elm, Anthropologie, and various places online, running about $100 or more, depending on where you get them. So, we decided to 'DO IT OURSELVES'!! at a  cost of about $8. There's nothing better than the satisfaction of drooling over an item and figuring out a way to make it yourself. These awesome beauties are soooo amazing in home decor and can give a room a very chic look. Of course, you can paint them any color you wish, especially if you have neutral colors, paint them a bright hue to add a spark of pop color. Oh, yea, and the kids love them as well...All had different responses to them, as we have 4 kids. Our youngest finds it hard to keep his 16 month old paws off of it, so we try to keep them placed in a slightly higher elevation. They are definitely eye catching in any room and they were perfect on our foyer table. One thing about me, I love the mixture of textures. The pop of gold and spiky appearance was truly a great addition next to the rustic foyer table with the painted pine cones,smooth glass vases, reeds and our huge tumbled stone marble medallion that I had a contractor friend frame for me so I can take it wherever we go...thinking of painting the lamp bases a different color, hmmmm..ok, let me refocus as that will be another project at a later date. So, enough said, presenting the 'HOW TO' of all things Sea Urchin!!



I found everything I need at Walmart.
*The Styrofoam  balls ( I used  1.5 " and a 3" balls)
*Fabric Paint in the color of your choice ( I used Tulips Metallic in Gold) to paint the Styrofoam balls. Warning, spray paint will typically melt the Styrofoam, hence why I used the fabric paint for the balls.
*Paint Brushes

 * Wooden dowels and Floral Picks ( I used a combo of both as I wanted to capture the different thicknesses as well as heights. To achieve varying heights, I cut the sticks to fit my desired look.

*Spray paint for the sticks and dowels ( I used Krylon in Metallic Gold)


*I poked a hole in the balls with one of the dowels to make it easy for me to paint all around the ball without making a mess. I then put the painted ball, which was on the dowel, in a mason jar to allow it to dry.

*I took the dowels and picks to an open airy space to spray paint. Be sure to do this in a well ventilated area..For me, it was the garage. Be sure to paint all sides and allow the dowels and picks to dry thoroughly.
 *Once the dowels and picks are completely dry, I proceeded to poke away. Place as many dowels and picks in the ball as you can to create a fuller effect. I cut the dowels and picks to fit my liking. Be sure to stick the dowels and picks into the ball as far as you can to ensure the ball will hold well.

*Voila, you're done!! Decorate with confidence..You have just saved yourself mucho $$$




  1. Excellent. How did you cut the dowels?

    1. Greetings and thank you!! I actually used some sharp kitchen scissors to cut the dowels

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