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Yummy Alkalinic Water with Alkalinic Fruits that I make a pitcher of: Cucumber, Pineapple, Strawberry and Lemon..bottoms up!!

Greetings, ATON (All Things O'Natural) readers...I pray all is well and healthy with everyone. Let's talk healthy insides and the importance of having a balanced pH.

With so many dealing with the struggles of obesity, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, cancer and other adversities within, many often don't know where to turn to 'get their systems right'. And, even worse, many grow up with the idea of, 'well, that's just what to expect'..because, they saw mom or dad, grandma or grandpa with those same adversities or taking 6-7 different pills to help control whatever illness that's going on in their bodies..We are slowly becoming a generation of thinking 'that's to expect..that's life' instead of being educated on what may really be the problem and how it can be reversed. 

'Let Food Be Thy Medicine' a popular and beneficial quote by Hippocrates. So, when we are faced with those adversities, many of our docs will write a prescription and send us home with the O'So ever popular, 'work on your diet'....But, what exactly does that mean? Should I eat less? Should I eat more fruit? Should I drink more water? What??? Well, hopefully this post will shed some light of how we can do what Hippocrates's quote inspires many to do..'let food be our medicine'.

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This awesome chart was compliments of : The Smoothie Guys Awesome Smoothie of the Day

The Majesty of HIS MAJESTY..
  • Plants and Humans must coexist in order to survive on this wonderful planet..

  • Plants give off oxygen and need carbon dioxide to survive. Humans give off carbon dioxide and need oxygen to survive..Talk about a symbiotic relationship.

  • Plants thrive in acidic environments but will succumb in alkalinic environments. Humans thrive in alkalinic envrionments but will succumb in acidic environments.

  • Cancer thrives in acidic environments, but cannot live and will die in alkalinic environments.
  • Bacteria thrive in acidic environments, but cannot live and will die in alkalinic environments.
  • Viruses thrive in acidic environments, but cannot live and will die in alkalinic environments.
  • Yeast thrive in acidic environments, but cannot live and will die in alkalinic environments.

 The Scoop On How an Acidic Nature Can Affect our Bodies.. 
(info found at
  • The body, in its natural state, is slightly alkalinic. In order to survive properly, it must remain in its slightly alkalinic state. 

  • Most of us are natural alkaline producers when we are young. This is why many children can eat what they want and have an imbalanced diet and still be healthy and slender right up into their early twenties. 

  • As the majority of us reach our thirties and forties, we have become overly acidic. The reason is due to the many things we are exposed to: environmental toxins, foods and even stress contribute to an acidic condition in our bodies and, unfortunately, our natural buffer systems are not as effective at neutralizing that acid. An acidic body is a welcoming tool for viruses, bacteria and fungi.

  • An imbalanced pH affects all cellular activity in the body, leading to the progression of most degenerative diseases, including Acid Reflux, Indigestion or Gout..Cardiovascular Disease, Heart Disease, High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol Levels, Kidney Stones, Urinary complications, Arthritis, Osteoporosis, Cancer, Diabetes, Weight Gain and Obesity.

  • The root cause of many common symptoms, such as Constipation, Digestive Problems, Heart Burn, Headaches, Frequent Colds, Fatigue and Sleeplessness, just to name a few,  are due to improperly balanced pH in our bodies.

Reasons Why A Balanced pH is Critical:
A healthy body pH is between 6.0 and 7.5
Body temperature of 98.6 is normal
  • Weight Control: When the body is in its natural alkalinic state, body weight and insulin production normalize. When we do alkanize our bodies, it works so well at dropping excess weight that many lose pounds just by eating more alkalinic foods (see chart above for foods).

  • Proper Calcium Utilization:  The body is a survivor and will do almost anything to maintain a balanced pH. This includes leaching important minerals such as calcium, potassium and sodium from the tissues. It literally leaches the calcium from your bones, making them porous and fragile (major contributor to osteoporosis)

  • Cholesterol Levels: Keeping a balanced pH helps to maintain proper cholesterol levels so that plaque does not form.

  • Cancer Cells: Remember when I mentioned that cancer thrives in acidic conditions? Well, keeping the body in its normal alkalinic state helps prevent cancer cells from forming or thriving.

  • Blood Flow: Alkanizing help remove plaque from arteries, veins and heart tissue. 

  • Oxygen Flow: Keeping an alkalinic pH helps to flush toxins from our tissue and protects against premature aging.

Have You Checked Your Ingredients Lately??
  • Many people exercise, follow a good diet, take nutritional supplements, control stress and do detoxification regimens...But, many times, they don't look at the chemicals they are exposed to or are using such as household cleaners and personal hygiene products at home or in the work place. Remember, our skin and scalp are living breathing porous parts of our bodies.
  • Chemicals such as: Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, a known carcinogen (are found in shampoos, toothpastes, lotions, etc)
  • Cocaminde DEA: harmful ingredient found in shampoos and even some natural shampoos.
  • Propylene Glycol: a product found in anti freeze. Culprit for causing contact dermatitis
  • Phenol: a coal tar..Causes nausea, convulsions, coma, etc
  • Iodopropynl Butyl Carbamate: adversely affects the liver
  • Organophosphate: an insecticide used to kill spider mites from farm fields..Farmers, their families and pets are warned to stay away from fields for 48 hours once sprayed..Sooo, why is this found in many laundry soaps??
  • Blue #1, Yellow # 5 and Red # 40: All Coal derivatives.

**Just some FYI tips: Here are some store available waters with higher alkaline levels
  •  Deer Park: pH 8.05
  • Zephyrhillis  7.7
  • Crystal Geyser 7.5
  • Arrowhead 7.9
  • Evian 7.2
  • Hinckley & Schmitt 7.3

As always, keep it happy and healthy. Take care of your precious temple.
Later Gators!!

**These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to  diagnose, treat, or prevent any disease.
Please consult a physician or medical practitioner before taking any dietary supplement, especially if pregnant or nursing.


  1. Dasani water is not so great. I defintely wouldn't recommend it.

    Evamor is a GREAT alternative and even better and can be found at Whole Foods or natural food coops.

    Hairs to Health! :)

  2. Hello Beautiful. I new to your page & I am loving it by the way. Great and wonderful post about a proper PH balanced system. I was wondering if you would mind sharing your recipe for the Yummy Alkalinic Water? Thanks in advance & Be Bless, Sunshine :-)

  3. This is so true about acid and alkaline. I recently brought a water system called Kangen water it balances your ph level and I must say it is doing wonders let me know if you want more information about it.

    1. Thank you so much, Tamara.. We get our Kangen water from our childrens' homeopathic doctor in Atlanta and it is indeed WONDERFUL!!!!

  4. Great post..and yes I second what Isunshineporter says, I would love to try the Yummy Alkalinic water.

  5. Great post.. i truly appreciate the information in there.....

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