Monday, May 21, 2012


Greetings, Chicas and Chicos..I pray all is well with everyone.

Ok, so seriously, there is no excuse as to why it has taken me sooooooo long to post this event on my blog for you guys..This event took place in November 2011..No excuse..Ok, so now that I have scolded myself. I'm excited to present Chattanooga, TN (my hometown) very 1st Natural Hair Meetup hosted by moi. I truly truly enjoyed this event and the event planners were so creative and wonderful and of course, I will introduce them shortly. And I knowwww another meetup is long over due and believe me, many natural lovelies have let me know this..soon, lovelies..soon!!

Now, due to the fact that I used to be an Interior Designer, I love to incorporate a design aspect and atmosphere into the equation, which is why, Homespun at Warehouse Row was the PERFECT location. With it's chic interior, vintage details and accessories and two wonderfully chic and funky party planners, it was love at first sight. Every item in the store was vintage or created by local artists and I LOVED that!! The setup down to the gift bags were O'Mazing. The event was intimate and personal with each of the 60+ guests receiving a gift bag of: Mhe Magazine Sneak Peek, 2oz Sample of Natty Moist, a wonderfully orchestrated CD, a personal Natural Hair Guide that detailed natural hair blogs, websites, natural product vendors, a sample hair care regimen and more. Each guest was also greeted with a Cocktails and Curltalk note pad for note taking, a drink station of Sangria (compliments of my hubby) and a natural fruit mixture with vodka and a fresh rosemary sprigs and a full fajita bar from Moes that satisfied the meat eaters to vegetarians with dishes from chicken to steak to tofu..and, a dessert station..So, without further ado, enjoy the pics:


The Drink-able and Edible Station

The Wonderful Owners and Party Planners:

The Guests Are Here..The Guests Are Here..

Upon Arrival, I greeted each guest, they were offered a beverage, was asked to write their names down on a blank pen card for the Giveaway drawings. The guests, during cocktails were able to tour the venue, check out the goodies at their seat and meet other naturals arriving.

Q&A, Giveaways and More..Oh My!!

And We all Lived Happily Ever After...Until Next Time


  1. Looks like it was a wonderful event. Please keep us posted on the next one. I'm definately coming.

  2. Looks like it was a lot of fun!

  3. Looks like everyone had an amazing time. That is such a great space! One day I'd love to attend a hair meetup in my area - NC. Gotta do some research I guess. :-)

  4. Wow would love for one of these meets to happen in Connecticut!!! looks like a lot of fun!