Monday, October 22, 2012


Hola Chicas/Chicos..I pray all is well with everyone. HOT OIL TREATMENTS... Dun dun dunnnnnn, another TREATMENT!!! Yes, and this has been one of my favorite throughout my journey, especially since the months are cooling off. So let's chat about the benefits of HOT OIL TREATMENTS.


Benefit 1: Imparts shine to the hair

Benefit 2: Helps prevent breakage

Benefit 3: Helps reduce frizz

Benefit 4: Soften and nourish the hair strand

Benefit 5: Helps prevent the drying of your hair shaft

Benefit 6: Help maintain the moisture balance in your hair? Hair that has good moisture balance has great elasticity, creating lush and full hair.

Benefit 7: hot oil treatments help protect the hair from everyday environmental issues, such as heat, rain, cold, styling, especially those who use heat on a regular basis and styling tools such as brushes, curlers and many products that we use that create stress for our hair.

Benefit 8: excellent way to nourish and hydrate the scalp, especially for those who struggle with scalp issues.


The beauty of a hot oil treatment is that they can be done right in the comfort of your own home and with oils that are right in your pantry. The most popular oil to use is extra virgin olive oil. All you do is fill an applicator bottle, heat in semi hot water, apply a generous amount thoroughly to damp unclean hair, scalp and especially ends, cover with a plastic cap and either sit under a heat cap, dryer or steamer.


Step 1: I blend extra virgin olive oil, extra virgin coconut oil, avocado oil, a few drops of lavender oil or peppermint essential oil and slightly heat in semi hot water, or if my coconut oil is already in liquid form, I do not heat. The benefits of using these oils are that they can penetrate the hair shaft, allowing the moisture to be absorbed rather than just sit on top of my hair. 

Step 2: On damp unclean sectioned hair ( I always put my hair in 4 sections for application ease..but this is optional), using my bottle with an applicator tip, I apply my warmed oil to each section making sure to apply a lot of oil to my hair and scalp and especially my ends. (applying a hot oil treatment before shampooing lessens the harshness of shampooing and helps retain moisture levels in the hair)

Step 3: I massage the oil thoroughly through each section including my ends.

Step 4: I sit either under my steamer (no cap needed), with a plastic cap under my heated bonnet, or just under a plastic cap for 30 minutes.

Step 5: shampoo, condition, moisturize, seal in my moisture and style. Excellente! Hair is oboes soft, moisturized and has a nice shine.

**I do this treatment once monthly or every two months alternating between this method and my prepoo method..And, yes, this oil treatment can most certainly serve as a pre poo method.. Hope this helps guys!!!


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